Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's effort.

I never ever wanted to make heaps of the same thing, to sell or giveaway, I thought the 'production line' thing would get boring- bit it didn't! I've 95% completed 10 pencil rolls today, just the top stitching left.

They have cheered me up on a grey day- a glimpse of sun this morning, then the rain came down.
(I changed from my normal pattern of leaving space in the top and pulling it through, to doing it on the side. Hopefully this is less noticeable)

I made these little fabric baskets to roll them up and put them in, too, as they take up a fair bit of table space at the market.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

weekends things

So my pencil roll project seems to be working. This one is a present for a 6yr old boy, and the sharpener rolls up beautifully in the roll. I've taken the sticker of my other ones (forgot on this one) so they are clear. This new version will be officially released on Saturday!

We found the lazy puss yesterday enjoying Little Miss's quilt and flannelet sheets (who can blame her?)

Cream couch, meet blue couch, oh, and please share some cushions! For the first time I feel colour coordinated and neat and tidy. Wow.

Little Muzza is enjoying the new veranda couch. He scored pretty good!

And I cooked. Well, almost. Mixed and whipped a tiramisu for a dinner party, no baking involved. Got to use my brand new (for me) Tupperware spoon rest. Unfortunately the Tupperware spatula doesn't fit that well, but still happy with it for $1.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space

This week it's back to the drawing board- or the cutting board, I should say. Pencil rolls, 11 to be exact. 3 for gifts, the others for the market- new backings, a few boy-ish ones, rather than the purple and fairies. Recycled baby blanket batting. A new sharpener part.
I love colour.

Head over here to see more spaces, thanks Kirsty!

new couch....

This was waiting for me this morning at my fave oppy, St Kilda Salvos. Big cushions, cover comes off for cleaning (and making a new one for style changes), and for $80. So excited, a blank canvas for the lounge room. (looks like a kick-ass knitting/crafting couch, too. Goodbye, skinny uncomfortable sofa-bed couch!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big weekend

Last night ended a big weekend for us- swimming, a market, a birthday party, a sleepover, then dog training and a sleepover at our house. No, it's not Christmas in July, just three matching placemats so there are no fights!

Very busy kids

Hama beads for the bigger girls

Murray was not impressed when he got home and the new rules were sticking! He's working for every bite of food at the moment, I can see a difference overnight! He's just resisting change!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Creative Space

A day late- but my creative mind is a bit different to my creative space this week! So much happening, and so many things to sew....never enough hours!

With more things to get ready for my market onslaught, a new printer was needed- they really do just curl up and die, don't they?

And the fabric- new designs for the pencil rolls- mine are multi-coloured, will fit 22 or so pencils, and a newbie- but only seen at the next market and not blogged yet. Shhh, Secret Squirrel.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

A new idea

Another fun (but demented) kind of day, looking after this little rascal. He gave me mt first mini-tanty, very cute, but a sign of things to come, I'm sure!

He's right in to helping, so we got a bit of tidying done, he helped with a few blocks of his b'day quilt (it's a surprise for mummy, really, he couldn't care less!)
And I had an idea....a new product for me, to have at this months Yarraville market, on soon.

But the best fun was doing this- I wonder, who cleans execs keyboards when they spill a drink on it? Maybe they get new ones! I just hope I got them all back on the right way.

New stuff

This is the frame that started the whole cleanup! It fell off the wall and the glass broke, and the room was so messy I couldn't find all the pieces. There, my secret is out and I feel better for it.

So seeing as I got a minute for about $20, I decided to recycle...

into a new earring/necklace holder (haven't filled it up yet). It may need to hung, though, the cat would have knocking it over.

and it coordinates so well with the rest of my DIY decorations.

I also put these cork mats to good use (well, I think so anyway). Moving wardrobes out and more space in the study has meant blank walls with old paint

Voila! A cork notice board.

Anyone else recycling stuff? It's good fun.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A good find

Cleaning up can definately be rewarding! Forgot I had this, and found it again today- may make a new cover, and a pressing ham to go with it.

Speaking of cleaning up, it is going slowly...very slowly. I make myself do an hour a night after child is in bed, and as much during the day as I can. This chick has kept me inspired- ahh, a chenille room! Well done, Selina!
Remember this little baby? He's now a cute 5mth old, so I had to make him a pressie....

some new little shoes! They won't fit him for long, but they'll look cute while they do!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

my creative space

Off to do something de-cluttering.
Head over here for more creative spaces.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Santa bought Little Miss this dolls house a few years ago now, and it has had sporadic use. Mismatched furniture, a disinterest in toys, who knows why, it is a bit neglected- and then the door fell off! I'm sure Santa picked it because of it's potential, I know I would have!

So after a trip to the Dr's this morning, conveniently next to Savers, I found this little bag of goodies for $5.

Aren't they cute? And yes, I've decided to....renovate! Just when, I'm not sure, it will be a slow process, I think- or over and done within a week. Maybe some warmer weather will mean I'll get it done a bit quicker. And furniture to repair, decorate etc.
I've never heard of tile decors- but I picked these up, thinking they may come in handy. A Clayton's renovation- would anyone seriously stick stickers on their shower tiles?

Oh, and I've started a collection- you only 2 things, right? Another pair in excellent condition. High tops this time. Becoming quite the fan of the Converse.

So, after my first dose of penicillin, and a day in bed, my voice has come back, a bit croaky, I'm wishing it all away- my first Trivia night is on Friday night, don't want to miss it!
Oh, and check out the promo for the market I'm at next month.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Market shots

I had a great time yesterday at Thread Den's inaugural handmade market. There is going to be another one, watch this space, or head over to there website and check out classes etc.
Here are some pics of my stand...taken from a 5 yr olds perspective, i guess.

There were kid activities, of course, face painting, jewellery and brooch making. Here is a great necklace with paper beads Little Miss made.

My friend Serena came and helped out at the stall, giving us both time to shop and craft! We became a big fan of the cross stitch brooch....

Unfortunately today I woke up with the old razor blades in the throat, my friend tonsillitis and I are well accquainted, having encountered each other about twice a year since childhood. So a quiet day was attempted with the boy. Some button play was a big hit!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The following photos may make people envious.....

It's been crafty and oppy at house of Sauras the last few days, and today outdid them all. Envious about my shoe scores? Read on....
I finished making these Babushka beauties, pattern by Jhoanna.

Also finally started a hexagon brooch, pattern by Fii

Also made some key rings to take to the market tomorrow
The Thornbury Craft Bonanza met up today, and I scored these amazing fabrics of Hoppo Bumpo. She will be kept in a lifetime of fleece for these ones!

The 2nd best thing about visiting a new burb (besides visiting friends that is) is checking out their local op shops. They must have been waiting for me :)
Tea towel (me thinks cute fabric)

haby stash

ooh, a nice roll of polka dot seersucker for $2.99

When unrolled later on, I find a gorgeous corduroy!!!

A Smurf sheet! I have been looking forever for one of these. I initially thought it was a doona cover, and when I went "oh, a sheet" Little Miss (Resourceful) piped up and said "you can still cut it up, Mum!).

And vintage sheets a la what-was-on-my-bed-as-a-child. I think mine were handmade, these seem bought, but I'm still in love with the fabric (the big break of about 20 yrs between using them and finding them has helped!

Ahh, a great day, lots of fun, sewing laughing at distasteful jokes, chockie cake and the rest. Can we do it next week?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

As Promised....

Tonight was THE night. After a dress rehearsel, a matinee and tonight's perfomrnace, I am Mamma Mia'd out! I feel like i've had a huge night out and we were home by 8.30pm!

Here is Little Miss's costume I made (lycra boots made the the teacher)

Little Miss (Show-off) and her friend (I feel lucky I only had to copy the yellow cat one!)

My 2nd favourites were the Adam Ants- so cute!! And they rocked!