Monday, November 30, 2009

Pretty easy actually.

It turned out ok, I think. A few tweaks, hem etc. Shall I let you know what she thinks?

Me: Do you like this fabric?

Child: Yes, it's nice.

Me: It used to be a pillowcase

Child: I don't like it now.

Me: Why not? It's just fabric, wherever it comes from.

Child: (stomps off into room)

Solution: Make up some pretty vintage girly dresses for my next market, and make child one in a fabric of her choice for her b'day party on Sunday. Do not ask opinions any time after lunch, as fatique and tears are always together in this house.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

new project

I had been led to believe that making a shirred dress/top is not as hard as it looks, and with this idea in in mind, I set to work.
An afternoon at the pool gave me time to turn this....

into this. (I love that no one dares ask me what I'm doing, I must have a 'f%^& off, I'm crafting' look on my face). With a tutorial from here that I got from my guru Lara I am ready to go!

Also, some photos for you-know-who (ie you know who you are!). This dress was an oppie find- I found out at the till that it had been there for over a year, and no one wanted it. I also scored it for half price.
A moment of fun quickly turned nasty....

realising that it was a bit small....and couldn't get it off! Lifting my arms up over my head increased my chest diameter (for once not what I wanted) and therefore it was stuck! Claustrophobia soon followed, and what followed should be read on an empty bladder.

I ran up the street to my neighbours with scissors in hand. After they picked themselves up off the floor, I was helped out of the dress, which is still in one piece, and calm was restored. I got thanked for the nights entertainment. Hmmph!

It is definitely going to be chopped up and used.

Also: new items on Etsy. Follow button up top or here to see pencil rolls as stocked in Lark.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow, what a day!

The big adventure today was not very far from home- up the freeway and into Daylesford, where they had the Makers Market. Little Miss, me and Holly jumped in the car and despite missing a turn-off, made it!
First stop, was Lark, where the lovely Allison was there to greet everyone. The town was jumping! A bit of exciting news....

beccasauras pencil rolls will be in store soon! Wow, to be included with these crafters is just awesome! And if the rain clears up tomorrow for some half decent photos, more pencil rolls in my Etsy store as well, just in time for Christmas!

The market was a-buzz with bloggers and new friends- the puff idea worked a treat. Kootoyoo, Dandelion, Curlypops and Jodie RicRac had their usual amazing goodies;

Little Miss is so happy with 'Message-bot' Roby;

Beck's beautiful stall;

Cam's beautiful bags and brooches

and a new product (how does she find the time?) DIY brooch kits, for young and old!

And, of course, I came home with some treats for me- a Parsley and Beet card to remind myself to buy the pattern (ie I bought a pattern), lucky dip stitch kit from Kirsty, yo-yo brooches, and some Lark goodies;

also from Lark these great melamine latte cups- the fit under the spout, yay! And love the little jumpers I made them the other day. Doesn't everyone like to accessorize??

And even though I came home to rainy Melbourne, I have a pretty big smile on my face. Hope your day was as good as mine!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space

I've had a huge day of creativity today, and lots to share. The first stop was the dreaded Registered Post at the PO. I've started to dread them as I only seem to receive 'increase your rent' letters when I am was a different story.
Labels!! Yay. Worldwidelabel has made these awesome cloth labels for me, very cheap and great service. Can't wait to use them!

After I collected them, I bounced down to Carson's Lounge in Yarraville, where the Sun Bookshop was hosting a book launch for The Crafty Minx Kelly Doust.
There was a workshop, too- tables of fabrics and bits and bobs;

crafty women and chit chat, new friends to make;

very clever people and their ideas;

and coffee to boot. Which gave me the idea for some quick and easy gifts for people who like drinks in glasses. Fun! (can also double as wrist cuffs if your wrists get cold or are unadorned).
It's a great book, and Kelly is so lovely, the time flew and before I knew it it was over! But armed with new ideas, I did manage a trip to Savers....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A bit of sewing

I managed to a bit of sewing over the weekend, thanks for the rain! The rest of this week has been stuck in an ironing frenzy, I've left the sorting too long again...ugh. But here's the little bag I made for my friend who gave me Nonna's things.

The fabric was from her stash, and reminds me of Ikea print and Marrimekko, what do you think? I'm glad I have a bit left! It is a loose weave fabric, so in hindsight I should have added some wadding.

But she loved it! And said her husband would like it, being that it was made from his mum's fabric. Isn't it nice to make stuff for no reason?

I have also been challenged as an artist this week. Little Miss is making a farm animal book, and endless requests for a horse ended in this! (excuse the bad photo. It makes the horse look better!!) So far I've done a sheep as well, the pig was her own effort. I had a carrot rubbed out this morning, so I am refusing now based on artistic differences!!

By the way, she coloured it in (not me)!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A giveaway....from retromummy

A little mention of my friend Retro mummy's giveaway (I like that we've never met, but I
can call her my friend- blog friend of course!).
Head over here to check out her great shop, and enter her fantastic giveaway.
She's just too generous for words!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My place and yours- My Collection

I am joining in this week with this Pip, with a theme suggested by Kate over at her place. Like lots of ones I've read, it's so hard to pin it down- I guess crafters and stashers may be bordering on hoarders? Or maybe we see the art everywhere we look (I like the latter explanation the best too!)
So I'll proudly show off my collection of old kids books- a never finished collection, as I'm always stumbling upon in my travels.

I love my Sesame Street one....
the Enid Blyton (some from when I was young)

Charlie Brown 'Cyclopedia's (I love the name Funk n' Wagnells, that was the attraction!)

and odds and bods that are mostly my old ones, but some newbies too.

Of course, they are all in the girl's room, destined to be read and loved by her as she grows. I have had to build an adult collection of books, and work is SUCH a good excuse! This is one shelf in my study.....

as I said, bordering on hoarding? As my friend reminded me, Andy Muirhead from The Collectors said that "two is a pair, three is a collection".

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Treasures for the Stash

I recently went to my friend's mother-in-law's house, 'Nonna', who passed away recently. After years sewing in a factory, she then bought the machines and sewed from home. It was a room like nothing I'd seen- an overwhelming stash of fabrics, notions and dust!
Some fabric came home with me, as did these haby items- a bag of buttons in hundreds of little bags, that filled a tin!

A bag of elastic and I chose a few threads.

And I'm yet to put away the stash of zips.

I feel very lucky to have 'inherited' all this, and hope I put it to good use! First stop is a home made bag with some fabric from Nonna to say thank you to my friend.....
Also on today's plan is folding the rest of these vintage sheets, and finishing cutting some up for the vintage sheet swap.....

as everything is looking so good in their shelves.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Creative Space

Part 1 - a hat to be made for Little Miss's growing head; a bag to make as a thank you for a friend; and a gorgeous tapestry from Betty Jo to be made into a bag for her.

Part 2- a very hot, tired dog, who is in need of a trim.

Part 2- achieved! Yes, they are the same dog, unless an impostor can be trained in 3 hrs to answer to "Murray". Freaky, isn't it? I love his thick, woolly coat, but he sure doesn't!

And the hat was made. Hmm. She has trouble seeing. Think I'll go back and make it with a medium brim.

Head over here to see more spaces. Thanks, Kirsty!

Catch up

I keep thinking I've posted these pics, then remember I haven't and have finally remembered to do it!! I happily posted pics of the of this quilt, here is the finished top piece.
Murray watches my every move- he was in every photo!
I now have to start the back piece, then organise the professional quilting...yes, that's right, one day I will even have the money to pay for it! Not yet, though.....

After making the pram cover for my friend a few months ago (he's 8mths old now, more than a few!) I didn't think about doing another one. But then I got lucky- the one on the left was $40, the blue on the right was $20, and included the bassinet, umbrella and toddler seat! The green one is Little Miss's old pram, which I was keeping to make junk mail deliveries with when I'm an old codger, but now I think it needs a revamp. Any Emmalunga fans out there?

This was thrown in with the pram from the trash n treasure stall- isn't she great? Joan Dawson in 1966 made this pic, which is sooo crafty I had to have it!

This cat has been cracking me up all week- it just walks to a point, then flops on the ground and lays in this position like, forever! Until she gets a pat, then she rolls over and lays for a while longer. The furry kids are so hot at the moment, actually Murray is at the groomers as I type, getting a 'summer do'.

And an update on fabric utopia. 2 more shelves arrived for my birthday, and are been filled up. Every night i have been folding my stash, often involving ironing in front of the fan. The crafty girl picture will hang above the shelves, I think. The 2 other canvasses are on the walls in my bedroom and hallway.

That's it for photo roundup! Stay cool in the heat.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A great day

Gosh, I've been busy telling everyone what a great birthday I had, but haven't blogged it yet! And have to publicly thank everyone who came and made it such a great day- don't remember one like it, or as much fun!
A crowd gathered- Thornberry, TinnieGirl, Curlypops, Hoppo Bumpo, Handmaiden, Cathie, and Ms L got into the crafting spirit....

and I even scored a birthday card and canvas painting off the Little Miss!

They provided a band (here hard at, getting to know each other!)

food (lots and lots and all so yummy)

and such a good time we rolled home at 10pm! Exhausted but what a great way to feel! Thanks so much to our hostesses with the most-esses, and such a great bunch of friends!

and a little pic of my pressie from dad, stepmum and me- an Elk ring. Gorgeous.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Catching up

No matter how hard I tired, I couldn't get the camera to download pics this week, then tonight....bless it, it performed. So here is the summary of an op shopping and fabric buying week.

My new favourite actually stays up because I can pull it across the top really tight, not like the elastic stretchy ones (I have cut this pic extra skinny to try and hide crap behind it- didn't work)

today I scored a few more 'snack' containers. I love these and use them for many things, have eneough to move them to craft room now. For $8 a bargain.

A funny bag, Modapelle brand, green is my fave at the moment, and a girl can't have too many handbags, right?

I popped into GJ's yesterday, where I was very restrained, I bought a new ruler as i'm not liking my 6" wide one, I like 6+1/2" better. And this pattern screamed 'house frock' or casual dress, I love it.

Also this week, my fabrics have arrived from the US, for the back of my quilt. I've fallen in love with black and white fabric, and all this cost me about $60. They are from here, here, and here
. I'm so happy as I got some Jennifer Paganelli Sis Boom about 3 yrs after the rest of the range, to tie in with the quilt top.

As the computer is slowing down terribly, I'll add a few more fabric pics later.
Tomorrow is the big b'day and thanks to all the b'day wishes, there are a lot of us Novemberians out there! I'm off to Tinniegirl's for Thornbury Craft Bonanza, yay! First I'll check out this market, stop by and say hi, or if you haven't been, now's a good time!
Must go and get some sugar, or we'll be cakeless tomorrow....