Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm joing in with the crowd, going over to Bloglovin' (only type of lovin' I might get haha) So come and find me!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

All zig zaggy.

 There are some bubba's coming up (great news for quilters in case you haven't heard it haha) and I wanted to try out some zig zags again (or 'chevrons' as they are also known). Looking back, I think my sewing has sure improved in 5years!

The fabrics are mainly from Spotlight's 'Organic' range (meterage on special at the moment). I used the Fat Quarters, mixed with some cream and purple Homespun, and some Sarah Fielke spots.

 Either way you look at it, it looks good in my opinion!

  I started it last weekend, and had the top finished in a weekend; I took it to Quilt Guild on Friday night, and thought I finished the quilting; I added more yesterday. I like the double effect now I've tried it.

I backed with chenille, mainly as I'm trying to use up some in the stash; this one is thicker than most, and it has a join in the middle; my batting it also pieces joined together, so I'm not very happy with the quilting over the thickness of the fabric. But it is so soft and will be great for a floor mat, and only us quilter's would notice I think (and probably politely saying nothing haha)

  Mmm, zig zaggy!

 Stay tuned- I've no idea if the intended recipient would like this, so I'm going to do a 2nd one in a different colourway, and offer a choice! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Simplicity 2177 Part 1

So I mentioned last night on 'The Twitter' that I have a serious case of ADD when it comes to crafting/sewing at the moment. I start something, then start something else...it's a good reflection of where my head is at at the moment, and nothing can change that very quickly- so the projects may continue!

I thought it may help to document some of them- then I have to show a finish eventually, right?

So I'll show 'The Dress' first! I've had this pattern for a little while, and originally planned to make it for a Xmas party frock last year; time got away from me! I forgot about it. Then I found this amazing emerald/peacock green Marc Jacobs silk/cotton fabric reduced to $12 a metre at The Fabric Store. It was screaming out at me!

The first problem was the sheerness of the fabric. No worries, I thought, I'll line it. The first bodice ended up a DISASTER-I thought I could sew it together right-sides-together and turn inside out. Er no, and the attempts shredded the seams of the superfine fabric.

Luckily a call to the store gave me happy news that there was some fabric left on that sale roll (how about that luck!) and it was another $2 off!

So this one went in the bin and I started again!

 This time I followed the pattern more and lined the bodice and inserted the sleeve, and finished the edges with binding.

I originally sewed the binding by machine but thought the seam was a bit off putting- do you agree?

                                              I then unpicked and hand stitched the binding down- a big difference, I think! Worth that little bit extra!
 So the sleeves are hemmed, and the skirt attached etc. All that's left are the hem and zip. Given the fabric and that ugly seam from the machine sewn bias, I'm thinking of a hand picked zip- any thoughts? The stitching will be seen either way, and after the effort from the bias binding, I'm thinking why not?


 Oh, and thanks to the old Fem-bot for modelling and helping me fit it! (The new one is put away now, I lost some weight (yay!))

Monday, March 4, 2013

I've been sewing, really!

 So I havent meant to disappear, l've just been too busy making things to blog, really.

I have a few latest finished projects; I can't show you the bunting I made for the school Fun Day yet (2 weeks away) but I was on a roll, so when my girlfriend couldn't find a baby present she liked for her cousin's baby, I offerred to make some. This retro print from Spotlight is just So. Damn. Cute!

I made a Sidekick tote, I bought the pattern a while ago and finally got a chance! Some reclaimed vintage fabric, Hexy fabric by Cam and some 'staches...Cool.

 I finished off a quilt, 'borrowing' 2 tutrorials along the way. Yay for learning stuff! My challenege to myself this year is 'out of my comfort zone' haha. I made a Churn Dash block and did some zig zag/ honeycomb quilting, both from Crazy Mom Quilts blog.

  I haven't gotten very far on my 'clothes for me' list. My very favourite 'house frock', a shirred strapless number was starting to fall down a lot. I thought I'd lost some boobage, but not all of it- the elastic had pretty much corroded! So it's all unstuck and unpicked ready to re-shir.

Have been spending lots of lovely time with the little man Henry. It's so great having non-sleep deprived time with a tiny newborn haha. And someone who isnt picky about what I sew him!

And my little protege- I was able to take her with me last weekend to a Sit n Sew day at the MMQG. I got a lot done- no, not much actually, managed to forget to bring things home, and had a chat about anything and everything- that's half the fun of a sewing day though. All eyes were on this kid (speaking of eyes- no glass in the glasses, just a cool look) as she qhipped up a jelly roll quilt top. Jelly roll from Spotlight with a few 'quilt shop' solids thrown in.

It's the curviest straight line quilt I've seen....but god damn if she didn't sew every seam! And was worried it was a bit boring, so didn't flinch when I suggested chopping it up again...

 I'd seen this and wanted to try it. I'm going to 'help' it lay flat, and she's insisting on quilting it herself...I fully believe her too! There were some mighty impressed adults at GJ's on Saturday (myself included)!

Told you I'd been busy!