Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a biiiiiig catch up!

 Gosh, there's too much here for one post, so thought I'd do a quick summary, and then some scheduled posts to give more detail on a few things I'd like to share.
November and December are THE busiest months for us! 4 birthdays now, Xmas doesn't even get a look in until there'll all done. Someone PLEASE remind me to start preparing in June? (and then tell me to listen and follow through hehe)

So there was my birthday;

The girl went to camp! 2 nights at Phillip Island, and she adored it! It was very touch and go whether she would go, as some anxiety has crept in and sleepovers and sleeping through the night were all affected (not going into much detail, it's not my issues to tell). But she made it, and I'm so proud of her!

We had a wee bingle and needed a new car :( Luckily the new one has working air conditioning, so now we have survived all the drama, we're enjoying that!

And a few catch ups and meeting new friends. 

Throw into that mix the decision to do a market stall! A good decision I might add, it helped my hoarding habit by forcing me to go through a lot of older stuff I've made, and give people a few bargains. And it was a lovely crowd and atmosphere, a great day out really.
  I even opened an Etsy shop :)

I purchased a snap press, as a friend was getting rid of hers, so  I went hard with some bibs. Some for a friend, some for the shop/stall.

Very addictive!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A few new bags....

 A few bags I've made lately!
Always madly snapped over at Instagram, where I'm 'becsibbi'. Come and say hi!

First up was this Noodlehead bag, here's the 1st one I made. It's the 241 Tote pattern. I bought the fluoro green denim for a skirt, and ended up with way too much (the pattern told me too, I swear!). I also had a go at fabric printing, a bit of gold on denim, just a bit of fun. It all went so well together with the pink zebra print, a bag was born! (well, I think it does anyway).

 I got the coloured magnetic snap in a swap I did recently, I've never seen coloured ones, so they are getting used up pretty quick!

 It's a great size for a run to the shops (er, I'm not running, just going to) or just carrying a few things. I have a large purse, so it usually does my purse, phone and keys, maybe my diary if I want it full.I left the strap non adjustable due to the thickness of the denim, and it's perfect.

The next one is another Noodlehead pattern, the Super Tote. I had a bundle of fabric I received from a friend last year (Type by Julia Rothman) and thought it would make a perfect work bag. I had 6 fat quarters to use, and the glittery black denim from the stash. Actually, all the bags in this post have been made from the stash!

I wanted to use medium to heavy interfacing, but couldn't find the one I wanted on THE night I wanted to make it (that urge hit me, and I had to get it started!) So I went with heavy cotton duck and fusible wadding. My only regret is not adding some to the strap, it may wear out quicker than the bag!

Front pocket (and coloured magnetic snap!)

 I added the key fob, and the pattern specified pockets and gusset. I love Anna's patterns, and don't need to change anything which is great!

Inside out for a better look...

I've been using it now for about 2 weeks, and it's perfect! Sturdy and functional, but cute too. 

My last bag is part of a sew a long, hosted over here. The pattern is here, and most of the MMQG joined in. I was very late to the start, having quite a few things to finish, and started and stopped for a bit. But then I just got on with it! The pattern is quite overwhelming, and a lot of cutting out! Some people did all the cutting first, then sewed; I was picking fabrics as I went, and found it easier to break it up but cutting and sewing at the same time. It is REALLY heavy, and I haven't even filled it yet! I put purse feet on the bottom, and template plastic in the base to keep it sturdy. I wish I could photograph it better!

I loved making the Quilt As You Go panels- no, I lie, I hated it, as I kept measuring wrong, and using the wrong bits, and it took me f%$&ing forever, but I was NOT going to let it beat me! Once the panels were done, it seemed a piece of cake (the panels are completely optional, but the way!)

  All the pockets are lined, and the denim and cotton duck in the middle make it super sturdy. also cheaper than interfacing the whole thing- but as I said earlier, I've been making things from the stash, this bag included. I think I bought the purse feet only. Those 'healthy' stashes come in handy sometimes!

The tops of the pockets have gathered elastic, to hold everything in.

Zippered pockets too. An observant friend noticed my matchy matchy fabric and zips- entirely on purpose of course haha. I was a bit upset I had to use the brown and white spot, as I ran out of the other brown print, but had no idea where I got it! so a fill in was needed.

Here's my kid for size comparison. not easy when the kid is 9 turning 10, but she's of average height. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, other than give the cat somewhere to sleep in (and kick out of).

The last make it one I've wanted to do for a while, and one I nearly didn't wear again and eventually photograph! It's the 2nd dress I've made that 'jinxed' me- wearing it for the first time resulted in a near disaster! The first is a longer story, and still hasn't been worn, and this one is more recent. I popped it on 2 weeks ago for a day out- and kind of wrote my car off! As in, had an accident. We're both fine, but of course I blamed my dress. Why not? So today, after getting my new (old) car on Friday, I tried again- phew, success! and bloody nice pics from Brianna too!

 Its The Washi Dress, by Made By Rae. I have a few of her kids patterns, and borrowed this one to try it out- and I'll definitely be buying it! It's as everyone is raving- comfortable, easy and fun! She's also talking about a 'expansion' pack in different versions, which would be great. Oh, Brooch by Curlypops!

I'm a big fan of shirring anyway, but love it in the back here. It's just makes it 'fit' better, if that makes sense. DON'T be scared of shirring, there are plenty of online tutorials, so have a go!

Oh, and having an adult take your pics has seemed to do wonders for me! So is the massive-head-tilt-backwards to remove the chin pose! The was an vintage flannelette sheet I made into a wearable muslin, it's lovely and soft.

Wow, I didnt realise how long this post would be! Phew! Thanks for making it to the end, you deserve a cuppa and a lie down now!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Simplicity 2380

So keeping up with the summer sewing theme (and still on the clothes) the girl and I were window shopping last week when we went into Bardot Junior. I was asked to take her out of there (by her) as she wanted everything in the shop! This jumpsuit caught her eye, anmd I quietly freaked out over the price! So I reminded her of this pattern, which I made her twice 2yrs ago, in dress and short style.

So here are the 2 pairs....and the challenge for me was to whip them up in a weekend!

and she picked this off the clearance table at Spotlight, bless her, trying to save me more money. $15 for the fabric. NOT my pick at all, I thought a plain purple, or an animal print but we couldnt find it.

I didnt want to do a casing and elastic, I deviated from the pattern (a big "shock, horror" for me) and tried some shirring elastic. Too easy!

It was a border print, and I'm sure it's sideways, but I (and her) aren't too fussed.

A try on at a few stages...

  and the shirring around the waist. A bit gentler on the 'food baby' than a casing and elastic!

I finished it last night after bedtime, so she was desperate to try it on after school- stinky socks and all (freezing in Melbourne today!)

 I need my sunglasses! So cool though, and there were grumbles when I asked her (4 times) to take it off and go for her shower!

  'Jumping' in her jumpsuit!
Lucky this pattern goes up to a 16, so a few more versions I hope. 
Especially if I find that animal print rayon!

and, gratuitous baby shot. We took him to the park! Love the boy so much!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting started on the summer wardrobe...

Actually, I'm finishing off last years summer wardrobe attempt first, then getting started. I'm on 2 weeks annual leave at the moment for the school holidays (in the middle right now). The first 3 days were slow as the Little Miss came down with a virus/bug of some sort, and spent 3 days on the couch. she's still not 100% but starting to get back into her activities she'd planned. You would think I got a lot done in those 3 days, but no. being nurse/Mummy came first, but the house is looking pretty tidy for a change!

I decided to be completely selfish and only sew things for me! I didn't even know about this when I decided! But I had a backlog of stuff I'd cut out and never gotten too, or started and not finished (known as UFO's or 'unfinished objects' in the sewing world). I'd also made a few things recently that needed adjusting, in particular waistbands (taking in, which is always nicer than letting out!). Boring jobs though.

This particular maxi dress was cut out and started last year- as in last summer. I've made it before, too. Don't know whats happened to that dress, possibly tossed during a non fitting stage. I think there was another dress out of it, but I don't have that one anymore either! Anyhow, it's now spring, nearly summer again. I cut it out as per measurements, a size 18 apparently, and it was mahoosive on me! I had to check and remake the bodice- I'd gotten the fabric quite cheap at Spotlight and bought more than I needed, luckily.

I took the chance on the sunny afternoon this afternoon for a dress up- not realising it was so windy! No, not pregnant, just look it!

Ooh, the moon glow! It was a long, dark winter hehe.

  I'm not 100% happy with how it fits around the boobies, but I think it will depend on the bra I'm wearing with it. Which on hot, at home days will probably be none anyway! I don't think it's too sheer for a voile, either, but if anyone comments when I'm wearing it I can whip up a lining.

 Oh, WORST PHOTO EVER alert. Can you tell Miss 9 was grumpy and tired and didn't want to take pics? She neglected to tell me I look like He-man from the back! Grrrr....

 And I am nearly all prepared for spring with a pedicure yesterday, and haircut today. It's getting shorter and shorter, I think...

So once I'd gotten that UFO out of the way, I started on a new purchase (once again ignoring the precut pile hehe). I wasn't 100% sold on this style on me from the original pics, but once I saw lots of different versions I thought I'd give it a try. I even had this op shopped rayon-ey stuff to try it on. Horrid but like able at the same time!

 It looks terrible on the hanger- but like all of Tasia's pattern, amazing when on!

Even a quick check late at night got me excited!

Yep, Murray agrees. Always in for a photo bomb, that dog!

It feels so good on! I didn't retie the straps, which is why the bra straps are showing I think, because the other try on times this didn't happen. I didn't put the zip in, as I read that many people didn't and it still went on easy, which is true. But then I didn't know how to finish the blousy bit at the back, I'll be hunting for a tutorial on that bit, or working on it a bit better next time.

It's going to be a 'wear with caution' on a windy day! Must remember clean knickers that day hehe. I had enough fabric to make the maxi length, but the fabric wasn't wide enough, so I have a little left over, maybe a tank top for summer or something.

And the cute shoes with this frock- my fave platforms I picked up years ago op shopping with Ms Curlypops! They're getting me excited about warmer weather- I just wish the warmer weather was excited enough to stick around longer than 3 days!

My totally Selfish Sewing was of course interrupted by Henry needing a new hat- a quick one was whipped up from Nikki's book, as his head is finally big enough! Some more of the unknown mystery fabric that just goes well as anything, with a cute Spotlight print. I'll be adding straps once I measure it on him to get the placement right. Totally cute!