Friday, April 30, 2010


We have a reject pair!

(don't know what happened to the colour in the above pic, they are the same pair)

This is the same pair- 2 different holes, and she ain't impressed that everyone saw her undies! (At least she was wearing some, unlike my faux pas...)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space

This one's a bit different- it's all about me! Finally getting a bit creative with myself, gone is the black/grey/brown/ nit infested mop i've been pulling back for ages

straight after the cut- so smooth and neat!

head over here for more thanks Kirsty!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy pants

Well, I was pretty happy with them, I would be happy wearing them, was the recipient happy? No. 'They're too daggy' was the comment. Particularly the pockets, apparently. Kate, can we swap children? Or maybe they just need to hang out a bit, so she appreciates me *sniff sniff*.
Anyway, she wore them yesterday and today, despite some unknown primary school aged boy telling her they were 'dumb' (Reinforcing my "all men are pigs" mantra) and looked so cute, I could eat her.

These are the 2 pairs.

If you remember, the pattern is from here, and I'll do a quick review. Great instructions, easy to follow, and the first pair is definitely the longest, the 2nd took about 1/2 an hr! I liked the tissue paper patterns initially, but traced it off on tracing paper, which is a bit heavier than my normal greaseproof paper, so it was a bit harder. I also (der) forgot to add seam allowances so they are just over locked, and won't fit her for long!
We are having a visit from Nana and Pa Pa this week, my Dad and his partner, so Little Miss had her first baking experience. Oh, I did it when she was a week one, but then sewing became more interesting, and I stopped baking. She loved making these with Nana, I enjoyed eating them har har.

I also made her this- it was originally floral both sides, with a big diamond cut out in the middle of one side, to put the doona in through. Fine except she kept waking up with her legs inside the doona, annoying! So I kept one side floral, and used the effalunt fabric on the other side, with a bit of chenille to widen it. It's lovely, she loves it, I'm enjoying sleeping under it at the moment in the lounge room.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I'm playing along (showing off) again this week thanks to Sophie.
I found these in Ascot Vale Vinnies, for $8! Gorgeous, comfortable and mine! (I wore them out last night, and some candle wax spilled on them, I hope they are fixable! Can anyone tell me how to remove it).

At the same shop, I found this! I had one exactly the same when I was a youngster, and reminisced- I used to use the smallest nib and use it to write with instead of a pen. And at $4, I took it home!

Go and visit Sophie for some more finds, and play along!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Place and Yours- where I blog

OK, here's another one- I'm catching up on all I've missed, today's been busy! When I saw this post during the week, it was just after I did
That was my old blogging place- which was technically me new place as I've only just moved, but I was already a bit sick of it. So I took off the wheels...

found something to put it on....(and found something else to make it level!)

and ta-da! Where I am sitting right now...(minus the cleaning products)

With secret squirrel hidey-holes

See here for more places, play along too!

Been busy

So it's been a bit busy around here lately, with house guests all week, and more next week! But I have manged to finish a few things off...
my housewarming pressie to myself- matching toaster cover and pot holders (BIG ones that wrap right around the handle!) and a little mat under the toaster to catch the crumbs, they really bug me!

reversible, of course!

I've finished the binding, actually only took me 2 nights I was so keen to get it finished! there are some great shots and nice words over here, thanks everyone!

I popped into Rathdowne Remnants the other day and snapped up some Alexander Henry remnants

So another big week coming up, some more finished things to show, I hope!

Giveaway draw!

Well. it was an honest draw, with my adjudicator and name picker...

holding him back....
throw-down of names...

that was the first one he stepped on...

and it is...

Send me you snail mail address, and your prize is on its way!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The binding is coming along a treat- I'm hand sewing it, to make it perfect (?) and to make it a bit more traditional. Actually, I just like sitting on the couch at night and stitching away. My helper agrees it's the nicest quilt she's been on....

Murray has settled into the new house well, barking at the big birds flying overhead (we are under the flight path). A haircut for winter has spruced him up a bit (and the nasty smell is gone...)

I found these today- can you guess what they are?

How cute! I'm hoping Little Miss masters them soon, the bonus is once she has, the man comes off and she has kid sized chopsticks for her hands. I got them from here, or have a look here.

I also got the stuff for this project (freezer paper not in pic). I love finding ideas and trying them out (or is it copying?) I never admit to originality heehee. And this tute is taken from someone else anyway (thanks guys!)

Another person that inspires me is this chickie. I read lots of blogs, but this one is one I really relate too- not enough time to do stuff, someone with a girl, both hot stuff etc etc (teehee). So I watched for a bit at her sewing- great skirt, (very flamenco!), pants, and half a shirt (but we won't mention that one). So I bought the book and the fabric to start the school pants for Little Miss.
Now, back to the machine....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Creative Space

has taken me all bloody night! This was my fourth and final attempt, and bingo, the photos loaded! Phew....
I picked up this little baby today... oh, Karen, you have done an amazing job, making lil 'ole me a happy chickie!

The binding is being attached as we, I mean type and read.

The cat loves it!
head over here for the hostest with the mostest

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's finished!

I finally got a chance to do some sewing, and the Sew It Together name tag swap was calling a bit loud, as it was a wee bit late.

I hope they like it! All sorts of anxieties run through you as you are sewing, I'm kinda glad I didn't enter the Pincushion swap now!

A real post this time!

OK, another busy weekend, and this is what I've got to show for it! I donned a pinny on Sunday, being FREEZING down here was the perfect day to clean up and bum around. And they are so comfy! This one has sort of flarey sides, so it's a bit of an a-line skirt with no back in it. Better remember that on Pants off Friday!
The 'room' has been left half messy (who can create in tidy anyway) and my first sewing in the house was done- mending little Miss's quilt. Sure, it took about 5 secs, but it's a start!

Note to self: don't take Little Miss to Spotlight anymore. There was big Western Bulldogs display in the front of the shop (bloody point of sale marketing) so I have been conned into making her a beanie! I at least got a say in the wool- none of that fluffy stuff for me, the Cleakheaton Country is nice to use.

Now to help me out- anyone got a good pattern? The request- stripey; a pompom top (no Wee Willie Winkie style which I am good at!) and I want ear flaps. I haven't joined Ravelry, should I do that? Would love some help from the knitters out there, remember, I give away wool!

Giveaway time!

After winning the raffle at Dayelsford the other weekend, there were a few things in the prize that I will never use, and I refuse to hold ono to these sort of things any longer! Hoarding is ok if you are eventually gonna use it, right?
So for all you knitters or lover of wool, here are 2 balls that you can have:

They speak for themselves, don't they? I don't need to talk them up, leave a comment and you're in!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Creative Space getting the room fired up for some sewing! Just wishing I had time and energy at the moment, the travelling around on the weekend wiped me out, so I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend.
I had to jump on the bandwagon and get some of best friends live in Sydney and have been together for about 15yrs, married 2...and they're male. Maybe a satchel style bag each? I may get some orders haha

and this one for me.

I got these scraps off Anna at Daylesford on the weekend, Kaffe Fassett ones that her dresses are made out out, yay for funky scraps!

and where are these all going? Well, there's a bit of room left.....

head over here to see some more creativity goin' down!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the road again...

The Little Miss and I had another car trip yesterday, up to Castlemaine for a few hours. It wasn't too hard a drive- after our stuff was done, we headed back home via Daylesford, with beautiful scenery like this....

and this

We stopped at Lark to pick up my raffle prize I won after entering on Saturday at the market. Not a bad prize for 5 tickets! There is a beautiful cross stitch kit, some yummy 50% wool 50%silk I will make myself something with, chocolate eggs (say no more) and some wool that's destined for a giveaway. It was all donated by Purl's Palace.

Purls Palace and Threadneedle Craft are supporting this great Craft Experience, which coincides with another Makers Market, which might be my first market this year! I'm planning on making some lunch bags, that's for sure! And a few new things....
But back to now. Dropping in to Threadneedle Craft was great- 2 of these little kits came home with me, and I can't stop doing it! Slooooow craft, perfect for sitting STILL on the couch, something I'm not very good at, but should do more of.

And I'm trying to decide if this is for me- or the other 'people' in the house!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flea Market Finds

A successful hunt at the Mill Markets in Daylesford yesterday!
These were on the top shelf of a stall with LOTS of retro Tupperware- as Little Miss loudly reminded me, I don't need anymore Tupperware, do I? No, I said. But these caught my eye- a few cobwebs and a wasp sitting on them, theye were obviously waiting for me! $30.

For some reason, they remind me of this. I know, nothing alike. But the detail in the pictures is great. And dishwasher safe, they came up a treat!
Head over here to see some more great finds.