Sunday, November 28, 2010

Market wrap-up

The day began...rainy and overcast, but still fun enough to get out of bed at a ridiculous hour! The drive up to Daylesford was uneventful, except for a bad coffee choice around the corner from home (should have made my own) and this van full of....goats? Is this even legal? The white heart shape in the bottom right hand corner of the back window is a....BUM! A goat's bum, thank you very much. Weird!

So myself and my partners- in- crime were put in the corner...or as we liked to call it, the
 'back of the bus!"

I managed shots of Cam's stall;

her spunky fabric- drawn, coloured, printed and folded by her! (Well, ok, not printed, but near enough, lets just say 'birthed' by her)


My editing has deleted my shot of Tinniegirl's stall, and if I didn't want to bash the computer, I'd start all over again; instead, see a better photo here. There is also a better photo of my stall there; this is my best shot. Popular were my vintage skirt and zip purses.

The best bits were the b'day pressie and the swapping!

And of course the Lark warehouse sale!

Tonight I did a bit of re-decorating...3 hooks were already there when I moved in, I just needed to right art (sounds very upper class of me, doesn't it?) I'm glad I waited. The colours go well, and they all mean something special. The middle one was done last year for my birthday, and the other 2 are this year's card and print of my favourite painting. Thanks, Cathy!

And remember these bags? I feel so lucky to be using the one the left (butterfly) one, as it was swapped and has come to be my new bag! Not that the one on the right wasn't perfect, too....but the green I love. To you crazy people who didn't buy it yesterday- mwah mwah mwah, it's awesome!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Lunch Bag

I made it back with pics of my favourite item to make- my lunch bags!

Yes, there have been a few posts written about them, I do love them so. Little Miss has used hers now every day for nearly 4 terms (3 weeks to go, eek!) and it still looks good, no tears or rips, and only 1 squishy banana to wipe out of it.

In lieu of other testimonials (which I must ask for one day) here are some pics of the ones currently in stock:

Again apologies for the photos, I took them in the overcast afternoon, couldn't brighten them up anymore!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last night....

Sorry, all, last night was a bit of a write-off, the sleep fairy caught up with me and it seems I need 13hrs sleep! Luckily I woke a few times to roll myself, or there could have pressure sores....(old nursing joke haha)
So the late nights always seem to come at a cost!

So here's yesterdays post, or items, and I'll take some more later and throw in an extra one tonight!

I love making these hair ties, and my Little Miss gets lots of compliments on them!

I usually sell them for 3 for $5, which I a bit of a bargain. But nice and cheap for young girls who get a bit of money to spend at the market, I love seeing them walk away proud of their purchases!

I've also started selling some of the bunting I made over the last few years, the cookie monster has cookie fabric alternating, so cute! 

I made metres and metres of this for Little Miss's old room, so it is all going at a bargain, being 2nd hand from 2nd hand fabric 'n all.

Just another few items for sale in time for Christmas at the market! If something on here takes your fancy, flick me an email so I can keep it aside.

Monday, November 22, 2010

As promised!

Wow, nearly forgot! But I'm sure I can a whole week, and have my blog-jo back at the moment anyway!

Last nights I made the girl a new school hat. I'm sick of official school hats that don't even cover their faces! The only problem was trying it on....actually, no problem at all. Deep sleep is so much fun! My gorgeous child asked for some business cards to take to school this morning, she's getting used to being asked where she gets things from! Aren't I lucky?

And my new tunic is ready, I'm likely to be wearing it Saturday (I say likely as it still needs buttons and buttonholes. Grrr).

And tonight's feature 'beccasauras' product? My pencil rolls! Now, I can't take credit for these, my pattern was originally from Pink Chalk Studios and was found in this book. I've  (i even asked for permission to make them and sell!)

Another great shot and luv-er-ly place to get them is here. I'm about to make a big fresh batch, so if you'd like to order one with your choice of outside fabric, give me a holler!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A good sewing day

Well, a good sewing weekend, sort of. Yesterday I went and helped my fave bag designer to move a bit of stuff into the new place (it's important to get her back to work ASAP, isn't it peeps?) I was suitably impressed with the new digs, as will the people coming to her classes (soon, I heard).

So hanging with the bag lady inspired me to do some quick totes for the market on Saturday. The look quick and easy, but I have extra features, such as magnetic clasp, a key keeper (clip inside so you don't loos your keys in the bottom), and adjustable webbing straps on 2 of them.

In some favourite vintage fabrics- pink koalas and kangaroos;

 Retro McDonalds (so wrong, but so good too! Imagine sleeping on it, though);

cutesy nursery rhyme print;

and trippy toucans (reminds me a bit of this )

I also have to update you on my patterns storage- coming along a treat, thanks to Big W. These file boxes are $2.98 (YEP!) and hold a few patterns, even the big ones! And the dymo labels add to the elegance haha.

This week I'll try to post each day, and show you in close up my market products, as I realised I haven't done that yet! And the proceeds from the markets? Charity, of course- me, to get a new camera! To stop the suffering of such bad photos on my blog! Thanks for your patience:).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm playing along again this week, as I have some new projects to show off.
I have a bag to repair for a friend, and am making myself a new frock/ Liverpool tunic
for the market next week!

And I forgot to add the extra pic to my last post- the finished mermaid Ice Cream top- yep, upside down, as per bloody usual! That'll be a freebie for sure!

Head over here to see more spaces!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching up

Well, it seems after Blogtoberfest I haven't as much energy for blogging, but I know that happens to everyone, so I'm cool with it. I believe in quality not quantity (what I say when people ask why I only have 1 child).

I have had a school mum ask for some sewing, which is great for my advertising (I really am a lazy bum when it comes to shop etc). I made an Ice Cream Dress top in mermaids (not requested, but wanted to try it)

and a yellow one, as requested by little Miss's school friend aged 7. My joy was twofold when I learnt a new technique of gathering (new to me, anyway)- shirring elastic in the bobbin, cotton on top. A bee-yoo-ti-ful gather, I like-ey!

And another birthday- mine, and great friends helped Little Miss shop. I love it when kids get you something from their favourite shop, and mine is no different- I get lots of gifts from Smiggle! Which is cool, what a cute pencil and tin! Apparently I borrow her pencils too much.....

 Earrings and a card made my day, and there was a post it note treasure hunt at 7am (wish it was in braille as my eyes weren't even open).

MMQG, and trip to Cam's and Chines teak out for dinner (little Miss's new favourite food). Noice!

More sewing stuff- my trip to GJ's today saw some great fabric discounts ($8 a metre instead of $22), the pinking blade was a b'day gift off a friend, isn't it perfect?

There's a market coming up, pencil rolls to make and deliver, and phew, a kid will turn 7
soon- isn't it Xmas yet?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back again

Yay, I'm back. A long couple of days, lucky I was busy and didn't notice it too much (yeah, sure, I kid myself too).
The kid's dance concert is all over, Sat was a big one with heading over to see HB and have Mr HB dust my computer (all it seemed to need to fix it!!), then a late night watching all styles of dance. Took me a few days to recover, Little Miss snapped right back!

SO have been trying to tidy up a bit, make things a bit more streamlined....I cleaned out the computer 'corner' and pushed back the couches...

much more room! And slightly more co-ordinating than before (must dye my other doily tablecloth red!)

and last night...Little Miss decided someone else's 'bob' haircut looked good, and 24 hrs later-

done! I didn't give her anytime to change her mind haha. God, she looks so grown up now! And she LOVES it! (Don't you wish as adults we could be that decisive and easy to please?)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

stuff again

I had 2 great finds at the oppy yesterday. I've just started a new job working from home- well, the car, really. So I needed a BIG bag to keep everything in, but found the wheely suticase too big- a brand new laptop bag for $9.99! It has the daggy Quicksilver logo on the front- but that may need to be covered up!

 I also found this new wheely trolley, great for when I need to take sewing stuff
to a friends, well, it has 100 uses really! Also $9.99!

 And some shots of the front garden- every day there are new ones open, so cute!

And that's my last post for a little minute- the computer is off to be looked at, it's been misbeahving and needs a makeover! Back soon....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Makin' Stuff

So here are a few things I've been working on, in my few spare hrs.
My Happy Campers quilt is coming along, pieced 4 blocks, hmm, already 1 to un-pick!

The (ridiculous reason for a ) Public Holiday yesterday saw me bake- finally! Haven't in years, and remembered why I don't- so much effort, 3 loads in the dishwasher, and me exhausted! But worth it as I make my way through 3/4 of a lemon meringue pie! I haven't lost the art.....

My friend Sarah is cursing me for lending her this book, and she's been makin' a gorgeous quilt! In the meantime, I get her scraps- pretty happy about that, purple Liberty!

And there's the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that's not very interesting, is it?