Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nearly forgot!

So much for my memory, throw something different in my day and I nearly forget!

I am working an afternoon shift at the parenting centre I work in, and have sent my little one for an afternoon of fun with her little mates, and then off to bed at their house. I have promised I will pick her up at 10.30pm, I wonder if she will know and I could leave her there. She has been SOOOO clingy lately, I don't want to break her trust, though, so I'm pretty sure I will remember to pick her up!

As I am posting from a different computer, I don't have my usual pics, so I will lament over the fact I am missing Idol tonight, in particular my favourite Wes. I am not obsessive about the show or anything (despite this post!), but there are such a great bunch of singers, and Wes is great. Oh, well, will catch up with tomorrow nights show.

Happy watching if you catch it!

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