Saturday, April 27, 2013

Something for me!

In between the kiddy stuff, I've been (slowly) making the Alma blouse. It was a bit spooky, as I was watching American Horror Story Season 2 whilst I made it, and there was a character named I wont forget that show very quickly!

These pics are after 2 days of's THAT good!

It has a side invisible zip, and I took in the side seams and made the darts a bit bigger, I cut a 14 out. It actually goes over my head without the need for the zip, so as good as that was to put in- I'm not doing it next time!

It's great for casual, but I can't wait to dress it up a bit. But the cuuuute collar is my fave, I think a Peter Pan collar dresses everything up! I have a few fabrics in the stash earmarked for more...

The only things I didn't like were my own fault- I didn't have enough fabric to make the facings match- I went with white, which I can see and it bugs me. Should've gone with navy! (it looks black and white, but it's a navy and cream voile from Spotlight). The other thing is a flaw in the fabric, down the back shoulder is a line where there is no blue dye- but Cam suggested a fabric marker, if I was really worried about it! I'm not, just annoying!

Hmm, the kid is getting a bit better at photos!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Finish Up

So I'm pretty happy with what I got done this week. keeping some kiddies warm, that is! It was fun too, sewing outside my usual stuff, and getting to understand knit fabrics a lot more.

The leggings I put new elastic in have come up great- they have the little gather at the bottom too, which is cute.

Comfy elastic around the top, and the pj's mentioned in the last post have been worn successfully as well. No more 'tourniquet pants'!

The long sleeve tees were so easy! I used this pattern,  I had made a short sleeve one before but she didn't really wear it. The verdict now? "I don't wanna take it off!".(FYI I made a 11/12, and the pattern goes up to a 13/14. There are 2 patterns, but you can get size 12mths- 14 for $16, a major bargain I say, I def recommend it if you have kids!). These are '4 step tees', and I did them nearly all on the overlocker.

 I used leftovers from the stash, one knit a bit looser than the other, so I used bigger seam allowances.

 I stitched a bit of ribbon for the back, saving the labels for 'the good stuff' haha


 I used a trick I've learnt of knit-sewing friends- some fusible tape ironed on...

  hem folded up and pressed again. It doesn't move then when stitching. I tried to do twin needle, but my cotton kept breaking, so I used a zig zag instead.

sorry, pic overload, I love them a bit!

and the H man didn't miss out- he scored some velour track pants

and inspired by an embellishing challenge on the Great British Sewing Bee final I added a little pocket. Too. Cute!

I used 2 different patterns, which gave 2 very different results! 

I went around today and measured length etc, and added some cuffs to the velour ones.

I'm glad I set myself a little challenge, or these may have taken weeks to get finished! I have periods of 'non finishing' and I'm glad I'm through that at the moment!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week

Even though I've been blogging and sewing for a while now, I haven't done this week before. I decided I needed a challenge. For those that don't know, every season there is a 'challenge' of sorts to spend and hour a day on your kids clothes... And now I have an extra kiddie to sew for! Baby stuff is instant gratification, really, and usually small and rarely needs interfacing!

I actually made a few things last week, and decided I could count these trousers- started and nearly finished during Episode 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee! I went through the stash and got some faves, and pulled out the book; (more pics of them here too. I have made them before, but can never find things in the archives when I need them!)

Why wouldn't you sew for such a happy customer? No whinging, negotiating for photos and I force him to cuddle me at the end! Perfect!

 and this cute t-shirt says "Born in 2012'. So. Cute! This dino fabric matches one of his bandanna bibs, such a stylin' little man now.

 He had his first 'test drive' of a high chair today, a few weeks and he'll be trying food! But this shot is to show something else I'll make him this week, so bandanna 'drool' bibs. Backed with minky they are super absorbent, and are sooooo much cuter that the traditional ones.

 I picked up this pattern today and some micro fleece, and spent the hour today tracing and cutting (1 pattern piece only, so easy!) and started some tracky dacks!

 For my girl, last night, I replaced elastic. Bor-ing! But necessary. The store bought elastic on these were like a tourniquet on my girls tummy;

  and some leggings I made her last week were too big in the elastic! LOTS of unpicking later, they were super quick to fix, saving me money! Ca-ching!

Little Miss doesn't need too much more for winter, but I realised tonight she has about 5 pairs of PJ pants that fit, and no tops- so I'm thinking some long sleeve tees?

 Stay tuned for more...

Monday, April 22, 2013

A new frock

A few months ago I found some Ponti knit ( many different spellings!) on the clearance rack at my local Spotlight for $8 a metre! It retails anywhere from $20-$50 a metre, depending where you buy it, and whether it's a print or plain. Here's an example; so of course I snapped it up!

I then looked for a pattern, and found this; I'm pretty sure I got if off Ebay, it was out of stock elsewhere. And I'll def use it again!

I cut a size 16 (it's 'Misses Petite') and the only alterations were around the back at the zip; I fitted it on Fembot and took it in and let it out as needed!

 Its seemed daunting- facings with interfacing, front darts and then the skirt attaches to the bodice. But it was so easy and quick!

 I stayed up late finishing off ( having lots of thread breakages with the twin needle hems, may redo them!) I had a belt in mind already- in the wardrobe too! This is at the end of the work day (tired smile!) and no creases!

Besides a shot of the doggy blanket on the line (such styling for my pics) it's a bumpy bit at the bottom of the zip- something I'll try and master for the next one! I've read a lot about 'sway back adjustment', not sure if this is what it means?

I matched most of the stripes up (quite unintentionally in some places!)

 I'm super happy with it, and it will be worn to death I think!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally gifted!

I made a quilt for a friend- well, her mum and I are friends, and Little Miss and her are friends- a mum and daughter (like us) that we met in a group, and went on a few camping trips with. Sue made a big move at the end of last year, a new suburb and school, and further to travel to work. So I wanted to make Sue (the mum) a quilt for the new house, and as I was gifted some gorgeous fabric at Xmas time, I thought I'd use some of the stash for some gift quilts. However, knowing what 10yr old girls are like (probably like my 9yr old) I thought I'd keep the child (Sam) happy first with her own quilt (so mum has a chance of keeping hers- smart, hey?)

Inspiration was from one of my fave blogs here, and then I found a tutorial. I have wanted to try some new-to-me blocks, oldies but goodies, and give them a modern twist! The quilting was also a Crazy Mom technique...

Of, course I forgot to take some close ups or outside shots, but these will do....

I have to give my girl a bit of credit, for helping with some fabric choices, and layout and balance! (She has a eye already...)

And they had some typical tweenie silliness...

(Hmmm, that trick doesn't work with iPhone)

Perfect for cubbies!

 I really hope she likes it!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New coat

OK, this has really blown me away with freaky coincides- it's been just over 2 years since I blogged the previous coat! I only just realised when I went back hunting for the badly labelled old one! 

As you will see, the purple love affair still continues in this household! I managed to convince her to go with the polka dot this time though (it's light blue with purple polka dots if you cant tell) and at $4 a metre on the bargain table at Spotlight, I am sure happy she agreed!

 The pattern is this one, I linked to the Kwik Sew site in the last post, and it seems to have disappeared!

As in the previous coat post, a lovely 27 degree day occurred, and someone wasn't happy about a photo shoot (suck it up, Princess! I made you a coat!)

I made a X (12-14), as the previous version was a L(10) and way too small. I took a good 9cm off the sleeve length though, and the hem is turned up 5cm.

This shot is the hand in my FIRST EVER welt pockets- sewn the wrong way around the first time, oops!

 I also did some little tucks at the back, near where the (sewn in and non adjustable) belt is.

It's unlined, which will be fine as there is a lot of think cord in the coat, it's pretty heavy! I made the short version, View B, last time, this time it's View A with the hood from B. I don't mix patterns up very often, so I pushed myself a bit!

Underneath today is her new sequinny top we picked up in the target clearance rack! Just what every tween needs haha.

Oh, I mentioned the hood, didn't I? What a thing of beauty- and a hassle, I didn't get enough fabric the first time around, View A said 2.3m and I'm pretty sure (but not 100%) that I got 3m; I mustn't have though as I didn't have enough for the facings, hence the purple inside. I had to go back for another half a metre, and the Gods were good that day, there was still the same roll on the bargain table. That's twice now I've been saved from disaster!

She picked some Minky for the lining, I didn't need to chop up a furry cushion this time! It sewed great, really easy to use, this coat was a messy job though, with the corduroy and Minky mess everywhere!

 Overall she's pretty happy! Hope I can squeeze her into another one in a few years time! Slow down, girl, stay my baby a bit longer!

Monday, April 1, 2013


I hope you are all enjoying the Easter break, and the lead up to the school holidays. I've been mooching around and getting some stuff done, and heading back to work tomorrow. 

I've managed to get a few things finished, or nearly finished anyway! The zip! In The Dress! I ummed and ahhed for a good while, and finally plucked up the courage- and it was easy! I 'hand picked' the zip, basically a term for hand sewing it in- I used a tutorial from here.

I combined tacking and pins to hold it in place, and then marked the spaces in lead pencil (a bit anal, but that's OK).

I love it! Just a quick peek before it's pressed, which I believe helps it sit flatter. It's been a real challenge using such a different fabric from my norm, I'm learning a lot. Now to tackle the hem.... Luckily, I have nowhere to wear this yet, so there is no hurry, therefore no 'rushed job' to get it done!

 I finished off a few 'orders' for my sister- she cam over for a 'shop in the stash' for these ones! I wanted to try this pattern, and she thought they'd be pretty handy for the bubba....

 I love this fabric, a real fave, lucky I have a ton left over.

I used a combination of medium-heavy interfacing and fusible wadding to get the firmness; empty they are a little soft, but I'm sure they'll be fine full. It's really hard to get a good idea of the size, so here's my rotary cutter to help heehee.

 This has some soft shirting sort of fabric for the lining, and some leftover Lisette fabric for the handles and divider. 

And some more of this fabric, a fave with both of us! Looks great team with grey.

I made these ones a bit earlier, and if you can't tell, my sister likes grey! This was pattern from here, again really hard to tell the size- I think for both of these I needed to invest in a packet of disposable nappies! (or check my measurements, another way I guess). I'm not really happy with this size- they are meant to be big toy baskets for the living room. I made them a bit taller by omitting the fold over cuff and sewing it flat.

 I got to use some yummy fabrics though, Ink and Spindle, this one is Blockprint in Persimmon.

And Linear in Saffron. I even had some old Hollabee (I think) that went well with it. Both should help the baskets stand up to years of play from Master Henry!

This is the little man on a grumpy day! We had some very serious (and not so serious) chats!