Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I'm really excited to join along with this this year. Regular readers (heehee) will know I love the oppies, and always have a find to show off.

These ones were found last week after I dropped a big load of stuff at Savers.
I like donating there as they stamp a discount card for your so you save on your next 5 purchase, up to 25% off!
So after my lounge makeover, I'd been looking for a tablecloth for the other couch, and voila! It was a tad more expensive, $17.99, but when you know it's what you want, it's hard to knock it back. The thicker one next to it was a bit cheaper, probably a tablecloth for the new house.

I also scored this tablecloth- about to made into a skirt tomorrow at Cam's. It will be my first 'make your own pattern' lesson from my skirt book.

Head over to Sophies for some more treasure hunters/ old stuff collectors.


Unknown said...

Fabulous finds, love that fabric! So excited to have you playing along.
Sophie x

Kate said...

It is so hard to find what you have been looking for and then have it a bit more than you wanted to pay. I think that fabric will make a great skirt.
ps. your little miss looks gorgeous in her flower girl do.

CurlyPops said...

Yah you finally found one for the other couch!
We need to make a quick trip to Vinnies tomorrow too so I can picked up some glasses to use as props.

Gypsy said...

Oh I love the blue fabric, what a treasure! Can't wait to see the skirt. Green with envy that you are going to Cam's to sew, and I'm going, kinder, supermarket, back to school, dancing class (not mine!)...need I go on? Have fun!

Selina said...

Gorgeous Bec!

Beck said...

It's good to give back too isn't it? I seem to always have an op shop back on the go, my life seems to be one long decluttering & recluttering experience. Lovely tablecloths, I'd like to see how the skirt looks too. Hope little miss grade 1 has a great first day back xo

marian said...

love the tablecloth..perfect fabric for a skirt!