Monday, January 18, 2010


There was a strange wind about today, no, not wind of that kind, the weather!! Cold, rainy, snow in Vic, are we in winter and I wasn't told? I'm sure dressed like ti is!
I looked out the study window this morning to see this- hmm, Julius Caesar? No, a dog who has been rolling in the garden and is COVERED in seed pods of some kind (?wandering dew). I pulled one out and successfully scared him away for the rest of the day, so he is booked in to have the CUT OUT of his fur- he is likely to come home bald! I'll keep you updated with a pic on that one.

So I was already a bit grumpy about that, but then add a bored kid on top of it. I cheered her up a bit by showing her her finished lunch bag. Fabric from Amitie, pattern from here with my tweaking.

It now holds the lunch containers, with extra room for fruit. I quilted the flap and front and back, and used the insulated batting and clear vinyl inside, so I can pop an icepack in to keep stuff cold. It got the thumbs up, anyway, and the more I make, the easier they get (helps if there's no PMS too.)

We moved the desk into her room today too- a big Grade 1 girl might get homework! (and I have the loungeroom back, yay). I made some little baskets to put the Smiggle stuff etc in.

Now to sort it all out!!

PS Have finally added photos to my Flickr account! No just let me work out how to add a button.....


Andi said...

That lunch bag is a ripper!!!

Snooze said...

Isn't it nice to get a little organising back ... and your lunch box rocks.

Jodie said...

Oh Poor little doggerel . We have that weedy stuff at our place and it is really stcky !

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Hilarious headpiece on the dog!!
We were windy (again, not the giggle kind) today & annoying when you're trying to shoot a quilt on the line for your blog!! Oh well, my lips are super dry now.
All the best to your first grader, my boy is in 1st grade too. Time flies, love Posie

Cathie said...

they look fantastic! nice work.
poor little boy though.

Nikki said...

Wow... that lunchbag is awesome! I can only imagine the hours spent working on it AND the hours spent thinking about working on it! Adding a part for an icepack is clever. Well done to you Bec!