Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hudson Pant

I decide today, after making my 4th pair last night, that these absolutely deserve a blog post of their own! My sewing lately has been pretty repetitive, lots of Renfrew tees being made, and I've finally stumble on some 'not so scary to fit' pants!

Not to say I didn't have fit issues- I cut the first pair in my usual size, not measuring and -I thought they were OK! Comfy, if not a little heavy as I made them in Ponte double knit I got at Spotlight. After looking at a few more pics I decided to make another pair based on size, and the magic happened!

 Non-daggy stretch pants! ( I went back and unpicked the first pair and resewed, after my 3rd pair came out good as well. Hey, I wasn't letting Liberty pocket trim go to waste!)

 The Ponte is a nice firm weight (I'm learning a lot about knits lately, besides being quick and easy to sew!) but I have had some pilling issues with it that is annoying me.

I know skinny jeans make you look smaller than big baggy's, but I finally realise the same with all pants! And these aren't 'leggings', thank God, so the whole 'leggings as pants' debate can be avoided! Saying that, depending what you make them out of will decide whether you wear them out or not.

My black and orange ones have pilled the most, but I just shave them with my fabric shaver; I'd easily wear these out and about. I'm having heaps of fun with the fabric/rib colour combos!

The next 2 are out a unknown knit of the $2 a metre table at GJ's Fabrics. I've started bypassing the quilting cottons and heading to the stretch section first nowadays! It's much lighter, but has excellent recovery- I don't get the 'baggy knees' after being on the floor etc.

 Being lighter fabric, it tends to be a lot more wrinkly around the butt and shows off EVERY bump- so maybe not so much a wear-out-of-the-house pair, at least if you don't want to embarrass your pre-teen! I suppose if I was really worried I could do something about the wrinkles, or the butt at least! But, meh....

After loving my "Saggy Baggy Elephant" ones, (named after the colour and my butt, NOT the pattern or style) I went back to GJ's and found the same knit in 2 different colours- beige and brown. Mmm, attractive! But still, at $2 and 110% comfort I was sold- matched up with the blue I think there pretty passable.

The waistband has elastic, which means you could avoid the drawstring, but to me that gave them a tracksuit pant feel, the drawstring doesn't. I managed to find my drawstrings in the stash- a 3 pack of coloured sports shoelaces did the trick, and a roll of white cord from the oppy saved the day!

Found this as I was uploading my pics- I really need to find a better photographer, or just post selfies, right? Grrrr...

I even made some mini ones! I used McCalls 3665 as the base, adding the all important bum ruffles, and then added some cuffs and the 'comfort' waistband.

And the recipient of those? Henry's baby sister, Penelope Eve. A new niece and cousin for me and my girl.

Pattern from here, one I've wanted to make for many years, and am pretty happy I have a niece to make it for!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I think I almost have too many clothes now....

 Where does the time go? Winter is now upon us down here in Melbourne, and I've been sewing some warmer clothes. I didn't end up participating in the whole of Me Made May, I did a week in the middle though! I was sick of selfies after a week, I tell ya! Watching everyone on Instagram and their blogs is so inspiring though, I've found patterns I'd never thought Id try. Here's a few...

The Rigel Bomber- I first saw it over here, and fell in lust! I don't have a jacket of this style, I tend to go for a coat, but I'm hoping to change that! I made my first one up in a polka dot denim from Spotlight, and pick rib.

Here's the 'fail' welt pocket....not easy. I also went a thinner cotton pocket. Unfortunately it's not lined, and my inside of the jacket showing the pockets looks like a dog's breakfast! So my second one (fabric picked already) will be lined. More for the warmth factor, denim can be a bit cold.

You can probably tell I like pink...

and hamming it up with some 'double denim polkadot' combo.

I loved a bit of fluoro at the moment, so snapped up so duck from Spotlight and made a 2nd large slouch, a real tried and true favourite. Unfortunately it is no longer available, so I'll treasure my copy....

 I definitely wear these 2 out together...

I ordered some fabric a while ago from Girl Charlee. I made my first cardigan! I was really happy with their service, and buying without 'touching' the fabrics was a bit scary, but I'm happy with what I got. I've even put in a 2nd make another cardigan!

This is called 'sweater knit', and is so cosy and soft. Really simple to sew as well, I'm so much more confident with knits these days. Though I think I've worn out the overlocker and it needs a service...

Styled for work...

 I also 'drank the Kool Aid' and snapped up this pattern. I've made a few of the Portfolio dresses, and the pattern was discontinued...but came back with a V neck, and a new name! I really like this, so comfortable and easy. The fabric is from the Lisette range currently out at Spotlight, a drill.

This (summery) top  has been worn a few times, not sure for the colder months though! I got it as part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel, which is a great initiative. I'm already planning to get the 3rd parcel, just for the bathers alone!

 And last, but not least, the Kimono Tee, a free pattern which you get by signing up to the newsletter. My first one was a bit small, but it found a new home, and my 2nd one is a firm fave- and heaps of comments! The lady in the pet shop loved this fabric! From Spotlight, I've never tried the cotton jerseys, always going for 2way stretch, what was I thinking? They are excellent, when on special they are a cheap, original tee shirt. Washing and wearing well at the moment too.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Building my handmade wardrobe....

I've been trying a few new patterns out lately, mainly because they get sold at (good) ridiculously cheap prices at the Spotlight sales! But there are some good free patterns out there too I have been trying out.

I picked this one for all the styles;  I used some op shopped chambray as a muslin. They looked rather uninspiring on the wall....

But super comfy on! I'm going to 'teach myself' how to make the crotch line a bit higher, so they're not as baggy around the bum! But I feel pretty cool and comfy in these!

I teamed it up with a new tshirt- still love my Renfrews, but like to mix it up a bit! This free pattern is awesome!

I tried out the Hemlock Tee; this is a one size fits all free pattern from Grainline Studios. I have made a few other things from these patterns. This is my 2nd version, the first was so small, as I didnt print the pattern out properly! I would have liked this a bit looser, but it's super comfy, and I'll definietly make it again- so quick and easy!

I finally made a wrap dress-  I procrastinated long and hard, as I had 3 patterns to choose from. I used a $10 a metre cotton/lycra from Rathdowne Fabrics. I'm glad I went with Butterick B5454; it had no facings! and was a 'true' wrap, has cute pleats at the shoulders...and super comfy too boot! Which reminds me, I need to get new winter boots this year, which will be great with this dress!

I got a bit crazy with the pics- I had to take most of these pics on the same day, after work- I blame tiredness, and a cheeky photographer! 

 Oh, this is the ' no spillage' shot- it is one good wrap top! (Always photobombed by the dog)

And a few more of the Deer and Doe Plantain Shirt I mentioned at the top of the post- using up leftovers! The blue one has 2 slightly different colour navy's on the front and back; I figured only I will notice that! (And you now you're reading it). I added a pocket, as I didnt have enough navy for the sleeves, and they looked odd on their own!

The cat had to get in on the pics!

Ok, back to boring pics from now on!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I see leopards....

There's a bit of sewing and non-sewing going on over here. I want to try and participate in 'Me Made May' this year, where I can wear 'handmade by me' for the month of May, so I'm trying at fill the gaps in my wardrobe! More on that later though, I'll show you what I've been doing for everyone else...

I gave the girl free choice of fabrics at Spotlight to make an outfit for her bestie's birthday party. (We'd actually bought a long sleeve denim dress from Target she'd had her eye on, but was too hot and uncomfortable!) This light top (not sure the fabric, but a pain to sew and heaps of thread pulls, grrrr!) suited the day much better! I used a pattern, but ended up taking it in and adjusting so much, I may as well have cut a rectangle with a whole for the head!

I made the leggings too, from a tried and true pattern. It's a ponte stretch (from Spotlight as well) and she adores them! They have the gathered elastic bit on the outer leg, gives em an extra bit of cute. Hmmm, something about this outfit makes me think in about 20yrs I'll hear 'How could you let me go out in THAT?? It's pretty out there!

We ended up buying a denim jacket, as the fussiness and umming and ahhing over styles, fabrics etc was doing my head in! Gone are the days when I can whip something up and she wears it regardless- I have a pile on non-worn handmade stuff to prove it! I made the leggings again, though, she's pretty mad on leopard print at the moment.

I also made some bags for a happy customer, she chose some great fabrics, definitely not my colour schemes, but a real pleasure to sew with. Another fave pattern by You Sew Girl (but unfortunately discontinued)

 A little extra pillow for her that the cutest pillowcase you've seen? I joked that they would all have names within a day!

We had a lazy long weekend a few weeks ago, and we joined Cam for another basketball game- and another Tigers win! We're officially fans!

We had a great long day out, with dinner and a play at the park on the way home. The perfect weather made it easy to chill out!

I finally dug into my wee Liberty stash and ran up this pattern, which I'd printed forever ago and hadn't made up! I'd also been after a cute pincushion, similar to these.

I also cut up some scraps and made a bigger one, gosh, it is sooo cute! 

I've been carrying the bigger one around all week, despite not having a minute in the workday to do any knitting at the moment. It makes me smile!

Hope your last few weeks have been stitchy and smiley too!
Back soon to show you some clothes.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Grainline Moss skirt

So now I've shown you my 'disatser', time to you show you the successes! These are ones I've titled 'it wont happen overnight, but it will happen'! 

I bought this pattern, as I've tried a few other patterns, but the real reason I made it was it made everyone look skinny! Lets face it, isn't that why we chose a pattern as we want to look like the model on the cover ? Well, I do, apparently!

So I used some sparkly denim Ive had in the stash forever, and completely stuffed it up the first time- I managed to put the fly in back to front! and couldn't face the unpicking, so onto the UFO pile it went!

Luckily I decided, as I'm sure most of us do, that the beginning of 2014 is for finishing of the UFO'S! And I'm actually enjoying it! Take this skirt....

I persisted with the unpicking- and the zip went in surprisingly easily! The the waistband, and before I knew it...

I'm a bit in love with the pockets! Ahh, Liberty....

Sneaky late night shot. I added the bottom panel, I don't think anyone needs to be subjected to my thighs...

And the day time photo shoot! These little slides are amazing, and stay done up well. It's been on high rotation and is super comfy for work...I do tend to leave a glittery trail on any chair I sit on, but that's cos 'I'M A FAIRY' hehe

So then I had a plan. I'd made a green fluro denim skirt when I was procrastinating about mending the other one (yep, I'm fickle like that) but didn't 'love' it- I didn't add the bottom band, so it was a bit short, and I had a cunning plan with some cut up denim I had from jeans...

Ta-Da! Unfortunately, I don't have the grain of the bottom panel going the right way, so its a bit bunchy around the hem.

  Another masterful zip! (I did this one right first time, Go figure!)

And added some cute back pockets. I realise this breaks up the expanse of 'green butt' that was the other reason I didn't love it!

Some cute pockets too.

Got time for one more? I had a Laura Ashley brand skirt from the op shop that I was wearing to started getting a bit loose, so I thought I'd take it in so I could keep wearing it. after it sat on the mending pile for about 6mths, it fit perfectly again! But the waistband was a bit stretched, so an unpicking unveiled the truth.

  No interfacing on the waistband! I added some, of course, and put it all back together.

And added the nifty slide thing. The buttonhole was all stretched, and I ended up shaving about 1/2inch of each end of the waistband.

I won't bore you with the details, but I also whipped up this one as my 'first day back at work' outfit.

Problem is, I have this in my head the whole time I wear it!