Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I was out and about working the other day at one of my casual jobs when I realised I could call up
my mate and stop in for a cuppa. Except she wasn't home!

She led me astray!

This one is quite sheer, but will look great over jeans. A bit of mending around
the facing needed.....

The bodice on this is quite tight, but can be altered. The skirt and drape are

This is a strapless maxi dress- err, no chance of the top fitting, but will
look great as a long skirt next summer.

The kid also scored some tops in her fave colours;

and my bargain of the day goes to...pressing hams! 2 for $5. Bargain!

Head over here to see more fab finds...and bargains!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space

I've been productive this week, but thought I'd show my next projects:
 the top right pattern is for a fellow blogger, can't wait to get stuck into that!
The rest are for moi- at $5 a pattern, couldn't say no!

Little Miss also scored- this pattern was $14.95, kid's size 4-12. The corduroy she picked was reduced to $5 and $1 a metre, and there's some fur here in the stash she wants in the hood. That scares me a little (sewing the fur, I mean).

Cam got her into the fabric markers at her place on Saturday, they are a great idea,
 I want her to embellish some tees this winter!

Head over here for more great creativity!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm still alive

Wow, my blogging lately has been terrible, you're all having a nice break from me! I blame work...and life...and work, which is really rather boring.

I finished another cushion last week, and haven't had a nice day to photograph all pretty yet, so here's a quick snap.

I finally used some of my doily collection!

This weekend saw a mammoth effort finished- see over here for the phunny photos! And yep, with help from Brianna, I quilted the whole bloody thing! Phew!

And all I heard was 'can you bring your machine over?" from Cam, and I must have added in the "and I'll quilt it '. Bugger!

Monday, March 14, 2011

What I got up to.

Well, as Twitteres and Facebooker's would now I had the WHOLE long weekend to myself, in fact, Little Miss is due to be picked up by me in an hour! Wow, for me, that's huge. I knew I'd be sadder about it than her though teehee. She went off camping with her Aunty and Uncle (my sis), real camping with tents and drop toilets, ugh! Not my cup of tea, but kids, they love it!

Anyway, back to me- what did I do with myself? well, I spent the last of my money this weekend to get my hair done- so I can at least smile when I look in the mirror haha

As I had no funds to go anywhere, and was recovering from a lurgy I couldn't take to
Ms Curly's house, I decided to tackle some big projects- firstly
this room. My horrible bedroom. It nearly always looks
 like this, something had to be done....

99.9% of the clothes on the floor were clean, and just had made it to the next step (putting themselves away in the cupboard haha). You get pretty lazy living on your own!
So the ironing was killed....

and a rearranging, it's like a different room! I have to put nik naks back etc, but
for now I like it clean....

There was a bit of couching going on, with 2 knitting projects on the hop. Thess are
going to be little baby pants,

and I made a newborn gown to go with them.

I finally got to make this too- I saw a tutorial ages ago, and forgot to save it. Then in Target one day I saw one for sale. I thought for weeks where I had seen it, and I finally stumbled across this, which led me to here! Yay for finding it!

I only chose grey because I didn't have enough blue, but now I think the grey should stay! With the pink print form the stash. I cheated a bit though- I hand stitched the petals, too freaky to do my machine, though it would have been quicker! I interfaced the back, so the weight of the petals doesn't collapse the cushion (I don't know if that would happen, I'm just interfacing mad), I also had a mix of acrylic and wool felt in grey, and I can tell! So next one with wool only. I thought the back looked pretty cute....

Hope you had a relaxing weekend wherever you are!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space

It's all about the cheating!

$14.99 from the Salvo's

A sunny weekend

Wasn't last weekend beautiful?
We were lucky in that we had a party in the park on Saturday afternoon,
down at Altona Beach.

There was a donut cake;


a play on the beach, no matter how cold the water;

cartwheels through the seagull posse;

and a really funny pic!

Sunday meant babysitting and a walk to the local park;

and learning to walk the dog! (He only let go once teehee)

We were pretty tired at the end of it all. But such nice weather....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More good stuff happening Part 2

A good news story happened to me last week, not big enough for the news....hang on, there are lots of crap news stories added in as 'filler', this could make it in haha.

I purchased this necklace in the Xmas sales from an online store, and waited...and waited... and when it finally arrived- black! Tarnished. Unwearable. I was so sad; after getting the kid the same designer necklace (as in the person who made it, not an commercially made designer)

I emailed the store, and didn't get much help; so I finally emailed the designer herself, and how amazing is this;

she sent me a cleaning cloth, and as I'd requested to buy a larger size necklace (my fault for not measuring the chain originally when I bought it online) she sent that along as well. Complimentary! So I could 'love my necklace again'! (and the cute doily was an added bonus!)

Oh, I do, so very much, the cloth worked a treat, and I even got out the little beading pliers and moved the name disc over to it, so I can wear them together, being now and even huger fan of Victoria Mason! That's customer service, in a nutshell; the moral for me is buy straight form the designer; the money goes straight to them, and if there are problems, a lot easier to fix!

I haven't taken it off! (oh, the dirty necklace will be cleaned up and kept for Little Miss, I plane on getting her another pendant to put on it).

 I recently found a hat in an op shop (can't find the pic anywhere!) and found a similar pattern, can't wait to make it up!

I finished of a little bag for a penguin obsessed friend of the Little Miss, for her b'day party yesterday- filled it with home made hair ties, it was a real hit!

Off to finish off another creative weekend! Hope your week is good.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally! Part 1

I have been struggling for a few days to post this, but 'computer says noooo".
But here 'tis!

I made a pressie for my lil' sis's couch, kind of an engagement present (as a lead up to the wedding present, of course!). Ink and Spindle scrap pack, bought at the awesome open warehouse day.

I added a scrap of Pippijoe, too, so cute!

The back is a piece of vintage linen, and the verdict was a good one!

I also got extreeemly lucky the other week, I mistakenly entered 2 giveaways for the same book (I don't normally do that, I try and give everyone a chance), and would you believe I won both giveaways?

I was so excited, I got the 2nd book withdrawn, and received my copy for the US in record time. And now I can a whole new lot of inspiration, and a new blog to follow!

I'll be back later (depending on computer) to show you more goodies I've recieved lately!