Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow, how's the heat? I know, it's hot, why does everyone ask that question? Nothing else to do today but sew in front of the fan. These are the beauties I came up with...
strike a pose...
this little pattern turned out great, size 7 in vintage sizes, I've already had a request for an adult sized one. AND she picked the fabric/sheet. Noice.

I made this one first for her friend that came for a play date. She's very slim, I realised mine is very average size! Once Little Miss saw Miss T with one, she wanted one...mwah mwah mwah, my evil plan worked.

And finally got the hat brim right, she again picked the fabric, unfortunately it wasn't quite finished before she went out today, never mind.

Coordinating lining of course.

I'd love to do a recap, or pics etc, but it's too bloody hot in the study, so this will have to do

Edit: due to disgusting temperatures, all items made without the use of an iron!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to the sales

I had a bit of free time today, between getting the car checked and a Centrelink appointment (er, sorry an appt? That would mean at 2.40pm, someone would call your name, and you would be escorted to a chair. An appt is NOT standing in the line until you get to the front, and at 2.50pm being served and told your appt will start. That is called QUEUING UP!!!!!_)
Anyway, I hit the sales - THE OP SHOP SALES (yelled out in case anyone missed it)

I specifically went for some frames to hang photos, artwork etc (and hoping I could pull a tapestry out of one- doh!)
I got these beauties, $2 each....(and a set of glass coaster I can put photo's in)

And some prints to cheer the rooms up at work. The mirror is staying in Little Miss's room,
I've been told....

Cork backed coasters- a whole set to be hammered on for purses.

Ascot Vale Vinnies had 50% off Bric a Brac, so I scored this laundry basket (minus stuff in it) for $2.50.

A cute apron for $4, I think it's PVC coated cotton, but I'll pretend it's oilcloth.

I've also been finding some nice clothes lately, especially if I ever go out out in the
evenings, they'll be perfect!

I'll wear this to work, but it a very high spilt under the front panel- may need to sew panel down, unless free undie flashes become part of the package.

I read this friends' post in envy today, but rather than get mad, I'll get even- I've booked her up for a shopping expedition next week, so we can go hunting together! It may rub off, like her luck at winning things definitely did :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The best part about Xmas is the pressies, right? I did pretty well with making stuff this year, but bought stuff can be just as fun.....
I'm very proud my Little Miss went to Savers to buy my gifts- the BRIGHT orange handbag, an appropriate novel, and a visit to Smiggle for a phone holder (she was hoping to buy herself something while she was there, my good friend stopped her!)

She was given these gorgeous Babushka dolls from the Russian shop

I got a couple of kids movies....for me! Mousehunt is my all time favourite, I think, and Elf is pretty funny too.

Santa delivered a few books.

I meant to do this before Xmas, but things got busy, so last night I got the pot out, added 2 packets of Rit dye, and got this amazing result.....

it's so bright I need sunglasses! It will look a treat over my cream couch, I just hope it doesn't run on it. Maybe another hot wash just to be sure.
Hmm, I can see some more dyeing happening soon, so much fun!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Re- draw

Someone is getting a very merry Xmas- My Blogtoberfest giveaway went unclaimed, so I have redrawn it.

A random number from an unknown supsect was given online....

13! The Craft Gypsy can get in touch, and her books will be mailed out.


Merry Christmas to all.....

There was a sewing frenzy and everything made it on time....

some unenthusiastic family members....

but a little girl led the reindeer's down with special reindeer dust....

and Santa delivered!!

Merry Christmas from Little Miss, Murray, Ace and I.
Hope your day is filled with naps, food and presents, and general appreciation of
family and friends.
Thanks for a great year of blogging!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To our sweet, naughty, cheeky, cuddly little dog- thanks for 2 fun years!! Presents today included a rubber chicken, Smackos chew thing and a fresh bone- all promptly buried and saved for later. Wonder what he'll do with his Xmas presents?

Murray stands like this for ages- there's a dog on the other side!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do yourself a favour

If, like me, you have put up with this for a few years....

get into this!

You won't be disappointed. Neither will the kids!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Midnight....not a sound from the pavement....

Thought I could pull an all-nighter....but not as young as I used to be. But they are all cut out, interfaced, and ready to be sewn up. How frickin' cute is this?

My First Bucket Hat!

I finally worked the pattern out, Nikki, don't worry, it was me!! Now I have to make more...and more...they are too cute! More pics of the others when the recipient has dealt them out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Showing off

I was going to wait until after Xmas, but I figured no one probably reads this anyway, so stuff it, I'm showing off! I finally finished them last night, and have to say they are HOT STUFF!

I won't tell you whose is whose, but here is the one I've nabbed.....this is my favourite fabric EVER! You may remember it from here.... scroll right down the bottom and there is the purple version in Little Miss's quilt.

I am willing to pay for or swap for any of this fabric, I can't get enough!! I love both purple and orange shades, but hey, there may be others...please get in touch and we'll negotiate. I'm desperate for the fix, man....
As you can clearly see from the above statements, Xmas has sent me crazy already. Compulsory in service training 4 days before Xmas? Having to take child with me to this? Having child whingey and tired since school finished and not wanting to be cooperative right now, as is told constantly "Santa will find out", and "Santa may bring you that".

Oy, what a time to stop drinking!!

Oh, almost forgot- I'm featured over here, this lover-ly lady has remembered my little coin purse and included me on her blog. Sweet!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Running out of imaginative titles....

This week this great giveaway arrived from Vic. I was planning to leave it wrapped until Xmas, but the paper got torn a bit in the I had to tear it more, and I'm so glad I did! It is awesome- the fabric is definately going ot be a bag, the recipe file and clutch looked at lots.
She added some cute badges, and

buttons and a plate! Well, saucer, but it is my first one for my vintage plate feature wall I want to start, very special!

I have been sewing a few gifts, which I can't show yet, but also making a few coin ourses, just to work on my zipper technique (oh, and use a few of the buggers up!). How cute is this pocket one, some old jeans (found VERY cheap at the oppys) and lining fabric. A pocket on the outside of your coin purse. Gosh, I feel clever!

Another finished item is this Xmas tee, and long sleeve one I chopped the sleeves off, and hand appiqued the tree on. It is a pattern from an old Handmade, I can't find out which one if anyone wants to know. She loved wearing it to the Carols in the Park last night.

Have to get a wiggle on, my poor friend will be left short if I don't finish (after i've started) the hats for her. Plus I want to see her on Wednesday, i'll look pretty silly turning up without them, hmm, short conversation that day I think!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Things (like a walk in the park)....

Zips. Ridiculous. I have more zips than I will ever use in a lifetime. All thrifted or free. So I can't say no. Or be accused of spending my money on crap.

Xmas- here are the prep teachers thank you pressies, heaps of fun to make. 5 purses to go....

Another helpful Xmas elf gave me a discount voucher, so this yummy fabric can be made into cool accessories for little Miss, I think. Or me.

Love an op shop sale. BSL at Brunswick had this set of 4 for $10, reduced by 30%- yay! Cleaned up beautifully and under the tree for me!

Boo hoo. My fantastic Clover unpick (they really ARE the best) broke. And painfully hard to find in the shops, back to here for another one.

Now: Off to sew and Listen to
this. Mmm, Finn. Happy happy joy joy.
Edit: Normal use of unpick, just the usual bit of seam and SNAP!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let's talk about swaps, baby.......

I can finally reveal the bag! It was given to it's owner today at the market, and she liked it!! It's a great pattern, from my favourite pattern maker. It caught someone else's eye, she just needs to find the embroidery panel.....

If you have a pretty piece you've been hanging onto, or a given one, or find one in an op shop, I'll happily reuse it as a masterpiece for you. Just send me an email to discuss. Get in quick!
I've also won something, well, two things, the first is this pack. Some beautiful fabric pieces, magazine and patterns, I feel very lucky!

Here is the second thing I won, which I'll stick under the tree to open at Xmas. I need all the help with presents this year I can get!!
The vintage sheet swap arrived the other day, and the goodies are gorgeous! Haven't doubled up, and there are prints I've never seen. Thanks, Serena! I can't beleive how many were produced.....Now to find the perfect project for them!

Oh, a peak at the lounge room. My bunting looks pretty good I think, doesn't match the retro decor at all, but Little Miss and I like it. I want to do another length for the opposite wall, for a bit of balance.

Xmas snaps

I finally set the tree up, now the birthday is over. I put it on top of the table, and it's taller than me! I love the lights, first thing I put on when I get home from work.
The red chenille gave me a bunting idea....more to come, it's not as finished as I'd like.

I finally put this one together- a pattern from Handmade, Vliesofix and an hr, just have to sew around it now. And make the skirt. Not much.

I passed on the gingerbread man bug to my neighbour, Sarah. She took it a bit further and did this! Stick + spray paint + tin foil = cool tree! I'm glad my swap partner liked hers as well!

I am getting very lucky with the embroidery/tapestries lately too. I found all this handmade white bedlinen? that looks hand embroidered, and the small ones. Lots of ideas for reusing. I can't believe the quality of the items- the lace around the edges is hand sewn on, lots of pillowcases and bolster cushion covers (long tubes with embroidery either end). Maybe this was an unwanted gift?

Off to the market today, hmm, what will we come home with?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Creative Space

Wow, the last one of the year!! I've enjoyed doing these, I've missed some weeks if I'm still struggling with the same project, but generally it's spurred me on to get things finished!
And nothing spurs you on like a market! I spent the last few nights and today's finishing off long ago started items, and some new ones.
Like bunting....(in with the old faithful pencil rolls)

FINALLY sewing the embellishments onto the tee shirts (it's fun picking them, but hard work doing them!)

and swiping hangers from Little Miss's wardrobe, as well as a few unworn handmade items.

Problem: by 3pm when the heavens opened up, I decided it was just too risky for my non-waterproof items to risk it, and opted out. At least I'm getting my market mojo back! Look out 2010!
Check out Kirsty over here- the hostess with the most-est!