Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oppy finds

I have had two awesome vintage finds this last week, one that was actually from an op shop, the other off Ebay. I suppose Ebay isn't exactly the same as an op shop find, the latter being so spontaneous and the find usually unneccessary but essential at the same time.

The first is an amazing chenille bedspread. I became a huga fan of these about a year ago, knowing nothing about the 'shabby chic' phenomenon, just loving the texture and how they look in quilts etc. I raided my local op shops, after lots of looking on Ebay, one of the op shop ladies even went home and got some out of her shed to sell to me! I have a big pile I regularly cut from, and one has even become a top sheet on kiddie's bed, she loves it (purple). The best thing about most of mine is they have been under $5. This green swirly one, the fanciest I have found, was $3- ridiculous, considering I could cut it into 1,000 pieces and make 3 times as much. I don't even think I will cut it- it may make it onto my bed!

My second find is these self covering buttons. I bought a hair tye with a great little bauble- when I got home, I realised it was a self covered button! What a great find, a new craft item for me to make kiddy. I bought these square ones thinking how original they would be- $5, lo and behold, they are so vintage the cardboard is creased and they are preserved in plastic! I can't touch them, but at the same time want to make something amazing. I feel they would be a waste sitting in a drawer, and would love suggestion as to their use.

Looking forward to another find soon.......

Sunday, July 20, 2008


On a cold wintery day, I have a sniffly girl and lots of sorting my study to do, so by the end of the day, I'm feeling a bit housebound!

Poor Murray wants a walk, which means being out in very cold weather, and I am now over it, so instead I thought i'd share my chicken soup and tablecloth photo.

I got this one and a similar red one at an op shop, they are small squares which I put over a bigger one. The embroidery is all hand done. The soup is mainly potato, parsnip and carrot, with chicken and LOTS of garlic. She didn't eat much soup, but wanted the yummy sourdough to dip onto it. Plenty left over for me! There is also a pic of a yummy green salad we had Sat night, to get the little one to eat lettuce! She at 2 pieces, and all the other things. Mmm, salad in winter, hard to do but worth it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Murray's new coat

A great day at Savers Footscray today, with some baby clothes for the Cabbage Patch Kids (not pictured) and this wonderful denim and red cotton coat for Murray! The red coat in the photo cost $15, new and this was only due to necessity (as well as being in the expensive grooming shop)- cold nights and little time meant I bought this one. Today, (when the pressure is off) I found this for...$2! It is lined in cotton, with 2 velcro stirps underneath, leaving a big hole to do number one's.... (the red one gets a little wet).

Murray was not very obliging for the photo, hopefully you get the idea- I am hoping this will become a good pattern for further ones! Sorry about the glowing eyes, can fix the red eyes but never these!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My dog Murray

Here is a little pic of my dog Murray. He is a cross Maltese Poodle, and in this photo has just had a haircut, and a new coat bought for him. He normally is a ball of fluff, but looks very regal with all his hair trimmed off his face. He hasn't been walked for a little while, but has a big enough back yard at the moment to be very entertained- his basket is always filled with sticks and goodies from the back garden.

Finally starting one

I have finally stopped lurking, and started writing. I have been looking for a while at everyone else's creativity, and wanted to ask questions, chat and share ideas, and have found the right time to do it. I am in the middle of cleaning out the study, moving out boxes as I can't even get to the bookshelf, and no longer have the excuse of studying to put it off. What I find bizarre is that I used studying as an excuse for so long, but still didn't study every night, and had extensions for all my assignments! True procrastination is an art form, I think....
I want to use this as a tool for talking- I live with my 4 yr old, who sleeps a massive 12 hrs a night, so have many hours to kill, and stuff to natter about.
Will keep reading on how to start a blog, and if all else fails, I may even find a photo- who knows?
Any tips will be gratefully recieved...they may not be followed, but gratefully recieved teehee.
PS Can't seem to ad a pic yet to the post, it will happen soon I hope.