Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thought I'd show a current picture of Murray- with fur! It is growing back curly, so cute, he is looking normal again. As mum said, it's only a week between a good or bad haircut! Here's a pic of his beds- he likes a choice to sleep in, and the girls packed all his toys up for him. I originally thought he had done it, because he does drag his toys back to his bed, but this was a bit too clean for even my dog!
Another finished project- two pencil rolls I have made for my sister-in-law, my first comission! My Little Miss took ones look and decided she had to have a red one too, and I used different colour prints on hers- there's no pleasing them sometimes! My sis-in-law is going to drum up some business for me, I hope. Very Christmassy colours!

Have a weekend with my family planned, and work on Sunday at the Parent, Child and Baby Expo in Southbank. Fun fun fun!


Unknown said...

Those pencil holders are gorgeous!!

laughing purple goldfish said...

wonderful bright colours... how could you not love them?

Angie said...

lovely pencil rolls

bummer about the washing machine! Ours machine recently made some very strange rumblings...until I dug out $6 worth of coins, 2 bobby pins and 3 guitar picks from the little outlet pipe thingy!