Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 15

OK, I'm back with more pics! Aren't you glad I split them up? This one's fabric porn at it's best!

These gorgeous little goodie bags were made up by one the group, Cathy, who also ran a great trivia quiz (We didn't win that one )

Inside were these goodies (different fabric for each person, I thought I got pretty lucky!)
The purple tape measure is like no other- it's 3m long! Perfect for quilters, hey?

 Also throughout the day were the 'lucky door prize', everyone got a raffle ticket and there were random draws throughout the day. And the best bit, so there were no tanty's at the party, were that 'each kid got a prize' haha. I got a 1/2 mt of fabric of my choice- I'd say this was pretty choice! (sorry for that bad pun!)

Another quilter, Kellie, gave me her leftover block- she did a gorgeous quilt with this style blocks, and lovely bright colours. Right up my alley! I'm thinking I'll add some plain borders and have a spunky new cushion for my bed!

Sigh, and there's more! There's was a discount on the day, from the shop downstairs, which is of course torture when you're sitting above it for 12hrs- I thought I was quite restrained actually! Oh, and the roll of thread I'm quilting the custom quilt with, I needed a lighter grey.

Oh, and the last project I spent a bit of time on is a custom order for some scrappy coasters!

Here's a little fact too- the MMQG is free to join, and a small charge to attend the Sit n Sew's.(usually $10). A few members argued that the $49 for this whole day and the above goodies was too much, but I was pretty bloody happy! And thanks to Aunty Jess for babysitting to let me enjoy time with my mates!


Michelle said...

That's one super cute goodie bag!

$49 is amazing for a whole day of quilting company.

AMM said...

It was a good day, wasn't it? I can't wait to do it again but maybe get a bit more sewing done.