Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Made in Japan Words fail me.
So pleased.

Head over here to see more proud people showing their finds!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Neglect....or My Creative Space

Oh, my poor neglected little blog, how are you? I've been a little busy, getting stuff unpacked and in the process my head unglued!
So I thought I'd show you some pics that I HAVE been getting some stuff achieved, just not what I want to do (ie sewing).
My little IKEA shelf has been re-used and holds the 'cute' stuff, plus tea and bread.

It is only this neat for the photo shoot! I'll give it my best attempt to keep it this way, though, heehee.

Lounge room is getting there, not much unpacked but getting used to a nice 'clear' space.

And my skating rink*, I mean dining area. Waiting for a table.
(Tupperware boxes in the corner)

The 'shiny' shelf. when glass and dishwasher come together, ahhhh, the shine! They are too pretty to shove in a cupboard, so for now, they are here (or until the cat or dog or child bump it).

So, thanks for enjoying my little tour, there is a bit to go (a bit!!) and hopefully some beds together tomorrow. I did invite Cam over, though, so I have a distraction already organised, doh!

I decided at the end to make this My Creative Space for the week, a little late, but better than never! Head over to
Kirsty's to check out more creative, inspirational spaces (making me crave a bit of craft, they do!)
* Is there anything funnier than dogs or cats skidding over floorboards? Haven't had the pleasure of watching that before....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Well, I'm back, baby!

Another bit of big news I've neglected to share is I've left one of my jobs! My permanent job, that is, at an Early Parenting Centre. Time to move on and all that, I will stay on casual, but don't want a set routine as much anymore.

Sooooo......I'm staying casual at the council job (wearing the fluro jackets haha) and have already been booked for the next few weeks as a 'reliever' ie I walk in, see heaps of mums and babies and then out, responsibility minimal and enjoyment factor MASSIVE!

Today I was at a far away centre, and went I went out to get some lunch, I found a big oppy I hadn't been in before. Can't stop me...

I actually went in for some chairs, I need some cute ones for desk and sewing cabinet, as I dining table-ess at the mo. Here's what I found instead....

(to go on a bag, of course)

(sheets and doona covers....AND a Sesame street pillowcase so I have the whole set!)

( does anyone love this guy as much as me? Even though he has no pants?)

(what an amaaazing sheet, so much potential!)
I figured I'd been so good with my chucking out, I could indulge, especially at their prices! Check out these guys.
Oh, and someone I HAVE to mention, for giving me such a great rap! We met over at an op shop blog....
Head over here for more finds...I'm sure my days are screwed up, but what the hay!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Spot of Decorating

Arghh, still so many boxes to unpack. A busy 2 weeks at work has left a day or 2 on the weekend to unpack, and I hit it hard today! The child's room was first to be done (I figured she'd have somewhere to go and hide then when I was doing the other rooms).
And don't laugh- I still can't find the screws for the beds, so the mattress on the floor and part of the bed to measure the height was the best I can do! Low expectations in this house......
I REALLY did think this was an original one, but no, Adairs kids thought of it first. Expect Little Miss painted her wooden 'dream' and I chucked out the mirrored ones. We love the clouds though. And her and Tinniegirl's 'light as a feather' painting (she changed the way it hung, needed a change) was first on the wall!

She's gone from 24 cubes to 8- lots of decisions had to be made!

and some arty-farty (out of focus) ones she took while I was busy- my sewing room

new toothbrush holder/ soap dispenser

and one she wanted back on the wall in the hallway- the first canvas I made for her when I got her big bed, about 2 and 1/2 she was.

It is fun finding and recycling old stuff, appreciating what I started with and where I'm at. Now if you bed screws can hear me, IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!
EDIT: They heard me! Today, the 23/3/2010 something said to me "move those 2 split garbage bags of child's bed cushions back to the garage' and I did- deciding to combine them into one big bag. And there they were, in a blue version of a green shopping bag, some legs from my bed, screws and hopefully some Allen keys.
Off to buy a lottery ticket!
(I will tape them to the bed next time, I promise!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Creative Space

Today was all about me- forgetting what's going on around me, and getting my mojo back! The longer I don't sew, the longer I don't sew- know what I mean?
The biggest creative bit today was going here; I finally dropped my quilt off for finishing, how exciting!
After that, I needed to find my next project...actually, don't have time to unpack the fabric, so got some more!
Found this place, it's moved a few times apparently, this time I found it! And the bargains are here to be seen:
cute elephant print, oilcloth and some funny print stuff.

The elephant was supposed to be for clothes- I have had a request for a quilt! A cheater quilt, yay. Boy, she's spoilt!

Head over here to see more spaces!
EDIT: The hyperlink didn't work! Sorry for the suspense, everyone :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'll be back......

I miss this.

I miss it a lot.

Lets talk about Telstra. Or maybe we shouldn't, I don't want to depress anyone this early in the morning. But I do need to get it off my chest.
I rang sales. He told me to wait a week for a letter to say whether I can keep my old number. A week later, the letter didn't come. I rang again. 4people later, someone signed me up, new phone number, promised ADSL would be working the Tues after the public holiday.
Tues came and went. Tues night spent 40mins waiting to speak to someone, who said my modem hadn't been ordered. Ordered it for me and said it would arrive by Thursday. Rang them Thursday night, was told it would arrive Friday. Rang them Saturday afternoon (first free hour I had to sit on hold) to speak to Nathan at sales who informed me that I couldn't get ADSL at my new house, but nobody had checked that. The modem is still on it's way, though. So the cable modem has now been ordered, day 1 of waiting for that to arrive.
Did you get all that? I'm sure confused. Not one person has told me the same thing. And guess what, my Internet bill started the same day as the land line- not for this little black duck!
So I'll be seeing you soon, showing you my new home, which we are loving heaps! I don't want to leave it to go to work, that's for sure! Meanwhile getting little glimpses of the net at work or at friends, and my lovely friend Cam is coming to rescue me tonight. I'm going to give her some boy's fabric in return!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Creative Space

Ok, I know I'm boring you all with the packing stuff, unfortunately there much else in my life right now! So here's a shot of my sewing room!

I'm carrying the red knitting around, another face washer, so my hands don't get idle.
2 sleeps to go!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Catching up

From the land of boxes, a quick hello! I'm still here, sinking away under tape and paper, hoping I remember to mark everything, not really caring anymore if I don't! Thought I pretend to play along with a few things, but here's a bit of mish-mash.
Scienceworks provided a good distraction yesterday morning, and a good excuse to wear the Xmas t shirt again!
I remember when she couldn't reach the peddles!

A bit of Winter Olympics inspiration....

A lot sportier than me- I managed to give myself a bung knee riding the bike that moves the skeleton, R.I.C.E and moving house don't mix, but I'm trying!
Scienceworks had a great toy exhibition on, check out the crafty Banskia Man.

Some sewing from a while back- a great 80's shirred dress, kiddie size, to be followed up with an adult sized one. I have a queen sized doona cover that will do the trick, however, I'm itching top keep it for my bed!!! Have to think about it.....

and a flea market find....great 80's jumper for the little one, she said she likes it, we'll see...

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