Sunday, June 24, 2012

A while ago....

So a few weeks ago I got hold of this lovely stretch fabric from Karen. Remember the Tova that didn't fit? Yep, we swapped!
It actually looks black, but is a dark navy. 

I thought I'd try it with this pattern. I think I like it.

It is quite a thick knit, so I think a lighter knit would drape a little better. But this is super warm!

I finished it in the morning and wore it out that afternoon. Karen was there and snapped a pic! 

I also made a few bags. I have left a job (and started at a new one, don't worry) and wanted to give a few of my fave colleagues a little something. Boy, it's hard finding something to make 6 of (I ended up keeping one teehee) that are quick and easy!

I went with this tutorial- and used up quite a few scraps!
The most fun was choosing the colour combos

and the linings! They look great, and were very well received! For anyone wanting to try it, do it- clear instructions, and only used fabric and batting. It stated fusible batting, but I joined my scraps together of cotton batting from quilts, spray basted them on, and then quilted around the patchwork squares to keep them in place. Once it was all sewn up the batting is in position!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Creative Space

I haven't joined in for a while, never seem to be organised on a Thursday! And the laptop has been playing up- Google anything not working well, an Outlook fail, and it's off to get serviced soon. 
Today it's allowing me to blog (so far so good)

So I'm finally getting around to basting this big one together. I think I started it about a year ago? I made the king size (in for a penny, in for a pound) and plan to hand quilt it similar to the pattern instructions. There is a flickr group I'll try and add pics to as well.

The hand basting has nearly done my back in though- it's sticky taped to the floor of the lounge room (couches all moved out) and I've been working on it each night. (quilt is too big for table tennis table, and it's too cold out in the garage anyway!) 4 nights so far. Nearly done.

I plan many nights on the couch hand quilting this winter!

a big thanks to Sarah for answering questions and encouraging the hand quilting experience!

More spaces here

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The finished room

I only realised as I was tidying the other day that I hadn't done my finished room reveal! This was started back in November when i bought myself the bookshelves and desk for my birthday.

I eventually got the cupboards for the shelves, so everything is nicely hidden away! (Thanks to sister Jess and her drill fro helping with that job. Think I know what I need next birthday!)

This is DEFINITELY after a tidy up!

The 'vintage kids collection' stash; overlocker storage and 3 channel tv!

Laptop handy for movies, tweeting etc.

The messier corner. a box of patterns, UFO's on top of that, and things that don't seem to fit anywhere else.

A peek at the stash...

It was actually worth tidying it all up, as I got stuck into some overdue projects that night.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finally, a footstool!

So anyone familiar with the drama of the footstool will probably understand my reluctance at having another go (go on, go back and read it for laughs!). Having to throw out the last one, when I found this one for a few dollars, I didn't touch it for ages! Just used and accepted it's vinylly ugliness.

When I found this cushion on Mothers Day at Savers, I did plan to use it for the couch. But then I had the idea....

Ta Da!

I used glue- after the last pull apart disaster, I simply glued this piece (cut, interfaced and sewn onto the denim) onto the vinyl, and added a few tacks for decorative and stability purposes.

The understand was all raw, so copying off the original cover a make an undergarment...

already well used!