Friday, July 30, 2010

A bit of sewing

So the Ice Cream Social has finished (not for me!) this is the dress I sent my friend's little girl's birthday this week (and she loved it, apparently!)

I've done my signature 'upside down Miss Jane' panel along the bottom.

This was a score for $6 at the oppy this week- not the basket, it's there as a size reference, the laminated cotton tablecloth that's folded in half! Huge! Aah, the potential.

what a gorgeous print!

And a few custom orders- a b'day present (pink) and order from Little Miss's school (mermaid)

Custom orders are $40 a bag (insulated batting as well)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I picked this one up this week, in the 2 secs of the week I had some money-
and it was half price! $2. Love it.
For more finds, go here.
Thanks, Sophie.
Edit: it's a cotton reel holder! Not an original Masseur sandal or anything heehee

Stop- Cam time!

Caught up with my mate this weekend. First to run out of petrol in her driveway, and then help sort ric-rac while waiting for the RAVC (almost sounds like she could have set that up). Then to hang out for crafternoon while Little Miss was at the footy.
Bastard cat was his usual annoying self. Houdini dog took a liking to me and wee'd on the floor near my foot. The spooky thing was when I got home, let my dog in, and he wee'd on the floor near my foot (which happened to be on some Smurf fabric).

I made a bag for a friend- great fabric , great pattern, cute bag!

Thanks, Frances, for stepping in and modelling for me.

Swivel hook to attach the keys to.

A heap of fun was had (and many chocolates and cups of tea consumed)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ice Cream Social- and pets

A warning in the title- if you have no idea what it's about, read on. If you do, read on. So cute, I promise!
First off the Little Miss modelled for me today- there were a few more shots, but they are MIA on the computer somewhere (dammit!). She LOVES it, I'm so pleased. It's a size 8, fits her well, with room to grow.

I had this fabric in the stash- kid's curtains from the oppy, weird, huh? What's with the fried eggs? then I remembered my friend's little girl's 5th b'day next week and thought, hmm, Ice Cream Social- what a combination!

See? Told you. Cute!

This is the top, in a size 5, which I think will still fit her in summer (I hope). Otherwise
it will brighten up a dreary Sydney winter with a thermal underneath!

And now the pets- crazy. This is the space they leave me in the sewing room. If the dog is in, the cat gets jealous, and she actually did a roll onto her back when I pulled out the camera! They play 'chasings' on the floorboards, pretty funny, and are now outside having a play. The kids will never all be in bed at the same time, I guess!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sew a long

The next few weeks I'm joining in here and here for this- yum, did someone say Ice-cream?
I had no say in the fabric- Little Miss chose if herself, leaving me to be creative with making it to the right size with scraps for the bottom! Good thing it's OFMK!

I'm heading over here on Thursday night, all going according to plan (ie babysitting). Check out these creative shots to have a giggle now, so we can be all serious on the big night (not!)

Better go and make a frock to wear!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy weekend

It's been a quiet one around here this weekend, gloomy weather and a gloomy head has mean I've got to be busy!! So yesterday I pulled out the big pile of knitting needles and made them a little (big) cozy. A few were culled, don't worry!

Ahh, order has been restored!

Love it!

Today I finally put the dining table to it's proper use! A few things were cut and gotten ready for an evening in the sewing room.

Ms Ace and Little Miss were busy, doing this and that, girl child
snapped this one-

If your head is feeling a bit gloomy too, try here or here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A bit of a sewing craze over here

Finally finished these pants I started at Sewjourn, can't believe they fit! I was worried, as I made a 7, and the Little Miss is heading into 8's and 9's. I forgot sewing patterns are usually a bit bigger. I made View C, but once they were on she decided she didn't want to gathered bottoms, and DID want pockets. D'oh!

At least she'll wear them!
She got lucky today as well, as I made her a needle book, anything for some
peace and quiet!

Have to throw in this hair shot (not trying to be too weird). but I just don't think it should be allowed- unbrushed since last night, falling perfectly, I am SOOOOO jealous. Can't believe I made her, sometimes!

Friday, July 16, 2010

More good things

It's been cold all day, you get home and it's dark and cold, you have to get dinner, you had to leave the bag WITH dinner at the supermarket because you had no money get it, the best surprise when I opened it up-


with a lovely bunch of toadstools! And 3 extra special ones for my little one. Actually the extra toadstools were a bonus for me too- she did try and wangle the whole lot, but I ended that discussion quick smart!

They are all different, with cute little personalities, Manda, you're amazing!
They are resting on another thing I won, from here. Don't they look great together?

I'll show you what I've swapped with Manda when she gets it, don't want to spoil the surprise!
Also, here are some finished Sewjourn items form the weekend. This is the Carry All, which I originally made at the bag course, then didn't like the one I've made, now I love this one.

I lined in black and white, did a denim divider pocket and a compartment pocket. I still avoided the zip purse, don't know why, they are really easy, I just never zip them up, so don't waste time adding them in!

Noodlehead gave me (and you too!) this great tutorial, super easy, and there is a flickr group too! She'll even link to you if you buy the pattern and sell them, I think I'll have too much fun giving them away, they are dead easy!

Phew, off to finish more!
PS Eggs and soup were so much yummier with the owls to look at, don't worry, I won't starve haha

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You!

The sweetest little box sat in the mailbox when I arrived home this afternoon. All the way from Switzerland!
2 wonderful friends were thinking of me and the Little Miss, and sent a care package.
A yodelling cow and authentic Swiss chocolate, which I have to agree is better than the Aussie stuff (sorry I can't share it Cam, having trouble finding it now....)

A HUGE thank you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This one time, before craft camp....

Hmm, this reminds me of something....(taken tonight)

A year ago the same thing occurred before Sewjourn. I wonder why?
A very exciting weekend awaits, me, the crafty peeps, food, and hopefully lots of laughs! Maybe a bit of sewing, too.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A pattern catastrophe

Today I made what I think was the most confusing pattern I've ever tried! It's the apron overlay from Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts pattern. I've made a few Amy Butler patterns, and loved them, but I think it was me, basically everything in this skirt, was done twice! The tie has interfacing- a mistake, which makes it stick up a bit, like a tail. I had skipped stitches etc. Not the best fun to make, and it probably was just me, I'll definitely try it again to be sure. Has anyone else made this? And can 'give me the light' so to speak?

Anyway, after reading this post this post, I popped over to visit my buddy and help pass the time. The best thing about her being sick and in hospital? She's about 5 mins from my house! So I saw her Tues, Wed, think I skipped Thurs, no wait, had coffee that day, ?Fri, def Sat, and Sunday too. Now you understand why she wants to go home, right?

She became chief photographer for this troublesome (but cute) skirt. It does remind me a bit of a hospital gown (I'll let you guess why)

yep, it's reversible;

OK, we were playing silly buggers and thought we were a bit funny;
Little Miss is happy as long as she gets the TV remote and half the bed; Cam and I can sit and knit anywhere!
Hope you're home tomorrow, matey, and that we helped cheer up your bothering stay!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I'm too busy to make a long post- in the middle of this mess! Out of which will grow 4 lunch bags, all ready for the Daylesford Maker's Market Saturday.
Click on the link and it will give you 3 great days of stuff to do, it will be buzzing up there! And please come and say hi to me at the 'beccasauras' stall, in the main hall.

There's 2 Smurf lunch bags, heaps of pencils, and a re-styled Emmalunga to be sold.

We'll see you there?

Head over here to see more great spaces!