Monday, January 4, 2010

Still sewing

Hmm, for someone who doesn't have a New Year's resolution, I can think of a few I should have said. Like sewing everyday and using form the stash!! I would have succeeded on both counts.

Well, technicallt this was made last night, but didn't have time to post it. I followed this tutorial, with only 2 adjustments- a swivel clasp and I have to make one pocket close, so the cards don't fall out for her. She loved the fabric- my rare as hen's teeth Heather Bailey Lightening bugs. Lucky girl!

Today I put together this little number, which after seeing this photo may need a lining!It is view D without the band around the bottom. I am going to shorten to below knee length, as I have a long one already, but it isn't a halter neck.

As soon as I saw this sheet, I knew it would become this dress, it just took me a while to do it!

Fem-bot helps with the fitting- perfect!

Cute little straps- not a bad idea for a tattoo, the ole "singer 150" heehee

Oh, and all these projects have been UFO's. Proud of me? I sure am!
My excitiement has been shortlived, however, by the arrival of the Nit family into our lives again. School hasn't even started yet, the buggers!


Julie said...

mmm, nice tat! Bother about the nits.

Jodie said...

Great idea for a tat !
Nits are bizarre - I am sure they could survive a nuclear holocaust!

Ashleigh said...

That is a beautiful dress Congratulations I agree that sheet was destined couldn't have been anything else! Love your blog by the way.

Gypsy said...

Very impressive Beck! Lurve the dress (and the Tat - hehe)

Unknown said...

Well done , no not about the nits the sewing . Nits are just a pain .

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

hmm, think I need a fem-bot too! Love the dress Bec!

Corrie said...

yes what a nice tatoo that would be!!!!!! cute dress though!


Reenie said...

Boo Hiss to the nits.

Their cousins, the fleas, are visiting my fluffies.. I can't believe it, they are nearly 8 years old and for the first time ever they have fleas.. (technically, they did have fleas as the vet has sorted that out)

Juddie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Perfect fabric for that dress, Bec! I'm very impressed (and intimidated?!) by your sewing skills!
I think I need to make myself a fem-bot this year to help me with fitting ... might paint a tatt on her :-)

Boo to the nits!