Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lots of pics!

Oops, I'd better do a catch up!
I haven't been putting many pics on Twitter or Instagram at the moment, as I'm phone-less for now, so there's a few to catch up on here!

First from Australia Day. Or as Aussies like to say "Orr-stray-ya" Day! 
We headed to my sis and hubby's for the christening of the new (2nd hand) BBQ.
 It's name is Garth (printed on it, seriously!)

Oh, that's my BIL, despite the apro and curls- he still hasn't cut his hair after becoming shaggy man! The beard has gone, though, and my sis is devastated!

This kid is very happy her aunt and uncle are back!

People her own age to play with HAHA!

Their very funny cat Enzo had a great time playing in my sewing box.

We did a bit of sewing over the weekend; this included a sit and sew at the MMGQ on Friday night, where I only managed to take a photo of my food! Der!

Saturday was all about choosing scraps and teaching her raw edge applique!

The chenille bedspread was soaked for a few days in the bath, then washed and it came up pink! Not peach as I thought. It's a great fit, too!

And I have a large custom order for a few different things. So far....

a hat

2 cushions from a fave dress;

linen backs and I worked out the fold over the zip!

and some sweet vintage ones (with vintage zips, of course!)

That's probably enough for now!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made in Blueberry?

So I started to sew it all together last night, couldn't work out at first what was wrong with this section (stand on your head if you aren't sure teehee). As it was a scrap/ from the stash quilt I didn't want to buy any fabric, so I have used 2 different types of white fabric- one was earmarked for another quilt, and one from the stash.

I think I love it now. Wasn't sure with all the peicing, was it balanced etc, but when I stand back, I'm happy, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

She was a pretty good helper with this one, my Little Miss, she wrote on all the pink post-it notes I use to keep track of the different sections! I was thinking of using this as a couch quilt, but as you can see by the size, it may need a bed!

I couldn't let this one go when I dropped into the oppy today to look for shirts for work. Chenille? Tick. Coloured pattern? tick. $10? Priceless!

It's huge, def in too good condition to cut up, another bed cover! I sure bowed down to the op shop God's for this one, I feel I've been waiting my whole life (ok, a few years) for one like this!

I had a visit with Nikki as well, and will show you what Auntie Wilma gave her when I get a chance!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Advice needed!

OK, I don't ask for it very enough, but I thought I'd put it to the punters! 

This vintage quilt was rescued from the Early Parenting Centre's bin years and years ago; a colleague I work with now had rescued it and stashed it at home. Now she's me and my sewing craziness, she wondered if I'd like it!
 Er, yes please!
It's got gorgeous colours, and looking a bit ragged to use as a quilt or play mat again.

 The backing is like a jacquard bed spread fabric, which has shrunk.There's no batting or quilting in sight.

I felt a bit selfish keeping it, and I make enough of my own for me- I suggested I unpick the backing and sandwich with a wool blanket, batting and binding, and hang it on the boring brick wall in the Maternal Child Health Centre I'm temporarily working in.

Any other suggestions?

Using it as a play mat etc would mean it needs washing- there won't be many volunteers for that!

I did think of cutting it up and redesigning, but as it's a donation to the centre, my time on it needs to be minimal!

any opinions?

Monday, January 23, 2012


Wow, where has this week gone?
Everything's blue around here lately- partly hanging on since Xmas, topped with reduced work available for a casual worker, therefore less money. Stress gets you so down you can hardly talk. Well, for me anyway. 
I had a break from Twitter, so I didn't drag everyone else down in my blue. No one noticed I was gone, which was both good and bad I guess! It did make me feel better, forgot about my own predicament for a while I guess!

Anyway, have been busy sewing to keep me busy, calm me down and not stress about things.

Some cutting....

piecing and sewing....

I helped a pal de-stash got a lovely little extra....if you haven't seen Leslie's amazing fabric, go now!!

The Little Miss got lucky too- Jodie had spoilt her, and given us her next sewing project! (And both parcels arrived on the same day, lucky coincidence!) (PS Jodie- she loved the Monty and Pearl card the most I think, I have one on the fridge and she was soooo happy to have her own. Simple pleasures, huh?)

I 'Libertied' my letters Santa bought me....

and have finalised my 'oilcloth swimming tote' pattern. 
These will be for sale soon!

 so, yep, lots of blue, but still some good things to carry me through. Always a work in progress.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Somebody stop me...

 Well, no, you don't have to stop me, now I've decided to do it I can't wait!

I was making a little belated Xmas present last night, and lamenting on the amount of blue scraps I've got!

See? bursting out of the box. Plus the blue folded fabric that's too big for the scrap box.

So I've gone and printed the pattern and am joining along with Chelsea and a few other friends in the quilt a long. Of course, using my favorite quilter's pattern may have been the clincher.....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stuff i've been up to.

I really didn't think I had any unfinished objects (UFO's) going on, things that I carried over from 2011. While my friends were rabbiting on, I was chuckling away thinking how bloody clever I was- er, oops, a closer inspection revelead a few!

I ummed and ahhed over this one; I orginally wanted an oilcloth backing, to use as a picnic rung. Cost the better one of me on that. So I'm busy away with a cure for this one. I'll keep you posted.

and I had a little cushion to finish off for the kid. I had the fabric cut out before I did the Little Apples one!
The lump near the cushion is a cat under the quilt!

 the pattern was one I'd ripped out of magazine, so I can't tell you where I got it, sorry!

goes beautifully (if not slightly camouflaged by all the Sherbert Pips going on!)

I really like the backs, too!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Ink and Spindle experience!

So when my little sister got married last year, just before they left on a 6mth around the world trip I said I wanted to make her a wedding quilt, and asked her what fabrics she liked. The response wasn't very good for my bank balance. So I thought I'd leave the making until she was away, and then she could use it once she was back, rather than have it in storage for 6mths. Oh, and I ummed and ahhed over a quilt or doona cover- in the end the quilt won! 

Then I realised she was back in a couple of weeks! Time to get my butt into gear.

So first step was buying the fabric. Jess had given me a few of her fave prints, then I went in and saw the lovely girls and got help picking 8 different fabrics. My plan was to go all choppy choppy and do rectangles/squares, but....

a trip to Ballarat Patchwork sorted the pattern out.
I also picked up the cotton/linen blend for the background.

Fusible interfacing wasn't in the budget that week, so I spray adhesive-d the circles, stuck them on and raw edge appliqued.

Basting, quilting and binding was a lovely way to spend Xmas- it's a beautiful weight fabric to sew with, and felt beautiful. I felt really lucky to be able to sew with it!

I love getting it done by the skin of my teeth! Just enough!


Yep, this one came down the beach too!

My little sis and very hairy brother in law arrived back Friday night, so we gifted them the quilt yesterday. Thankfully, she loved it! phew!
(I would have a home for it at my house haha)

Oh, and I have about half of the fabric left! By changing the pattern I scored well!

a few tops

I've been a bit inspired by this lovely lady and her top and dress sewing frenzy- I've been hanging to try the 2 tops she talks about!

So this is the 'Not Sorbetto top', actually a Simplicity 2938. I made it in a 16 with the normal size seam allowances, 5/8 inch. In a wearable muslin!

I then made it in the fabric I wanted, a vintage Ken Done doona cover. This one feels a bit tighter- maybe not as much stretch? Still cute!

I then went back and made a Sorbetto top. This was a 14, but I made the seam. allowances on the sides 1/4 inch.

AND I got my directional print (Hollie Hobbie) right!

The only thing I don't like about these 2 different patterns- the tops ended up too short, even though I only used a 1/4 inch hem. I like the length to sit on my hip, being short-waisted is a pain! There is bias binding around all the sleeves and the neck of the Sorbetto; the 'Not Sorbetto' has facings. 

They both seem similar, but they are also really different. Not sure what ,y fave will be yet, hopefully will get some wear out of them!

I had a cheeky kid take the photos today.


Warning- don't trust them. I was asked to turn around so she could a shot of the back 
of my top....grrrrr!!