Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 19

A pretty productive day here at home. The school had a half day teachers strike today, for the morning, so the kid's were only able to attend from 12.38pm until 3.15pm (normal finish time). Lunch was going to take up about 45mins of that time too. That all seemed a bit hard for me, so I treated the girl to a day home with me! I know, she's so lucky! As it turns out, my dropped-in-the-toilet-iphone finally bit the dust, so a quick trip out the Apple store saw me with a new handset, finally!

Oh, before we left the lawns were mowed by the mower man, and washing hung out. The sun came out after all that!

I also got my little bundle of goodies finished, I went with the iron on labels I made ages (I even found the tutorial I got them from- now that's good labelling!) If a non techie person like me could make them, so can you!


 a little shot of the doily bit I snuck into this coaster. Oh, and the iron on label cooling down!

And some new tools- I had a really old Birch small rotary cutter, and it needed a new blade. Those smart people at Spotlight decided to have 25% of Clover products- and was it just coincidence, or had they accidentally run out of small replacement blades? Sucker....

Happy I've finally gotten a Hera marker to try too!

And now I'm wondering how I made it this long without trying the Clover rotary cutter....

What new tools have you discovered lately?

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