Monday, October 13, 2008

forgot something

oops, forgot to mention I am going to a sewing night! Ready Thready Spagetti is next fri, and I just confirmed a babysitter, so yay, it's on! It's here, I love this shop (and not just because it uses Janome machines!)

Which reminds me, Janome have a sale on overlockers, amd going to layby one this week, may have one soon. A bit nervous, is this good or bad? I am a perfectionist sewerand am traumatised by my first use of an overlocker in Grade 7 (1987), where I sewed diagonally and made my square tote bag a triangle one. I cried in class- who can EVER get over that humiliation. The girl I sat with for the next 7 yrs in Textiles and Design now owns this label; and I am worrying about an overlocker?


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