Sunday, November 27, 2011

The one where I got it right for a change....

With all my moaning about what i'm NOT allowed to make the girl, occasionally she believes in me and I get it really right! 
We were shopping one evening after work in a chain store (Cotton On Kids for you nosey parkers out there heehee) and we phone a pair of full length summery overalls. My poor kid, being of average size, didn't fit into their tiny size 8's, unless she wanted a front wedgie every time she wore them.
I had a hunt online and found this pattern- problem was, all sold out in Oz, luckily Ebay came through with the goods and I bought a copy from a seller in the US.

SO when it finally arrived, we had already been through the stash and knew we need to purchase fabric (doh!) and this nice voile from Spotlight was perfect! In her fave colours!

this is what I got when I asked for a smile

 I wasn't sure about the size- she was anywhere from a 10-14 on the pattern!! I made a 10 with 1/2 inch seams, slightly smaller around the waist so 'front wedgies' will NEVER occur! And plenty of room to grow!

She wore it today (weather hasn't really been permitting this week, but she didn't care today) with her white Saltie sandals, and I was the proudest mumma ever!

Note: She has asked for a skirt one now, and a long skirt one (?maxi dress style), but without the ruffle. Better get cracking!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Makeover part 2

I was going to split this post up, but have been pretty busy lately (and a poor blogger), so decided getting it all out of the way at once is better! I have a few more tips I learnt along the way, will save them for later.

So I decided that I HAD to put the furniture up my own- hey, I've lived on my own for 6 yrs, I hate admitting I need help for anything! So this is how I moved the bookcases....

pulled them into the room and stood them up (or something like that).

The desk was the longest to put together, about 2 hrs, I did that first so the bookshelves took about an hr each.

I found a clever idea for the huge drawers (kitchen drawer divider);

and moved a few of my older features around.

Getting an opinion from a friend (who I think should start charging for her great ideas) I decided to purchase a smaller ironing board from the oppy (found this just after my decision)

I bought a think new cover from Big W (the retro one was paper thin and no padding!)

 Here it is in action- can I just mention THE LIGHT~dark furniture begone, I 'have seen the light'!

I still want cupboards down the bottom to hide all the ugly crap.

This space will be used for a custom made cutting table for my height

 as long as it all fits up here!

No fabric was harmed in this makeover.

Gifty McGifterson

So I had a little birthday...remember? I thought i'd share some handmade pressies from me mates.

B Fab put on Twitter she wanted to make this- so I offered she make it for me- yippee! In my new fave Terrain fabric. I think it's a Melly and Me pattern. I forgot, was too busy staring at it's cute puffy ears!

Also, this is what the surprise from Cam was! What an amazing job she's done, I'm pretty bloody lucky to have a friend like her!

 The back is so neat, but it unfortunately sat on my bed for about 5 secs before the stinky cat's fur covered it. Grrr....It will be coloured side up from now on!

Then on Sunday I hosted a crafty catch up with a few friends, due to the rain the day before, where we did a Kris Kringle. It was definitely a (happy) coincidence I scored more MsCurlypops stuff!

Here it is in action, with my specialty- tuna casserole! My 2nd love only to my child. (and to hear her say how much she loves it is music to my ears!)

I'm a pretty lucky girl!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When it's all about me...

which lately, it has been. 
But first, before I get to the birthday, here's a sneak peak of the sewing room. It's coming along...

Sunday afternoon saw me  saving sanity filling boredom by getting my helper in. Off came the old Dymo labels ( that were sticky taped on as they didn't stick well to this kind of plastic)

and on with the new. I had most of these boxes anyway, originally paying $2.98 a box from Big W, they hold 3 patterns each. I went back for a few more, reduced to $1.98 each. Now THAT'S what I call a bargain...

And they completely fit in with my obsessive compulsive side!

And then on Monday it was my birthday. Filled with extra lovely tweets and texts and Facebook messages from all my bloggy and some real life friends; guys, without you I would be in the corner rocking in the fetal position, my big bloggy family are the bomb!

Dinner was with a girlfriend and the kiddies;  they made me feel spesh with drawings and cards, and lots of hugs from my main man Jai.

yummy cakes which I chopped up and shared;

and some awesome shopping skills from the Little Miss. Thanks to 2 awesome friends that picked her up and took her shopping, she then wrapped by herself, wrote on the card etc. I've trained her too well!
(ok, I may have shown her which books I wanted, she ain't that good yet!)

So, another older, lots of stuff undone (I really wanted to clean the fridge out last year, hmm, maybe this one) and a sense of who my family is and getting on with life without the old stuff around my neck. Still hate birthdays though!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday snippets

OK, so not today's snippets, but the last few Sundays I haven't posted in! 
Or just a collection of pics making me have a smiley Sunday!

Babies sun hats have been finished off;

the kid keeps getting longer legs;

this little lady has come to live here; I haven't thought of a name yet, any ideas?

and out with the old- this trusty old cabinet has seen me improve my sewing by miles.
 Now off to help someone else get creative! Listing here.

Joining over here with Tinniegirl

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Makeover Part 1

Have had plenty of things to blog lately; just lost the blog-jo for a while. But am back with my latest project.
I decided for my birthday this week to give the sewing room a makeover, a bit more professional and sparkly, with great ideas from MsCurlypops. (Thanks for letting me be a 'copycat from Ballarat', Cam).

so here's the before (very tidy, too)

there's lots of stuff done on the floor in here, which isn't the most comfortable all the time!

When I saw Ikea had free delivery this week, I thought I was meant to shop! Unfortunately, 2hours in a queue and missing the delivery due to a 'not my fault' error means I may pay the $35 next time....
but they finally arrived!

the room was cleaned out;

helpers enlisted;

instructions carefully read (what sort of idiot would do this anyway?)

Of course, this instruction was completely ignored- I NEEDED to prove I could 'do it myself'

stay tuned for part 2....(don't hold your breath or anything though)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Op shop score.

I went and gave blood again today, and generally feel very proud of myself. It's so easy I don't know why I think I'll chicken out- the people there are LOVELY, free snacks after, and I found out new news today- they are really low on Anti D, which many women (including myself) need after they have their babies (among other things). So I'm going back in a month to donate plasma. I have a few friends that really need our help, so I'm doing whatever I can!

Afterwards I thought I'd treat myself to the op shop- and was greatly rewarded- the op shop gods were happy with me!

Books (am continuing to collect Richard Scarry, more for me now) and groovy runners I have admired before, for $6 they were in my basket!

Vintage Pyrex, zips and buttons, a pattern too for a friend.

Buttons were in my fave colour, not sure where they are going yet.

a (practically) new hoodie for the girl, and a t shirt for me!
Half price t shirt means it was $1.50.

Want a closer look? Pristine condition, size 20 Bonds tee (will fit for a while, I HOPE!)
I love the band aids on the guitarists fingers- such a tough look, as is all that blow dried hair! I was a huge fan, still am. Ahhh, happy days!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Creative Space

Well, I didn't mean to just....end Blogtoberfest, I didn't realised I'd missed the last day till now! Oh, well, I'm happy with my effort, had a great time, and have Tinniegirl to thank for it! Cheers, matey! I also won a little giveaway which was lovely.

This Creative Space has me opening the Nikki book, and cracking on with some hats....

see here for more spaces.