Sunday, July 31, 2011

A finished and (beautifully) styled quilt

We went and picked up her quilt on Friday, from here. She carried it
all the way home.....

where I quickly set to the binding on Friday night....

admiring it lots and lots;

She got to use it once on the bed, then the most beautiful sunny day in the middle of winter beckoned for some snaps. I gave her the camera to hold, and she shows you a stylist at work...err, kind of.

"I always see people take them on the fence, that'll look good"

"Great way to show half a quilt, der!"

"hmm, I have a chair, that kinda looks ok"

"a great shot of the corner, at least"

"Ok, ground it is!"

I love the back, especially the dark pink corduroy piece, the quilting show up so well on that fabric. Karen used a light pink cotton to quilt the all over design- I trust her, she wins important stuff!

I made this matching cushion as well, pattern from here, using my favourite pink chenille, and I machine quilted it myself, I'm a bit chuffed with it!

Her favourite fabric for the back- and I snuck in a invisible zip, now I know how to do them, I can't stop! (It's green as it's the only colour I had! In a stash of abut 80 zips! Crazy...)

This pillow is huge! I used 2X 20inch inserts, for the 'well stuffed' look.

All in all, a very happy mummy and daughter quilting team! Well, I sew, she receives them well....

A REALLY Big Thank You


I sincerely want to thank you all who commented on my last (deleted) post, you help in so many ways. I also received emails from a few special people, and am slowly working my way through replying to all of them individually, but can I just say

I deleted the post after realising that I didn't want to have that post as a focus of my blog, more that I needed a space to vent, and then to take in all the great feedback I got from it. It kept me positive and happy even through a re-volting flu this week, which left me in bed for 4 days, bah, I didn't let it beat me!

So with a combination of your good support, my meds (yes, I'm diagnosed with depression and have taken medication for about 5 years) and GP, and my (occasional) positive attitude, I'll make it!

Another girlie who's made me smile this week is over here, spreading a dose of reality! These are the spots in my house I 'move' things around, or walk over, just pretending they're not there, really....

chenille pile I haven't touched in weeks;

kid's bed as it stays during the week

 the clean washing/ironing pile I get dressed from each morning

OK, so they're not as scary as some things I could have photographed, but if you came to my house and theses things weren't like this, you'd better feel like royalty haha (or look under the beds!)

Oh, and if you don't have a big bunch on online friends, or you do and still want some professional help, give these guys a call- you never want to feel bad enough to write that yucky blog post!

Friday, July 22, 2011

a few things

Making Brianna a wrap skirt;

I was gifted one of the small clocks...and the kid got made a big one!

and someone's liking learning to knit!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally some craft camp pics....

Well, I had to sort through the pics so I didn't double up and you wouldn't want to go here and read Brianna's awesome post! (Don't rush over there, though, there is a great animation of a terrible me being greedy!) As the other 2 pals are a bit behind in their blogging, we have to give them a memento too!

Essentials were packed (Coffee machine not in pic!). However, awesome meals were
also consumed.

Brownies kept us full of energy (and a chance to use my vintage Bessemer plate!)

My driver and sewing 'sister'

The beautiful sun on Saturday was a bit of a only seemed to hit my machine!

And for anyone else that goes to or wants to go to Sewjourn, this is THE best bed.

Mel finished a quilt.....

and Brianna brought along her finished Sherbert Pips quilt

Brianna started and finished this quilt top....

And I finally got into my 'It's a Hoot' quilt 

Liesel struggled with a badly written pattern most of the time, but on the first night dressed the dressmaker's dummy, and introduced us to baked doughnuts.......mmmmmm, doughnuts!

And then 'visual merchandiser" Brianna styled us up and we all went 'awwwwww'.

Thanks for an awesome weekend girls, I loved every minute!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Exhausting stuff this sewing....

Phew, what a weekend at craft camp! While I sort through my pics and think about the post, check out my 'sewing sister's' post over here.

But already there are a few new projects I want to get onto! A bevy of beauties has arrived.....

No rest for the wicked!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bon Voyage!

My lil' sis Jess and her new hubby are off on their adventure.
 The girl and I headed over for dinner the other night. (Don't they look similar? Both have blue eyes!)

And I took a loaf of bread! Went great with Jamie's chicken carbonara!

I took dessert, of course!

and we discovered Little Miss's fondness for 'bunny ears'!

(I love the cat's face in that last pic)

So even though we'll be in touch via the web, we'll miss them!!
Have fun guys! And remember the kid's request- "send me lots of presents" haha

My Creative Space

A follow up tonight.....of this post.
 She agreed to pose in it- but that's it! (Doesn't she look impressed?)

 It's View B of this pattern, which I found in Daylesford, of all places, after searching forever online!

She said she'd 'out' me on my own blog, but I told her I told her I was proud to show off my, snaps and buttons sewn on top. Shh!

 So this may be up for sale if you're interested....Size 8. Send me an email!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A new baby

I finished this little pinwheel quilt this week, and have already posted it to it's new owner (a worlds record posting for me!). I did have a little pile of clothes etc as well, so I knew I'd better post soon or she'll be too big!

I used a vintage sheet on the back, so cute and easy.

A 'slightly scrappy' binding, 2 colours to blend the front and back together.

Straight line quilting (except this photo is of the wonkiest bit, but hey, wonk is fine!)

And again, yummy corners. I surprise myself every time they work, believe me.

Oh, and I have to show off my 'non gardening'. Most of the back and front look like this at the
moment....(weeds pretending to be grassy lawn)

 But in a little neglected corner, a bit of beauty.