Sunday, October 5, 2008

A freebie

2 freebies, really. Scroll down to the bottom- I found the Paolo Nutini Parky epsiode- on You Tube, of course, is there anything you can't find on there?

So I added that in, and am listening to the cd now, I get so addicted to things! I was sorting my stash last night- another thing I am addicted to, my stash of craft books! Have to be sorted, looked at, played with, and lo and behold- a double! Thought I'd give it someone, anyone want it? Could just give it to an op shop, but happy to post someone who wants it. If you want to see some pics from it, let me know and I'll scan some in, or email them to you.
Found this cartoon on Facebook- not being derogatory to husbands, just cute, I thought. I always say men need to 'fix' things, women need to talk without having their issue fixed. This is so true for that! And the word- midhusband! Cute.
Oh, and I called my daughter boefore bed, to be informed she was having a sleepover and could I pick her up in the morning! Ha!

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