Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's effort.

I never ever wanted to make heaps of the same thing, to sell or giveaway, I thought the 'production line' thing would get boring- bit it didn't! I've 95% completed 10 pencil rolls today, just the top stitching left.

They have cheered me up on a grey day- a glimpse of sun this morning, then the rain came down.
(I changed from my normal pattern of leaving space in the top and pulling it through, to doing it on the side. Hopefully this is less noticeable)

I made these little fabric baskets to roll them up and put them in, too, as they take up a fair bit of table space at the market.


Jodie said...

They couldn't get boring they are so colourful!

Mary said...

they look great Bec. I made one out of that mushroom fabric not long ago as well :). When I make mine I usually leave across the bottom open and the 'pocket' bit is pulled over it so you can't see it at all and the topstitching makes it inaccessible, if that makes sense.

CurlyPops said...

OMG you sew like a speed demon!

Vic said...

Oh wow, they are so bright & gorgeous!

I especially luffs the mushrooms!

Unknown said...

Bec, thanks for the kind comments about my guest post on Ms Banshee's blog... You should be wary of offering to babysit the banshees and slug. We may just take you up on the offer and forget where we left them... My craft-tarded eyes think that you and Ms Banshee would be fighting over the same fabrics as your colour choices are very similar. Thanks again for the comment! Nice work!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

They look fabulous. So do the fabric buckets. You should make some of them to sell.