Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest not required....

So yesterday became "The Great Room Reno" of 2012 in our house. I was getting a bit sick of these sights...


I knew the layout that would probably work the best, and after a spontaneous trip to Typo during their post Christmas sale I got some inspiration (hence not needing Pinterest, which I wish I had time for, but am kinda glad I dont at the same time!)

It was cleaned to within an inch of its life- who knew those sheer curtains weren't grey?

 This cute little frame (with no hooks on the back- grrr!) was pretty easy to make- I had to stick it up with Command adhesive strips so crossing my fingers they all hold!

 here are the fixin's if you're interested....

  and the wall decals were redcued to $5 each, so some little messages were added.

 great button clock by Brianna

and a clever place for all the tacky posters hehe

 So overall I'm pretty happy with it. A few finishing touches such as recovering the pink notice board (her brief was 'no pink' in the room!) and teaching her to keep the desk tidy! I think seeing it from the door might be a good reminder? Fingers crossed....

Oh, and my knitted bunting has been rejected! I think she was humoring me there, it was really my taste :) But as I dont have anywhere else to put it, I thought a giveaway was needed- so if this floats your boat, leave a comment saying you're interested and i'll draw a winner? I'm no good as setting time frames (well, sticking to them anyway) so a week or two?

 A bit of redecorating to bring in the New Year is good fun!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Xmas sewing

So it wasn't a big frenzy of sewing this year, I had a few little things to make, and could easily do them over the Xmas break. The things for me, of course, have all had to wait though :(

I had a Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa) gift to make for my work Xmas party- which I left at home on the night, so my boss ended up getting it, she being the one who handed them all out and got the last one! I based it on this tutorial- really fun and a great scrap buster! Suffice to say my boss was pretty happy with it! (phew!)

 I wanted to make my sister something, and ended up making 2 of them so she could pick the fabric she wanted! I bought this pattern when they had a sale recently, a pdf download, and used my new fave spray glue with it (told you I was obsessed!) The yellow leather wasn't the best choice, a bit too stiff, but the soft blue one was lovely.

 I'll try and get a pic of the back one that she chose next time I see her!

Oh, Henry got some Christmas pants to wear on Christmas Day- they are a 0-3mth size and fit him perfectly in the leg at 2weeks of age! Uh-oh....

This was what "Santa" brought me for Xmas...

Now to stop making things for everyone else and spend some time on me...maybe.

Oh, a sneak peek at Henry's mobile I put together on Boxing Day! I think there will be much better pics when it's up and against the white wall (nudge nudge to the B.I.L to hang it!)

I'll do a 'proper' post then (I've been 'Gramming it a bit, I'm 'becsibbi' over there if you want to find me).

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flat Cap

I kept forgetting to blog this one, and Carmel reminded me today! Cam made one too, and a few others I don't think have blogged it yet.
It's available as a instant download, which I've found is a great quick way to get a pattern! No trawling the shops/ordering online and waiting for postage. 

This took me a few hours, mainly fabric choice being the hardest decision, of course! Not having made one of these hats before, or worn one really, I went with a medium/heavy denim- in hindsight, not the best fabric! It all worked fine- eventually! But I love how it turned out, so worth persisting with a heavier fabric. Just throw on your walking foot and use a denim needle.

This pattern also uses my fave new obsession- this stuff is the bomb! I've used the Birch brand one before, and it was really smelly and sticky- this is the opposite. I even basted all of Henry's quilt with it- inside! Amazing stuff.

Anyway, back to the hat! 

She's such a better looking model than me!

The lining was a repurposed shirt from the stash. A bit of poly/cotton/rayon-ey stuff, worked perfectly.

 Thanks for the challenge and all the tips I learnt with this one, Nikki!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Warning- probably a few too many pics of me!

So yes, this post has a few pics of me- modelling my latest clothes making! From the last few weeks when I was sorting out the computer issues, hence why they are all in the same post!

I found some nice black stretchy stuff in my stash- it's quite thin, and really comfy. I made my first short-sleeve-v-neck Renfrew top.

I asked the Little Miss to take the pics- I obviously got her on a quirky day! And she then refused to take any more! Hard to get good help these days....

I also used a remnant of cotton lycra from Rathdowne Fabrics, it has a little sparkle in it. Comfy as well!

Remember this blazer? I really wanted another one, but was time poor :( Then I came across this at The Salvos store for $8! So didn't need to make one, phew!

Worn here with another Grainline tee

I needed a few tops for summer, and have used this pattern before too. I did have a lot of this fabric, it made a dress for the girl (cant find the pic) and a pair of pants, now a tank for me!

Now exactly the same size in the tighter weave meants it was a *bit toight*

As long as I didn't try to move I was fine! Thankfully Cam is the same size, but different body shape to me, and it fit her. Her colours as well! I like it my fails turn into happy gifts!
 There was much discussion at this time between Ms Pops and myself about the difference between the Grainline tank and the Wiksten tank.

The difference seems to be the darts in the Grainline; and the Wiksten seems a bit longer. So I bought the Wiksten as well, after my love affair with the Tova I knew I wouldn't regret it. That will get sewn up on my CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! Yay!

Oh, check out Cam's great tank here! And in a happy coincidence, and without each other knowing, we have blogged about the top on the same day! Funny!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just a few baby pics....

 Henry Douglas Scott

Meet my first nephew!

We were lucky enough to see him twice  the day after he was born, me first then I picked the 'big cousin' up from school and took her to meet him. She's a little overconfident, but a natural with the bubbas!

Finally knowing the sex helped too! I bought this pattern the other week, thinking something 'different' for his first quilt would be good. I found the fabrics in the stash, well, I had to go and buy more of it though! I only had fat quarters of the DS Quilts 'Aunt Edna' range from Spotlight; the trees are from forever ago, and the foxes Aneela Hoey.

Started sewing together Saturday night, and was 'blog finished' by Sunday afternoon.

Think this will crinkle up nicely. It's an old vintage sheet (of course! Suprised I didn't use chenille? I was!)

We got another visit this afternoon...Day 4. A tiny bit jaundiced, but he gave us lots of eye contact and a smile or 2...

He seemed happy with it!

I don't think I'd be that fussed if he wasnt at the moment. Mum loves it too which is good!

Oh, Henry, it's ok, the foxes won't get you! Oh, I renamed it 'Down the Fox Hole'! 

I'm besotted.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A few more baby items.....

So lots of pics here, so I can show them all off! I've been swept up in great baby patterns available, wish I'd known about all these 9 and a bit years ago! Luckily they are all being received gratefully; unfortunately I want to give lots of handmade pressies, they want to pick my brain with all the parenting and baby help! Think I'll be able to do both....

All of these were soooooo fun to make, too! Not stuff I'd do everyday, which makes it interesting.

First up in the 'dad bag' as I call it from this book. One of a few things I'll be trying from this book, and I've already made a few things from it, so getting my value for money for sure! 

I did this in heavy denim, so I could skip the interfacing and just used some fusible fleece on the lining.

I coordinated the denim with these fabrics from ages ago from Spotlight; spotty under the flap.

and a stripe for the lining. The zip at the front hides a nice big pocket in the flap, but I added this compartment pocket in as well.

The elastic is to hold bottles and items etc

I attempted the zip at 10.24pm on a Saturday night, and it was in in about 5mins! too easy! Next time my zip wont be as thick, as it was difficult when I needed to top stitch etc.
Then some baskets and change mat.

Change mat pattern is here. Another one I've been wanting to try for ages. This one has more of a vintage feel about it.

Bias binding that I made ages ago was perfect for this.

It has a layer of fabric, fleece and then chenille, quilted together.

I only had room for one folded over edge, then sewed to form pockets. I didn't even try for that great picture placement, it just happened!

And finally, some 'useful' baskets. I saw a link to this tute, and wanted to give it a whirl.The yellow/black/grey fabric was a fat quarter pack from Spotlight. It had a rough, quite yucky texture to it, and wasn't suitable for clothes etc, but great for furnishings!

I quilted each one a bit differently- a feathery stitch;

my FIRST free motion quilting! Very organic, as they say.

 and some 'waves. very fun, and broke up the repetitive 'repeat 3 times' kind of feel!

Little quilted bottoms! teehee

I delivered them just in time for the nursery decorating- the room was fully renovated by my clever brother in law, carpet had just gone in, and my baskets were the first items in! They were filled with some of my sisters softies from when she was a wee one, awwww!

They're in the little nook that will have a few shelves in it, and become a bookshelf. But don't you think a padded cushion would make a great reading nook? Or maybe I just want that for me! The cross stitch is a really old one I did for my sister probably back in my teens! Egads!

A few weeks to go, and there'll be a lil bubba to show everyone! And then once I know the sex, a bit more sewing....????