Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

After procrastinating for a while (ok, the whole winter) I finally took a day off from inside duties (had to ask the boss- ie me!) and focussed on the backyard. the source of inspiration was the fact i'd have 3 kids to mind on Monday (today). So yesterday, Sunday, bright and early about 10am I borrowed a mower and got stuck into pruning, mowing and sand pit cleaning. The latter was hard, I had 2 bags of sand that had sat in water all winter, and it is heavy stuff! This back tree was overgrown onto the lemon tree, the back was very dark and is now so open and light. I hate gardening with a passion. This is why I am raving about my efforts! My landlords complained a few months ago I was keeping it how they like it, I successfully argued with them and they didn't come for the threatened inspection. Now I kind of want them too!
Lovely short grass, and note the edges- Ikea scissors! Must look like a loon doing them by hand, but the edges make the yard, I feel.
After pruning back this tree, found a birds nest. have to prune this one back as it is almost under the clothesline (not good forward thinking on that one). I wasn't sure when the nest was made, but this morning found a blue egg in it! It must have been laid last night or this morning. Pity 2 5yr old girls found it and brought it inside to show me......
And a box of lemon and mint to give to friends. Still have heaps of lemons on the tree, hope the pruning perks it up a bit (probably the worst time of year to prune, but hey, I only have one day where I feel this energetic!)

My good friend had her 3rd baby Fri night, 3 under 3, 18mths apart-egads! Haven't met her yet, but seen pics- will prob visit Thursday. Off to make some new baby goodies!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Come one Come all

Roll up Roll Up (that's my best Carnie folk speak) read here to see how to do 8hrs at the Royal Melbourne Show for $50. With a nearly 5 yr old. Not hard, really, don't know what these families are whining about in the Herald Sun etc, as my child said to me at lunch time "that boy has too many showbags Mummy". I had to agree. We agreed on 2 bags and 1 ride before we left for the day. And Bertie Beetle was $2. I think Bertie Beetle was necessary to keep said 4 + 3/4 yr old energy up. She wasn't that interested in the nursery animals- having seen chickens hatch at kinder, I suppose everything else is a bit old hat haha. I rather liked the baby emus. The pigs are always good value, we did miss the 'racing and diving pigs' but that may be for the best....have to agree with Jess on this one . I suppose this means animals are for food only! Which my child totally gets. By lunch time she was tired and having nothing to do with the photos- note my mismatched Tupperware lunchbox, I originally found a green one for $3 at Savers, but it had a cracked lid, so when it got replaced for free, as it should with Tupperware, we have an very original green and red one. With fresh carrot sticks 10 hrs later!
After a while in the craft pavilion (where else) I am determined to have entries next year. As Little Miss said 'you can make that, Mum!' Not this cake below, I'm sure she was talking about the sewing and knitting etc. The cakes blew me away, could look at them for hours. And of course the animals. My sister recently returned from Peru with an Alpaca fur hat for my little one, so it was nice to show the recipient the animal up close. They are so cute, they kept rolling in the hay and are so alert, so sweet looking.

We had 1 ride, during 2 for 1 time, so I went on as well. I think society today thinks others will judge their parenting on how excessive they are, wheras I am SO proud today of my daughter and how mature she seemed in understanding that there are limits and we have to stick by them. She has gone to bed (very late, big treat for her) cuddling her Farm Trail Book in which you collect stamps. And Mummy won't be far behind her!! Ciao

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meltdown Monday

I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Even though I sleep in the middle of a queen size, I was seriously grumpy this morning. Little Miss wakes me up, as usual, with kisses, cuddles and elbows in my boobs and ribs, ow! She ain't as light as she used to be. Once I got up, I was ok, until I realised the shower hose had split! A bath doesn't have the same refreshing start to the day, does it? Have run out of espresso coffee too, what a start to the day!
And while in the bath, I got to see all the mould from a different angle......

I started these little tops last night, deciding on a t-shirt ban this summer. Last years t-shirts all fit the little one, but they are old, I'm sick of looking at them, but can't justify spending money on more when I have a fabric stash! Little Miss got to pick her own fabric, and here are her choices.... They came from this pattern I got for 99c at Savers. I made the size 5, the easiest pattern- 2 pieces and some bias binding.
I tried it on for size this morning, and was hurried up to finish it! My first attempt at machine sewing bias, worked a treat. I think this used to be sheet, and the bias is vintage too. A very happy girl
Playing with her barbie's I gave her yesterday. I despaired she would never be interested in them, and have had this campervan and horse in my wardrobe for about 2 years! I also gave her the babrie someone gave her when she was 2 (go figure), it is a Cinderella one with a flashing mirror etc. Happy hourse of imagination ahead. PS At nearly 5 she is having trouble putting the shoes on, would have loved to see how she went at 2! haha
I think my bad mood today is related to my dog- he is still freaking me out, he is actually depressed too! Has sat in the basket all weekend, i've had a jacket on him but he looks cold. I miss my shaggy haired crazy pup, just can't get used to this newer, slimmer version. Need to bond all over again, I think.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

beautiful fabric

This is my most coveted fabric at the moment. I have 50 million things I could do with it, or I might just look at it folded for a while. The problem is I can't seem to find it anywhere! Just the picture is enough....for now. Other gorgeous fabric on there- haven't used flickr before, very tricky for me so far, have to practise haha

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poor doggy

I knew Murray needed a haircut, I have tried for weeks to have spare money to get it doen, finally I bit the bullet and took him- the poor dog! This is the before shot..... and now. She said it's the second time she's done this to a dog! he was very matted underneath, and had fleas- he doesn't look like my dog any more! This coat was too small for him a while ago, now it's too big! Have done the flea treatment too, but still felt like the worse mother EVER!
He tries to sit but his bottom is cold on the ground, so he kind of squats. Poor bubby.
We picked him up then had to run off to a 5 yr old b'day party, a fairy party, such fun!
A very tired and sooky girl on the couch now, ready for bed soon. At least one of my kids looks happy!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I got the usual help from Ace yesterday. I had a pattern/measurments for making the fitted sheets, it turned out way too big, even though the sheet measured smaller than they suggest the fabric be. wierd. So I just got the mattress out and fitted it and sewed, fit 'like a glove'. So mismatched with the new doona cover, but she loves it. I am going to make a few green and blue cushions as well- so far they have all been pink, but we are both so in love with the doona cover we will decorate around that. She slept beautifully too, always a good result!
Due to the beautiful morning I suggested a dress, thinking of the new one I finished the other. Here's one I prepared earlier- I made this last year off New Look 6195. It fits exactly the same as last year, has she grown at all? I know she has, but...... I made style B from that pattern too, it will obviously fit her as well. Damn, I have to curb this years sewing as her wardrobe is bursting! Maybe time to start a shop.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No pics of the sheets yet

Just a note to check out more op shop stuff at

Got lucky today, I did!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New dress

I have finally finished the dress, finished it last night but it looked terrible on the hanger, so waited until tonight for a try-on. And a twirl! I know it's picky, but it's pulling a bit across the collar bones- I can just get the zipper done up too, will be do some adjusting in a few weeks! But she loves it, which is great.
Due to my massive vintage button collection, I refuse to buy them anymore, and so they are all mismatched, and I used double on the sleeves- I quite like, a bit of a feature I think. Little miss is caling it her "Holly Hobbie" dress.
Now I have finished the fun stuff, the boring ironing awaits, and I am turning flat sheets into fitted. Magic!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yay for Savers

So I hit Savers early Monday morning with my daughter and the little 1 yr old boy I babysit. I managed to donate 2 bags of stuff (don't ask me how I carried it all) and therefore received a 20% off stamp on my card. then I found out that it was only 50% clothing. Oh well, I got some end- of winter tops for day care/kinder, as the sleeves on the old ones are sooo bad.
Then I went to my favourite section, and found the bright fabric, about a metre; the bright yellow Supertex chenille bedspread; and an sort of olive green Morgan and Finch bedspread. I had a pink one of these that wasn't warm enough, so I used it as a backing on a bedspread i made myself, really good.
My daughter picked out this single bed doona cover; I think that's what it is, it doesn't have an opening down the bottom, just a big diamond cut out of the middle of one side. I assume it's an opening of some sort. Great fabric, anyway.
A full size lace tablecloth. I plan to dye this, not sure what colour, any suggestions? It seem like cotton, but I will do a hot Dylon dye to make sure it's vibrant. Do like the cream, though......
Some dress up for summer. Little miss is obsessed with The Little Mermaid, the pink pants have a top as well, it fell out of the bag in the car, found it after I took the photo. You can imagine!
I also found some size 11 Clarks sandals (perfect fit); some leather "Blue Farm" shoes for my little babysitting charge; a towel that folds into a bag for his big sister; a few books; and 2 very tired kids!! And they only sat in the trolley. All for about $70. Hours of fun ahead of me!

Found this great post tonight, have to share it. It has inspired me to wear a skirt more! And International wear-a- dress- day is a great idea, I should start something at work, no one ever wears them anymore! Love it.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A good weekend

A great weekend, starting with a little domestic blitz/ bliss. That brown apron is amazing, the things I achieve wearing that, it's like a ' cone of silence' to ignore all other fun things to do instead of housely chores. Little Miss even brought it to my bedroom this morning to get me out of bed! My fun started Fri afternoon when I had the urge to use my beautiful toy I love the vintage ones aka (have tried the suggestions from fellow bloggers, but when I post it, the links don't work! Not sure what to do now....). But due to lack of finding a working vintage one I came across this at the Sunbeam outlet shop, this was sooooo reduced due to damaged box. Unfortunately I now have an addiction to red appliances and the Sunbeam outlet shop :) The best things was I was alone and got to lick the beaters myself, yum.

Finished my pencil rolls, a few glitches a 5 yr old wouldn't notice. The parents of the first recipient suggested selling some- can anyone tell me the rules? I know you can't sell anything from blog instrustions (which I totally respect) but what if the pattern came from a book, like the one I posted in an earlier blog? Mind you, 3 in a row is tiring....

After a date Fri night, I took Little Miss to a gymnastics birthday party, where she went crazy for 2 hrs. We went for breakfast Sunday morning to a yummy cafe, god, why don't I do that more often. She so happily let me read the paper and eat while she drew on a notepad I packed in my handbag, bliss. Then came a family dinner, where my little pink cake at the front made an appearance. Overshadowed by the Cheescake Shop DELICIOUS concoction, but the kids LOVED it, because it was pink. Aww.....
Loving listening to Johnny Cash right now, the 'Essential Collection'. Off to bed to rest up for
How exciting, haven't been to one yet, getting there early and (unfortunately taking 2 little ones, as I am babysitting) will do my best. Check out for great op shop bargains.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nearly there

I think the best thing so far about blogging is all the photos I am looking at, that I may normally not have. I am a bit slack and have them all over the place on my computer, I am aiming (one day, of course) to get a portable hard drive and then scan in all the ones from film (ie the olden days version, as my daughter will one day call it). Found this yummy photo of my 5 mth old daughter, she was sooo chubby. I wanted to put a nudey bath shot, but reminded myself that she would see it, one day. This sums up her personality completely, a happy bub, loved the boob (hence the chins), such a long time agao now! School around the corner.... This is my little souviner I got from the Justine Clarke concert- I had the dvd and cd, and liked the t-shirts, but figured little miss "buy me a t-shirt" is in a growth stage, and would seen be out of it anyway. So they had these totes, which came with a poster and sheet of stickers for $20. I have already used it a bit, am going to sew in the corners to make it a bit squarer on the bottom, but such a good idea. Have to share it, of course....
The pencil rolls are coming together, I made the outer a piece a few mm too short, so the cream and silver at the ends won't fit pencils, but, hey, there are 22 other spots! The longest bit is cutting the colours
They then go together very quickly, and have the topstitching to finish this morning. Will whip up a softie for a friends 3yr old who is having a b'day tomorrow, maybe something from here
Anyway, have had a sleep in this morning, off to start things and get to swimming lessons!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

living on the edge

I was trying to finish a quilt last night, when I had a helper.... She jumped straight up as I sat down and made herself comfortable. Didn't manage to step on any pins, and generally made sewing a bit difficult.
Then her tail started flicking, and I don't know how it didn't get caught.
We reached a compromise- me tugging and pulling at the quilt, and Ace grumpily moving to the edge of the cabinet.
After seing on the binding, I layed out my strips for my pencil rolls. I couldn't just cut out enough for three
I have enough left over to make a few more! Am sewing the strips together tonight and then...ironing of course. The pockets and backing are all one colour, should get them cut out.
I got the pink and white striped fabric in a remnant bag for $4- I got the pink fabric, about a metre and a half, and some pink cherry fabric, on top of it in the photo above.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shoes and more shoes

Ah, spring is in the air, and a feeling of excitement came over me. Finishing work early yesterday helped, and as my child was happily having a play date at the local indoor pool, I raced home and....cleaned out the car! Months of crumbs hoovered out of sight! Seats Fe-breezed, I head out to enjoy the sun. I dressed in 3/4 tight Riders jeans I scored for $5 at Port Melbourne Vinnies, and pulled out last years 'old faithfuls' from the shoe rack- these shoes have seen Bon Jovi in concert, thank you very much! Feeling funky, I ended up at Savers- where else, I ask myself.
And lo and behold-

for $6.99! My pink ones are Target, mind you. So Candy is a step up on the world! While buying these, among others things, at the checkout I noticed a girl next to me looking at my pink wedges, who commented how they made my outfit! What a nice thing to say to someone! And she noticed my new purchase with...maybe a bit of envy? Well, I wore them for 10 mins this morning and have 2 new cuts on my feet, so any envy for anyone can be discounted. I have months of breaking in to do! These wedges were scored from Braybrook Salvo's last year as well, so soft to walk on- the inner sole is so cushioned, I wore these out this morning to Justine Clarke, even though the red ones were making an outing, but got scrapped for a low pain threshold!

Don't you hate when they write the price on in texta? A year later I am reminded of my bargain (or others see how tight I am, either one really.)

I also got these last year, reduced at Target, they aren't as comfy as the pink ones (they are like slippers!) but I will persist and hope they settle in. I am going to try and wear one pair a day, just to feel tall and beautiful and slightly crazy- hey, they make me laugh!

More later when I have some pencil roll shots to show. Cheers!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Op shop thursday reported on friday

Found this book for $3- already had a copy I brought brand new. I have one for sale on EBay under the title "Make your own handbags" if anyone is interested. Great book, too. I got home to find my new book off Amazon had arrived....

yay, I love it, and have been waiting anxiously. I have the knitted one coming soon. Have to start my pencil rolls soon to make it for b'days I grabbed this little bargain from my local oppy, have a daughter SERIOUSLY into the princesses- it is a flat sheet, but I will make it into fitted so she can have it on all the time if she wants. Plus the pillow case will make it more fun!
Finally have found my first vintage apron, LOVE the colour and birds, reminds me of the cover of the patchwork and quilted gifts book! Am wearing it now, over my denim skirt and Bon Jovi t-shirt. Pity no one is coming over to see it's glory....Has a cool pocket on the front, can carry the phone around the house! Bingo!
And lastly this great book picked up for $1- all the rules for when you "first move out and set up home". Well, 15 years later I'm ready to start learning the rules haha. ther are great ettiquette tips like "don't let your knife and fork touch the table until the end of the meal", and "don't cut your bread with a knife" etc. Also sections on decorating, dinner parties and wine. Maybe i'll scan some sections at one stage- pretty groovy.
A big weekend coming up, working tomorrow then off to the Justine Clarke concert on Sunday morning. pretty excited, a big morning out for us mum's, then a lazy day recovering from the excitment haha.

Off to finish ironing in my new apron.