Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a minute in May

I've been wanting to play along for a while, but always miss it. So here is my first one!

Stamps. Hairclips. My quilt. Pants. De-cluttering and moving in new furniture. Loving my bag making course.

Watching... Series 3 of Nip/Tuck has been watched, as has Dexter Series 2. I have run out of tv shows on dvd, and am thinking Curlypops's Foxtel idea isn't bad.... What is with free to air tv these days?

Reading... Finished This Charming Man by Marian Keyes, nearly finished a Val McDermid thriller. Local papers form my area and neighbouring suburbs. Where has all my junk mail gone?

Listening... Hairspray- repeatedly. And 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. Wish I could get my music on occasionally!

Doing... Work! In case you aren't sure, I'm a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, so work with families and children under 5. Lots of babies to goo at and cuddle. Nearly up to 5 days a weeks, which is cutting out on a lot of sewing time! But then, I procrastinated most of the day when I wasn't working this much, so maybe it evens out. Am loving the extra money and confidence working brings.

Eating...Starting to prepare the winter stews and casseroles, and still talking about getting a slow cooker. One year I'll do it!

head over here to see more.

This week.....

I have a special project I am finishing off this week, for baby no 3 in a family.
As you can see, this beautiful classic Emmalunga pram, that has been used for the last 2 children, and was 2nd hand then too, is showing a bit of wear and tear.

So it's time for a new cover

With some new fabrics, thrifted of course.

Pants off Sunday

Finished of a few UFO's today, after finally re threading my over locker. A little pile of pants! There is a big pair for me- the mustard ones are chenille lounge pants (2 pairs, pretty fancy I am!).

Little Miss Copy-cat has a pair now too- she didn't want to take them off.

She is getting taller, so new jarmie pants, refashioned from some size 18 pj's I found in an op shop.

And some stretchy leggings to go under shirts etc. Or inside uggies, as modelled.

After all the changes, the leggings weren't coming off! And thank you to Forges of Footscray, such good elastic bargains!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Creative Space

This is actually my stash- exploded! I've been taking fabrics out, but not neatly replacing them- and my handbags are all kind of thrown on top.

This normally wouldn't be an issue (to us, anyway) but I have now lost my work id and swiper card thingy, and it may be in a handbag. That is what I'm hoping for right now!
PS I say us because I regularly check if my child is damaged from living in this mess, she always says no......(so far).

Head to Kirsty's for more.

Edit: found said item in the first bag I looked in! Therefore I put bags away and left fabric for another day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There's gold in them there hills....

I'm finally starting to get a feel for what I want in my shop, what my "thing" will be, I guess. I headed out today to stock up on supplies.

First up was these hangers, so cute I knew they would help me out (somewhere!)

I went into Spotlight to get a new rotary cutter, and took them up on there pattern deal- $5 each or 10 for $20. I found 4 patterns I liked...hang on, that means I either buy 4 for $20 or 10 for $20. You can tell which on I did. The fabric pieces were $2 each as well. One must have the best tools!

Then I did the wild wild west of op shops. There were Salvo's- Braybrook, Sunshine and Deer Park (Sunshine one has moved to Withers ST Sunshine). A Bargain Hunter at Deer Park (worst op shop EVER!). And of course, Vinnies at Sunshine.

The pink crochet blanket is for Little Miss (she always misses out on them since I give them to Murray)

And this coat. It reminded me of this girl's amazing transformation of a similar item. I think it will be too little for Little Miss (and she has a brand new black one that needs to be worn to death), so this one may be up for grabs.

Phew, exhausted! Now comes the washing, the sorting and stashing, and hopefully some using- all to have an online store up VERY SOON! Off to sew....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I found this book a few weeks ago at the oppy, and thought it may come in handy when Little Miss was older.

But as I flicked through it this morning, it having found its way into the study, I came across this page....and was SHOCKED!

Is is just me?Or do I want the job of identify car smashes to stay with the professionals haha.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just in case you've missed it....

I have been slowly piecing, as I can do it in front to dvd's at night and when I'm resting; and I have to use my new cabinet a little bit. There are 4 corners so far....

The pattern originally said a king single size, I was content with a couch throw- it's only half done and look how big it is! It completely disguises my couch of ironing, I'm happy! And kitty cat can christen it, he sleeps with love haha.


With this yucky bug making me feel gross, I am trying to rest....trying being the operative word! At least some couch things are good. Last night I used my skills picked up from Holly at the show, and the last bit of rubber. It's ok, but I want another go. So this week i'll be ordering the stuff online and seeing what happens.

If you like these, but don't want the hassle, head over here to this girl's new shop, I may head there myself at some stage when it all gets too much!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been a while...

I've been busily cleaning up and moving around furniture, but managing to do a few things new. I followed the directions here and ended up with these!

I have used most of them, they definitely go better on non stretch fabrics, oops! I'll use my sew on ones for those. Thanks, Sandra!

Little Miss has had a busy time, she is still enthralled with the beads, and produced this little piece. All. By. Herself! Pretty proud of her, what a great pattern.

The lurgy has caught up with me- I think I caught it online haha. Very sore throat and generally feeling crap, so this dessert tonight. A craving for rocket is a bit weird, but the yummy lemon and olive dressing made it yummy, hope all the vitamins help.

I cheered up a bit by watching this with the girl, trying to rest (yeah, right! Have you seen my house?). Great music!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Creative Space

Oh, much excitement over here at Casa Dinosaur, we have a new addition and a bargain to boot!

This has caused me to consider professional op shopping. No, I can't reveal the price, as I want you all to head over here and buy my old one! Master Investigator (ie cat) has checked it out and it is structurally sound, except for lots of dust bunnies (I have enough of my own, why do I buy more?
Check out more spaces over here. Thanks Kirsty!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Because you asked so nicely....

here is what I did with my doilies.

I know, my pegs are amazing, should have picked some nicer ones, I think! Such a lovely shade of blue. I did a couple of plain white onesies too, they have come out a bit mottley, which I like.
Hopefully not much else to dye now, and I can get to work using these bits and bobs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't stop till I get enough

Finally have dry fabric to show, after a shop at Greensborough Savers on Saturday. The back pile is from there, the front 2 prints being from Ebay. I particularly LOVE the 'Smurf. Be In It' print from 1981, it's great, as is my Beatrix Potter fabric. What to do with it is my next question.

I dyed the last bit of white chenille this amazing yellow colour, I have an amazing array of 6 inch squares now, I am thinking i'll overlock them together, as chenille droppings all over the house is ridiculous. Also, Little Miss's project is a doona, or duvet,cover, and I don't want to line it, so I want mess free.

Then I got a great idea from this crazy crafter, and decided to throw these in.....hmmm, what will happen next?

Monday, May 18, 2009


I sewed my first label on an item today, a shirt for the little boy I babysit. This describes him to a tee at the moment....

I wonder why I don't get much done when he's over!! We have a lot of fun...

The big orange thing is the colour of the curtains in my house (rental). It goes well with daggy brown carpet, but not the rest of the bedroom look, so, with the fabric I scored at IKEA

Hem still needs to be done, and the top bit stitched over, but I highly recommend this- you keep the good, blockout curtains on their fancy rail, and we have a nicer room. Oh, there is a big pile of books under there too, they should be a bit flatter when I'm done with them. Not bad for a 21mth old's help, I thought!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gotta love IKEA

A big weekend of redecorating has been happening. remember this? I have scrapped my painting plan, due to the weather, and the thought of an alternative plan. It started with a trip to IKEA. straight into Bargain Corner. Here is a dream cutting/sewing table....
$369 reduced to $219, with an extended top out the back. Look at that drawer storage! I met a lovely couple (the husband got me a trolley) and his wife and I oohed and ahhed over the table! She scored a $10 big bolt of fabric that is destined for outdoor furniture cushions. This table/ cabinet remained un-bought.

Here is my score of the day! A $149 cabinet reduced to $99, ex floor display I think.
And I fit it in my hatchback!
Once we got home it has nicely fit in with the rest of the room, it's bigger brother being too messy to show, but is being cleared as we speak.
Do you think we have too many Sesame Street books? One shelf is the encyclopedias, and the collection is growing!

I have cleared this built- in of shelves so that the room is spacier, as you can see, Little Miss is pretty happy.

Other IKEA purchases= these cork heat mats- surely they can be fabric covered mini-noticeboards? Worth a try anyway. Candles (a must) and Hama or Perler bead templates.

I nearly walked out with $50 curtains until I re-entered Bargain Corner on my way out. there, hot on the rack, were the "Sommer" range of fabric pieces, no sure purpose, but I saw curtains. As I am renting, I will sew these over the orange ones and at $5 a pop, a bargain. Can be re-used to.

All the bunting is up, too, and beside a lot of books on the floor (you can never have too many books) the main bits are done. The main thing is I have a happy little girl, who can better that!

PS See here for other IKEA purchases made on this day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The giveaway

Ok, I said the other day that I wanted to join in the giveaways, what better way to recycle! Also, I want to join in with this big giveaway, and launch of the site.

I have lots of handmade goodies in my giveaway, a few pictured above. I will also throw in some fabrics and possibly haby, and some suprise stuff. Leave me a comment and this will be drawn on June 8, with all the others. Good Luck!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Creative Space (Post 183b)

So very exciting.
Head over here to see some more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busiest week since I gave birth.....

Wow, like a one legged guy in a butt kicking contest (not un-pc, quote direct from Dolly. If you haven't seen, do yourself a favour).

I've increased my working hours, feeling lots of satisfaction financially and I'm not napping the day away, but not having as much time to sew :( But hoping this is temporary as I get used to the busier times.

Here is the great giveaway I won from Poss Bloss. Little Miss was complaining she never won anything blah blah blah (never enters anything either), and I said, hey, I just entered this and look! Aren't they gorgeous colours? Aren't I a great pencil sharpener?

My project this week has been some 6" chenille square blankets- really, I am making quilts instead of throwing out chenille! Most of these are colours i have dyed, but some are originals, and I have a few more colours to add. If anyone sees any they want to buy RIGHT NOW let me know, let's make a deal!

Now, my reason for this post- to support my new blogging mates. when I started this it was basically to talk to someone, but see what happened- these guys (among others, of course) have filled me with inspiration, awe and god dammit, they are bloody nice too boot! So visit
I am also going to have a giveaway for my 184th post- that will be my next post, giving me time to find the giveaway gift or suprise, and read up on my rules. See here maybe tomorrow...or Fri. We'll see.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's rubbed off!

I knew if I hung around these girls long enough I would win something, after all the loot they score!! I went to the Thornbury Craft Bonanza with these guys, (Cam has summed it up) and look what has happened! I have to admit the title of "the easiest giveaway ever" does make it a no-brainer, but hey, I'm not picky!
And I got home to the most orgasmic parcel EVER- chenille! And funky chenille at that! Little Miss 5 who is getting a blanket from some of it has already picked some faves, there are a few she isn't getting, that's for sure. And a great vintage sheet- hey, I just love the business postcard on the top! I will hopefully get to the PO tomorrow to send Selina's to her, gotta love a swap!

Life really is better in chenille lounge pants!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A bit excited!

I can NOT believe the colour of these chenille pieces, as in the depth of colour. It dyes twice as much fabric and was originally only $5.99. The blue is called Denim Blue and the orange Sunshine Orange.

There is a packet of Sunshine Orange in this lot that is nowhere near that bright. I went back to Spotlight (sorry Cam, I had a good day there today, bummer) and nabbed a few more, $1.99 each. Maybe they are updating the packaging? Who knows, and more importantly, who cares? My white chenille stash inappropriate for any young child's garment or quilt is quickly being transformed. I also grabbed the whitening powder, to keep clothes 'white and bright', and run remover.

I had a lovely Mother's Day, with my beautiful girl giving me a stash
of loot- a frame I know exactly what picture to put in it, a pen and a bookmark! I may make it a bookmark for my Filofax, so I can look at it heaps.

We nipped into Bunnings where she coloured me another card (and scored a new packet of pencils). We both agreed it was a great day.

PS The car was not moving at the time of this picture. No Melways were harmed either.