Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a Hoot!

A gorgeous day, people would think that knocking on the door of the wrong house would dampen it, but no, Andi's smiling face greeted us and we were welcomed in, to the house of fabric! Yep, I saw all those amazing projects, had a yummy lunch (put up with a grumpy daughter), and saw the one in particular I was interested in.....

yep, here is my fabric (made into that last quilt), It's a Hoot by MoMo. It's my Xmas pressie to Moi. Me. Bec. You get it?

And she threw in this charm pack, which was also in that quilt. Too gorgeous. Lots of staring at them for a while before I'm brave enough to cut into it! (It is good to know she may be teaching this quilt soon).

And what do 2 creative, patchwork and quilting lovin' chicks do when they kids
are entertain (or to entertain the kids?) Hama beads, of course!

Thanks, Andi and fam!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look away if messy rooms disturb you.....

I don't know what came over me today, I had had enough!

This is what I was looking at today! She needs a desk, as she is sitting on the floor colouring ( And now I've seen the blue texta on the carpet to prove it!) , and having looked and looked at desks, I couldn't find one small enough to still give her some play space.

So the bright spark that she is said "why can't I have a bigger room, like your sewing room?"
Gasp. Shock. Horror. Give up MY room?

Yeah, it needed a good clean up anyway!

 So tonight she is snoozing in her new bedroom,

 while my bedroom suffers the most! Oh well, another week to get back under control

PS and for those of you who have seen the fabric stash- no, I didn't attempt that today, need a bit more sustenance to tackle THAT one! (A 3 door built in wardrobe of fabric to be swapped with a 2 door wardrobe of clothes- hmmm, should be interesting!)

Gifted quilt

This quilt was a pressie for my friend's b'day at the end of October, I'm glad I got it finished by Xmas! I used a Bliss charm pack. I used white quilting fabric and white damask for the borders (using up the stash!)

and a favourite sheet for the back. Yellow binding finished it off.

A perfect little lap quilt~

And as I haven't done Flea market Finds for a while, I thought I'd show this new item I got at the Salvo's. Brand new. In the box.

Yay, some new scales, in the colours I already have! They don't make these ones anymore, and I'm not quite ready to go digital!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Done and dusted.

There was much excitement, with reindeer dust and Santa snack left out....

Lots of present unwrapping and paper-in-bin behaviour....

 and great enjoyment of the gifts- lots of books!

 Thanks, Santa!

We headed off yesterday for some strawberry picking, with hundreds of others....thankfully grey and raining in Melbourne means sunny in Main Ridge!

Very happy with our picking!

And yummy treats afterwards.

Hope you're having a nice relaxing break :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Last Post

No, not giving up the blog yet, just the last post before Xmas Day!

There's been a big event this week- the loss of the first top tooth! I was right, so much more grown up now, but with a cute little lisp.
Goes well with all those cute freckles!

It is Murray's birthday today, 3 yrs old! He loves his present, a squeaky burger toy. 

I finished my first tree skirt, using a 10inch wedge ruler, very simple, but so cute! It has wadding and some old chenille on the back. I love the pile of Little Miss pressies, pink and red and co-ordinated! Thanks to Lark for the red and white paper (and the gift wrapping!)

and finally, our tree! Kept it simple this year, just a tree, it's hard enough keeping the house tidy
without 100 more things to put up and take down!

So to all my blogging family and friends, a Merry Xmas and happy Holidays,
and a
prosperous and craft filled 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I made it!

Yep, I made my deadline, with only minutes to spare! I ran out of snaps this morning, so I had to get some on the way to their house, but here are the girls in their dresses- Mishca on the left, Holly on the right. They are so bright and girly, they loved them.

I cheated on a few things, due to the time constraints, but overall a great pattern (the vent at the back stumped me. It was midnight, though). And I was soooo proud I got all the mermaids the right way up!

( don't look to close to the flamingo's, though)

And this was waiting for us when we got home today- fabulous Sue has finished this off for me (wasn't very good at this one at all). It fits perfectly, with a bit of room to grow. Except with the way the weather is going, it may be a Xmas day dress!

(and back)

Thanks, Sue!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A giveaway

Sorry, not from me!

If I had all this fabric, I'd be giving away scraps! That's why retro mummy is so much nicer, she's giving away 20 fat quarters! Twice! So check it out on how to enter (here's a hint: this is my entry!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

stuff again (for lack of an imaginative title)

It's been busy at the 'Sauras house, hence the forgetting to blog! But I have a few things to show off, starting with this baby! My Xmas present to me! Remember the rise and fall of this one? I found this for $15 at Salvo's (yep, I spend big for me) AND it has a removable insert, something the other one was lacking (and a pain in the butt to wash!) And this colour is pretty groovy, yay, more corned beef for me and my pal!

The kid has finished Grade 1, and phew, glad that last week is over and done with. Another big plastic tub of school work to hoard away haha. She brought home this great 'star' for the tree- how cool is that? It does look a bit like it's blowing raspberries at you, but so cute and clever. So whoever says they don't 'do' anything in the last week at school- here you go!

And tonight's job? To see if I can whip up 2 Tulip dresses by Monday! Halfway there with the tracing the pattern, cutting and prepping. And I'm doing 2 different sizes, with the same linings! Expect a catastrophe. I am using my directional mermaids again........and yep, have already re-cut the bodice pieces! (I blame ER on DVD for distracting me with John Stamos).

And my fabric from the other day has been put to good use, a little tote or 'manbag', lined with a nice green stripe. Unfortunately Little Miss decided she didn't want to give the music teacher a present after all, I just realised I have BIL's Xmas present, yay!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

During Blogtoberfest I had an outing for Halloween, remember?

And is this the coolest photo or what? How good do my kids pose? And photograph?

So I wanted to send a plug out for the awesome photographer, as the photo on the day were all free (it took me 6 weeks to remember to pick it up, isn't that shocking?). Pet photo's may seem silly to some, but show me a pet owner who doesn't have a million snaps of their animals, and want more!

The whole day was pretty fun, but the best bit was driving home in the car this afternoon, while Little Miss was looking at the photo, and she said ' you are soooooo clever making that costume, Mum'. Bliss!

(PS Balloon Turtle was done on the day, too, Fabulous balloon person, thank you! Too cute!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm touched so many people like my little girl, and go to an effort for her. One person in particular is Superpops, aka Curlypops, who is the 'Auntie' with the mostest.

We were invited over this afternoon with pressie and cake (to which I took fabric and
 ideas, of course!)

The pressie was liked- I checked in the car, she really did like it, Cam!

It's just the right size for a snack and game on the go. (Admire the festive nails, people)

And has pride of place at the head of the bed, not down the bottom with all the others (maybe so she can play some sneaky DSi games overnight?)

My idea changed when I saw this fabric, and quickly whipped up a tote for the teacher.

And came home with this! I should have known it wasn't loved by the way it was thrown on the garage floor, but I thought it had potential. One of the few times Cam and I have disagreed over fabric. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Friday, December 10, 2010

hat time

We're still hanging out with my friend this week, they leave tomorrow! But we've snuck in visits when we can, and today met up and had lunch with the kids, and a big outing to the park.

The kid's bought their hats I made them for Xmas pressies. They got 2 comments in the hotel lobby! (positive, of course!)

The barely took them off, and the Dino one is a BIG hit! For a busy 2.5yr to run around all day and not take it off must mean it's pretty comfy!

Better give them some business cards to hand out! (email orders welcome, of course!)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

And It's Not Even Her Birthday Yet!

So the birthday this year, being born on the Monday I start my new job, was always going to be a busy day. School, then After Care, then basketball training...phew, how about we plan a big weekend? Good.

With my Bestie down from Sydney with their family, we have had a whirlwind weekend. Friday night was Vietnamese in Richmond, around the corner from the hotel. Little Miss tried fried ice cream, and duck with plum sauce, she had a good time is the main thing!

Saturday is photo less so far- my friends used their camera, and will send me the pics. I couldn't stand to have bad ones! She had a friend sleep over last night, the giggling went on for hrs, it seemed. And they got nice and early and took themselves off to the TV and play.

Today (Sunday) was spent by the pool at the Hilton on the Park; yes, the pool is just as blue as their photo!

And yep, she is massively exhausted and in bed!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Couldn't wait!

Nope, it's driving me nuts not being able to show it off, so I'll just keep her from the computer for one more night. I'm giving it early (tomorrow, her b'day is Monday) as a 'I went into labour today' present haha. Any excuse really. (Yes, I actually was in labour for 2 days. Not the whole time)

Some really cute pics of the kid (God, that was hard picking!)

 Funky vintage zipper and great colours

Brown honeycomb fabric (Spotlight, I think) and a label. Corny but cute.

And a funny photo of my windowsill this morning- AFTER I came out and there were ants everywhere.

"Like ants to the are the Days of our Lives" (cracked me up, anyway!)