Friday, October 3, 2008

catching up

After going to bed at 7pm every night for a week, I have serious catching up to do on here and around the house. The flu hit me Thursday, so I don't know what excuse I had the other days- chronic fatique, I guess! I thought i'd show off some of my polka dot obsession items.

I got about 2-3 metres of this polka dot cord from an op shop, it has made a great jacket, I just need a button and button hole (yeah, yeah, i'll get there). I didn't do the pockets on the front, as I wanted it to sit flat, and I topstitched around the collar and lapel as it was a bit thick. Pattern is
this one
Also, when op shopping last week came across these pants for $7, I didn't even try them on- going to use the fabric! So nice, I know the fit won't work for me (not sure if it would for anyone, really) so I think I scored ok. Not sure what to make, a jacket maybe for little miss next winter? Or a skirt and jacket, not sure.

Maybe a bag, too? Endless possibilities. If I ever get my book stash sorted. I will post some pics of them later, as I have been procrastinating with putting them away. Ugh.

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