Monday, September 28, 2009

Here it is!

Well, I can proudly show off this weekends project- finished!

Despite all the best help....

I worked my machines hard

Didn't feel defeated when supplies weren't what I wanted (I'd been 'hoarding' this laptop bag forever for the strap, only to find it leather and already broken etc)
so have some sexy pockets to show off
a front one as well
Colour co-ordinated velcro and binding (not one item was bought especially for this bag)
Some favourite fabrics getting used (couldn't use the strap, but definitely the hardware!)
such a great way to show of this beautiful work someone did, and I have a great bag, custom made for.....MOI!

What are you waiting for?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tough choice...

I was faced with a dilemma this morning, after Little miss left for the Royal Melbourne Show with my lovely neighbours. Do I tackle this......

or this?
I chose correctly and had fun with hardware and tools.
A Saddler's Punch would have been great, but of course, I didn't think of that in advance, so a hammer and nail, and then an eyelet tool did the trick (poor chopping board!)
Careful lining up was required (my floor naturally slopes upwards in the middle, it is not trick photography).

A beautiful corner if I do say so myself.

To be teamed with this spunky flap.

Can't wait to do more tomorrow!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Being creative

I missed my creative space again this week- my computer gets tired and has issues at night, it seems. Half posts lost, so I'll start again.
Ms Curlypops provided Little Miss and I with a great day yesterday, crafting, food, oppying and scooter rides (for the kids, of course!). We are known for our bargain hunting, and Werribee Salvo's did not let us down. I love it when you go in not wanting anything, or expecting anything, and...
this great dress (Gap, size 12, might be taken in for little one)

the trifecta. Double chenille bedspread that will actually make it to my bed (Spotlight brand!), yellow handmade tablecloth and cross stitch picture, that will become a bag.

I forgot to take a skirt I wanted to make into a Birtskag, but got some binding attached to my quilt, and some bag sewing done. I snatched up these great 'scraps', which were actually the start of a quilt Curlypops had begun, but like me with my bags, they'd been put aside. I see 2 little boys blankies in there....maybe for some twins.

Little Miss came away with some booty- TeddyBear lollies toy, Spongebob Squarepants toy from Hungry Jacks (shh!) and various craft things

Oh, and the bag? This one that seemed to take ages to start, but was so easy...once I unpicked the flap I sewed on backwards. Err, distracted.

More bag pics to follow, computer has been good tonight and I need to tuck it in for bed now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Hey hey

Lookee lookee here. I have news. My favourite Salvos store (where I got the spunky couch that is the light of my life) has moved, with a funky clean shop, very organised and just near the old one. At 116 Carlisle St St Kilda. I picked up some jarmies to make into jarmies for Little Miss next winter (nice thick flannellette)

and this awesome piece of fabric. Rad man! I'm thinking some shopping bag totes- too cool for school.

We also dropped into Amitie, to get some binding for Jai's quilt, saw hi to Louise and Jenny, and came out with these cute scraps.....should be framed, it's so darn cute.

I also picked up some online fabric this week, with Paypal money. So cute!

Couldn't resist a few shots of the animals beds- Murray tucked up on the couch

And Ace in her favourite spot. It makes it tricky when I need to go to the shop!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Back

Gosh, what a long blogging break for me! A whole week! I have been a bit busy, as you will see below- this is the surprise for my friend, well, for her 2yr old, he's seen it and doesn't give a toss, so I thought I'd surprise her! I had it layed out, and toddled off to bed, to find in the morning....
cat help! Thanks, Ace. Back to it tonight.

I made this one for Little Miss today, as I put it on her I realised she hadn't grown THAT much and last years stuff will still fit- but it's fun making a new summer wardrobe! This was inspired by this chickie- the tea towel was too small for an adult apron, too big for a kids one. Perfect for a dress!!

With summery backing- making me wish it was here now!

I finished off a pair of leggings, and the school shorts got new elastic. They'll do for one more term, then I might splurge for next year and make her 2 more pairs. They were getting a bit "toight"- a bit more comfy now.

Oh, no REAL op shopping this week, but did pick these up- she SO needs a dressing gown, she might get one by next winter! And love the dress- I think I'll do a long one, but sleeveless, like a kiddie version of a maxi dress.

OK, back to reassuring my cat she IS a great help, but only when I ask.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun stuff

A good day today, babysitting and finishing off a few things. Tonight my Little Miss modelled her cap for me, happy with her pick! And no more wet ends from the ponytail, yay.

Last night I finally made her a 'sleepover' bag, with one of the free tea towels we got form our trip to Oz Zoo.

The back is a great print I got a while ago, which she loves. It's a simple drawstring one, easy peasey. Oh, and I'm naming my model "Fem-Bot", it seemed obvious last night. Not as classy as Frances, so didn't need a classy name!

Today the postie dropped round with a treat: Cook by the AWW, this one, and

a super cute pattern. I just wanted to make it the minute I saw it!

Weekend round-up

Did a bit of sewing this weekend. Saturday I headed over here for a big session, which would have been bigger if a certain little girl hadn't reneged on the sleepover I'd organised!
So Sunday was a bit more sewing. I repaired I bag I had previously made, with this great applique.
I also finished a few projects I started the day before

This one was originally for me, but I've now made it to fit a nearly 6 yr olds head. Doh!

I have also had new addition- things always start to breed in my house. And of course, now I'm not looking for one! Little did I know my neighbour had one in his shed THE WHOLE TIME! Bought in 1976, it's gorgeous. And my old one has a new home already, happy all round.

A dress up day tomorrow at school has been inspiring- craft projects have occurred, and a $10 dress up has bought hrs of fun.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gratuitous child shots

Ok, don't say I didn't warn you. But this one is about why you should have children and make them do funny things.

This one goes to bed in triple vintage Sesame Street- bottom sheet, top sheet and doona cover. Because she loves me. Why else?

This puppy (ok, not a true child, but out of photo order) sits as still as a post in the bath, but once done- rubbing his head (to get all the 'clean' off?) on his couch.

"Gee, Mum, couldn't you buy a new shower cap? Don't you have a pattern for one?"

"Is there something on my lip? What, what's so funny?"

Ahh, the fun you can have. And it has been edited to keep it clean, don't worry! :)

Oh, by the way, for more cute things, head over here for a giveaway, oh yummy gnomes!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Market roundup

A bright and sunny day was Saturday, and we were all revved up for the Yarraville market.
Living 5 mins from the venue means I even get a bit of a sleep in :)

I trialled a new clothes rack, which I didn't like that much, being the wrong way around. And my neighbours didn't want their stall knocked over, either when people want to look at the back row. Back to the drawing board with that one!

My new pencil rolls were all finished and in their new baskets. The demo model got lots of looks.

I managed to make some more hair ties whilst I was there, such a great atmosphere to craft in!

Here is a closeup of the finished design. You can't lose your sharpener with this one! (Thanks to Smiggle for those)

There were lots of great people there- Leslie came by with gorgeous Mae; I met Dana, who it turns out had me as a midwife all those years ago (well, not that many) as well as the great stall holders who keep me company.

Come see us in October (the 14th and 15th that month)

Friday, September 4, 2009

What I did on my day off

I had an unexpected day off today, which involved lots of getting ready for the market. And eating yummy things. I very proudly nmade this delicious sandwich (it did get a top afetr I took the photo). The bit you can't see is the bush tomato chutney, yum!

This is the bread. worth every penny, not as cheap as your usual Helga's, but so delicious with ANYTHING. Even just butter.

I also made an outfit for Little Miss. My Smurf craze is getting a bit out of hand, the Smurfette sheets came from eBay! The pattern came from here.

A tip- I cut this selvedge to selvedge along the bottom of the sheet- therefore no hemming required! So it took half the time, ie about 10 mins!

He loves me, he loves me not....

Have a Smurfing good day tomorrow!