Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtoberfest 12 day 1

I thought I'd ease in with some long lost sewing for the child. She getting a real idea about what she wears, which I like (warning, leggings AS pants are shown below) so she has rebuffed my offers lately.

But I found this pattern and thought it may appeal her, thank goodness it did!

I used a remnant from Rathdowne Fabrics, pretty sure it's for swimsuits but it's cotton Lycra, with a metallic stripe as well. It took about 2 hrs all up to make, and she's requested another one, plus a top or dress from the pattern as well. As it goes up to 16 she may have a few years worth of these haha.

She loved it! Yay!


rachelmp said...

Really cute!

Leonie said...

It looks fab. I'd like a grown up one of those for myself :)

nicole said...

ooh what a cool little piece!
looks great :D

Karen said...

That is really cute Bec, I think I have that fabric in a more royal blue with the silver strip - I used it for bathers!