Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Friday

Another warm one here in Melb, so inside pottering about. Murray had his visit to the groomers yesterday, the little pricklebum, and he has come back cutie-patootie! They actually left more fur than I though they would! He seems a bit happier, anyway.

In my trekking yesterday, I found this shop that was pretty much selling everything up to 90% off! I was on my way to get some fabric to make a dress to wear to a wedding on Monday night (wow, that was a long sentence!) when I came across this.....$200 reduced to $19! I would have already failed an Ethical Pledge, I had to have it and I love it! Now to sort out shoes....
I booked my babysitter last night, which was a big treat for the girl as she got to stay up late, and as my treat went to Perle 8's. Andi, Cindy and I chatted away, and Andi helped me come up with the backing for my quilt. It looks great, is a bit big but all together it is exactly how I wanted it. Thanks Andi!

Handmade goodies everywhere lately, here is Little Miss's effort from last week, a little giraffe from a kit I bought her for her birthday. This is the stuffing, adding it's heart and making wished stage.....awwww!

Speaking of awwww, check out Betty Jo and Lark for the latest tip- hot off the is the new owl.

Image from Linoforest

You heard it here third!!


Andi said...

The back looks so gorgeous Bec.
Well done!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Great dress, forget ethical pledges, at 90% off, ethics go out the window starting with "who made it that it could be sold that cheap!!" Are you going to accessorise with the mannequin turn dial, makes a nice medallion look don't you think?? Love Posie

Ashleigh said...

Love the black and white of the quilt & love your openess of previous post. We all need to learn a lot more of that. Love it. All the best for your and your beautiful girl.