Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 12

So another working week has come to a close. 5 full days again, and the usual full time parenting thing. 2nd week in a row, and I'm pooped! Tomorrow is a full day with the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild, where I'll get to meet Rita, ((I'm a bit nervous though!) and see her skills in action  - plus test out this.

I've heard good things- I think it means I'll be able to see better as I'm quilting, and do zigzags etc

I'll be quilting this one- better leave the cat at home! Why are they such suckers for clean white folded fabric?

 So I promise a picture heavy post tomorrow!


planettreasures said...

Oooo! a new gadget. how exciting!
I hope you have a great day at the quilt meeting, it sounds like it will be quite refreshing (right word?)
and yes, cats? They just know what will make you most mad when they sit on it! They haz skillz.

Tas said...

Hope that you had a great day today. Look forward to seeing lots of happy snaps :)