Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 29

I saw on an SBS ad last week that this is starting tomorrow night;

I only came to know about these shows a few years ago, I didn't hear much about them growing up- but then, I was never into doco's much as a kid or teenager! Adulthood does cool things to you sometimes.

The benefit of coming to them late was not having to wait 7 yrs to see what's happened next! There are a few people on their I really like, and hope they are doing OK, others that bug me a bit, but that's what fascinating about it, I think!

I re watched a bit of 42UP last night, and all of 49UP today (they do a lot of flashbacks, so you don't necessarily have to watch the whole series to pick it up, in my opinion.)

I have a general fascination with reality TV, I know there are lovers and haters of it, but I think some modern reality shows are loosely based on the impact a really good documentary has on you. This series has me thinking a lot about my own life, like if I was followed around every 7 yrs where I would be, what have I achieved etc. And the fact these kids were put forward by the school, they had no choice in the matter of being on the program, they wouldn't have known the impact on the kids back then etc.

As I said, fascinating. 

What docos/programs fascinate you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 28

I'm blogging today about someone very special, a whole family of special, actually! Among many amazing people I've met through blogging, I met Bianca a few years ago at the first Sew It Together, when she lived all the way up in Darwin! I was so happy when she decided to move to Ballarat, 
but bad luck hit when her then 10yr was diagnosed with ALL.

In the past year, we have all been included in their massive fight, and so far so good! But it's been tough, and Maybelle asked for one little wish....

So we have all tried to help...and that's where I am asking for your help too!

 There's a fantastic website made up with all the info, and to also let you know all the 'official' details;

A Facebook page to 'like';

And another one with a fantastic auction- yep, I'll be donating an item to that as well! And have my eye on a few things to bid on too!

I also bought a great tote bag; designed by Curlypops, and for sale here. I think there may be 2 left if you hurry!

The best thing about this bag? The cool little pocket inside, so I can fill the bag up with shopping, and have somewhere to put my keys and phone! So i just grab the tote and run...obviously designed by a woman haha

So, please do me, and a great little girl, a huge favour and help her out. We all some some good karma/brownie points, and helping others is the best way to get them!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 26

I needed a little pick me up was one of those roller-coaster days. Good.....not good.....good. 
I went into Spotlight to 'chill out', I always find browsing in there on my own pretty relaxing....weird, I know.
They have a good deal, too, you buy the VIP mag for 99c, and get a $10 voucher. So really, you get a $9 voucher. 
still, $9 is $9!

I came across these kits, I remembered seeing them on the Leutenegger blog

Of course, I'm on the lookout for the iphone cases!
oh, and this will become a pendant.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 25

You need no introduction....the weather wasn't great, but at least I got some ok pics!!

*sigh* I hope it makes the couple very happy!!

All the deets here

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 23 & 24

It's done! 

I tried a new thing with the binding, as learnt by Rita at our MMQG day;It works well, helps it sit nice and flat, I think.

I snapped these tonight after a final once over; I'll take it to work tomorrow and get some outdoor daylight shots! I only have it 1 more night and I hand it over! Eeeek!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 22

I just realised I hadn't shown an op shop[ score for a while. I don't get as much time to go anymore, and have to literally drive past one at the same time as having some spare change....which is rare!

I got lucky on a last minute decision to stop and go in- my girl's favourite series of books at the moment, which they have in classroom library as well, $1 each but an extra picture book- so a set of 8 books for the less than the price of 1! To say she was thrilled is an understatement!

I also stocked up on some zips for $4

 And was a bit excited to see this one. I have made a bag around a red stripey zip before, and can see where this one is heading!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 21

Turn away now if you're squeamish!
Don't say I didn't warn you....

So I had a lovely relaxing day, with the kid out for most of it, while I knuckled down to get this finished! The sunshine beckoned, but I was determined...

I even ran out of thread last night, so I made an early morning trip to Spotlight to restock- I got the jumbo, as I love this combo- a lighter grey thread for the grey and white fabric. I plan to use lots more grey obviously!

 Nearly there...
 and happened. A right of passage I'm sure. The girl got home, and after a break for cuddles and chats, I sat down to do about the last 1/8th of the quilting, and looked up as the foot went down- it was so quick I didn't realise it had happened! The needle snapped, but luckily not off into my finger!

I warned you about the squeamish factor, right?

 But I'm a nurse, so I had to look...and share. Once I knew what to do! And yep, I went a bit pale, the girl wasn't sure what to make of me for a minute, she got a bit of a fright! And despite being a nurse, I had no idea what to do- I never worked in ER, I only remember it from the TV show. And this didn't bleed! What you see is all there is. Thanks for the calm advice, Curlypops!

A couple of hours later it still looked OK. After the initial shock, I decided the bastard wouldn't beat me- YES, the quilt is finished, thanks to trusty Elastoplast! 

I also washed the floors, and folded/ironed 3 baskets of washing- kicking a few goals today, and sewing though my finger!

What a day....

PS I did not purposely sew through my finger to have something cool to post for Blogtoberfest heehee

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 20

A beautiful sunny Melbourne day appeared, after a brisk start, and I had a free weekend, with the kid spending some time with other family members. So I headed down here...

to the Finders Keepers market!

 Lots of beautiful stalls, Gleaners Inc was there, and had a beautiful range of items.

I was very busy gawking and didn't take many snaps unfortunately!

I picked some cute patterns from Clare;

and caught up with Leslie and her gorgeous fabrics. I do love me a sample pack! It was VERY hard to resist this little guy- but I have way too many baby presents already for my little niece/nephew, so I had to pass. There's only so many hours to make things!

  And a treat for me!

I needed a big Nanna nap when I got home, it was well worth it though!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 19

A pretty productive day here at home. The school had a half day teachers strike today, for the morning, so the kid's were only able to attend from 12.38pm until 3.15pm (normal finish time). Lunch was going to take up about 45mins of that time too. That all seemed a bit hard for me, so I treated the girl to a day home with me! I know, she's so lucky! As it turns out, my dropped-in-the-toilet-iphone finally bit the dust, so a quick trip out the Apple store saw me with a new handset, finally!

Oh, before we left the lawns were mowed by the mower man, and washing hung out. The sun came out after all that!

I also got my little bundle of goodies finished, I went with the iron on labels I made ages (I even found the tutorial I got them from- now that's good labelling!) If a non techie person like me could make them, so can you!


 a little shot of the doily bit I snuck into this coaster. Oh, and the iron on label cooling down!

And some new tools- I had a really old Birch small rotary cutter, and it needed a new blade. Those smart people at Spotlight decided to have 25% of Clover products- and was it just coincidence, or had they accidentally run out of small replacement blades? Sucker....

Happy I've finally gotten a Hera marker to try too!

And now I'm wondering how I made it this long without trying the Clover rotary cutter....

What new tools have you discovered lately?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 18?

Oops, losing track of the days here, I think this is right!

A quick My Creative Space tonight.

I love it when you make something for someone, and they like them so much they want more! These, and few more, are on their way to The Retreat, to keep the furniture looking it's best as long as possible haha. Oh, and to give me a good way to use up all the good scraps I collect!

Heaps more spaces over here....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 17

 Phew, I'm glad we're just over halfway through, this daily blogging is a bit full on, now my life is a bit busier with work. But I always remember just before bed, thank goodness!

I whipped this up on Sunday morning, when I decided I really didn't want to continue with any of the projects from the Saturday Sewing Session- definitley a benefit having something cut out and ready to go! And as I'd finished the dress version (yet to be worn) this went together really quickly.


I wore it all day Monday and got a few compliments from colleagues (I generally work alone, so it was rare to have colleagues to compliment me on! Double bonus!)

I thought the sleeve length would be shorter, and my old-school faded tattoo would be more obvious, but it was ok.

Excuse the crinkly bum part, this was after a full day sitting, then basketball training, then car rides! Held up pretty well I thought!

Hmmm, I think three of these is enough, better pop that pattern away for a bit and try a different one!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 16

My girl has an obsession with purple. It's been a while now, she likes everything purple-  some weekends I call her the 'Purple People Eater' as it's head to toe purple! (Sorry for the ear worm)

The millinery stand in Spotlight right near the checkout has been particularly enticing with it's purple headbands and fluffy feathers etc, and now it's racing season and all millinery items were 30%, I caved and bought her a purple headband for $2.75!

It was wrapped in purple ribbon when we got it, but the kiddie decided it needed something;  so a fun afternoon hunt in my (too big) ribbon stash and a hot glue gun....

Voila! One very happy girl and some tidy hair, so happy Mum!

The funniest bit? She never really nags me for stuff like this at a regular store, or if she does it's fleeting. But in Spotlight she knows I'm a pushover haha! At least she wants to craft!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 15

OK, I'm back with more pics! Aren't you glad I split them up? This one's fabric porn at it's best!

These gorgeous little goodie bags were made up by one the group, Cathy, who also ran a great trivia quiz (We didn't win that one )

Inside were these goodies (different fabric for each person, I thought I got pretty lucky!)
The purple tape measure is like no other- it's 3m long! Perfect for quilters, hey?

 Also throughout the day were the 'lucky door prize', everyone got a raffle ticket and there were random draws throughout the day. And the best bit, so there were no tanty's at the party, were that 'each kid got a prize' haha. I got a 1/2 mt of fabric of my choice- I'd say this was pretty choice! (sorry for that bad pun!)

Another quilter, Kellie, gave me her leftover block- she did a gorgeous quilt with this style blocks, and lovely bright colours. Right up my alley! I'm thinking I'll add some plain borders and have a spunky new cushion for my bed!

Sigh, and there's more! There's was a discount on the day, from the shop downstairs, which is of course torture when you're sitting above it for 12hrs- I thought I was quite restrained actually! Oh, and the roll of thread I'm quilting the custom quilt with, I needed a lighter grey.

Oh, and the last project I spent a bit of time on is a custom order for some scrappy coasters!

Here's a little fact too- the MMQG is free to join, and a small charge to attend the Sit n Sew's.(usually $10). A few members argued that the $49 for this whole day and the above goodies was too much, but I was pretty bloody happy! And thanks to Aunty Jess for babysitting to let me enjoy time with my mates!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 13 and 14

I'm not apologising today for running the 2 days together- cos i feel it was a whole weekend's worth! And today's jobs of lots of washing aren't blog worthy, really! So back to  yesterday...

Our Spring Sewing Retreat at GJ's fabrics was fan-bloody-tastic! a great bunch of people, excellent organisation, and a great guest speaker! Not to mention the day ran from 9am until 10pm! 

Rita was a great guest speaker, it was such a thrill to meet her, and I was definitely a little star struck! Especially when she wanted to watch me do some quilting! Eeek! She gave us a chat about how she started, and some show and tell of her amazing quilts.

She'd even made a little quilt up to show us her binding technique. We all wanted to absorb that technique and skill I think!

Eye candy galore!

there was also food. And plenty of it! I'm a bit puzzled that I wasn't very hungry, I managed a good serve of lunch, some snacking at arvo tea, then yummy gourmet pizza's for dinner, with salad- there was a lot left over too! Next time I'll take a doggy bag container....
Someone went snuck off and got some bubbles too, which def kept us giggling and stitching along!

I managed a quarter of my custom quilt quilting... 

and took my Dresden quilt along to pick the centre flower fabric. I'm pretty happy with it!

Back tomorrow with more pics from the day!