Thursday, December 29, 2011

More projects

We got this book a while ago, and as soon as we did, the post-it's were put in!
She pulled it out yesterday and picked her first (of many) projects.

A cute little softie!
The thing that amazes me about kids and sewing is a bit like everything they try- NO FEAR! They don't procrastinate, worry it's not perfect, think about for ages etc. I've told her about a seam ripper, but she looks at me like I'm stoopid!
So she threw herself into this one too.

There's no hand sewing happening- she's more a Sharpie face kind of kid!

I knew my Echino bat fabric would find a use one day!
and felt is very forgiving on the sewing machine. Even the opening was machine sewed!

My project for today was her first nightie (but I had to say no to her on the machine today, haven't figured out how to do my own stuff while teaching yet, I know it will come!)
She saw this at Spotlight for $3 (bought with my free $10 voucher, yeah!) I thought I
 had a nightie pattern in the stash- nope!
I channelled my skills and turned out a pretty ok 'pillowcase' nightie.
I cheated as it wasn't a pillowcase!

 She likes it , I think, wasn't too sure how to finish the top, I muddled through it.

And I wanted to show some bags I made as pressies- so fun to make, the hardest bit 
was picking the colours to go together!

the bottom 2 I made as a teacher gift and Assistant Principal gift!One had 
choccies inside, and the other a hand made purse. I made one for Cam too, but forgot the photo!

I started with the tutorial over here,  then bought Jeni's great pattern- lots of clear picks, and she worked out the sizes for heaps of bags, and tell you how to work out custom sizes too. they are fully lined, too- bonus when you have lots of fabric to use up enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's been busy....

So I finished up work and have had my first holiday in a long time. OK, no holiday, that got cancelled as the broke feeling was coming along....

Murray had a birthday, turning 4! He got a bath for his b'day, and loved rolling in the
 forest in the backyard!
He got a chop toy which he's loving.

We got a Xmas pic (I have to re-scan the Santa photo)

And he grudgingly gave us a Xmas pic.

Xmas Eve saw the girl calling the reindeer's...

and Xmas morning saw the benefits of that! Santa arrived!

with a stash of Littlest Pet Shops and Zhu Zhu pets.

I thought longer term- and the fact I was sharing my baby! And teaching my Little Miss some skills seemed like a good idea at the time. Might not be very cool in the playground, but luckily we don't care what they think.....

So today we sat down and had a lesson in threading...

and of course had to sit together while we did it...

I was in charge of the rotary cutter, she was in charge of fabric and stylin'.

And she turned out some pretty impressive drawstring bags! There will be some hand stitching on the little darker squares.

Perfect for storage for all the Littlest Pet Shops she's acquiring.

Yep, styled all by her!

The first of many adventures!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and best wishes for 2012.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More good things

I'm not expecting much good stuff over Xmas, it's pretty quiet around with no family, so I'm enjoying the last few weeks of nice/good things!! 

The delightful Cathie gifted my lucky girl this yummy Ginger house!

we decided to renovate on the way home (ie I gave it to the kid to hold) so I don't 
think there'll be much left by Xmas!)

I've cleaned out the girl's wardrobe, and had 2 boot loads of clothes and toys etc I've been (crazily) holding onto to drop of at the oppy. So I allowed myself this beauty....

and these gorgeous shoes!

The word on the street on Sunday was that Sportsgirl had these great shoes half price! a quick call to my closest one had me travelling into the city, to have it pay off with these! For $40!

Also, have started chopping up my Ink and Spindle fabric. Can't show too much here in case the surprise is blown...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sewing stuff

I finished a few things off this week, have to happy about that!
I had a friend ask me for a round make up purse, and gave me a large one as a idea. She wanted it smaller than the one she had- so I scaled it down a bit and made the round one. She then asked for a rectangular one, which is a bit bigger than I think she wanted, but should fit a hair straightener! 

Lined in green and clear vinyl, easy to wipe out spills! I made a little jewellry roll to go with
 them, but forgot to take a picture!

I found these fabrics in the stash, so started a little quilt for the couch. Yep, I really did
 mean to make a wall hanging, of course!

I was catching up with Tinniegirl tonight, and hadn't been to her new place yet, so made 
a little belated housewarming pressie.

It's the Flip Side Pillow, tutorial here.

I also picked up some new fabrics for a special quilt; if there's a chick in Africa reading this,
 look away now!

mmm, can't wait to get into this lot!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday snippets


knitted bunting! 

It's taken 3mths to clean this bugger out!

and I didn't cry!

playing along over here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kris Kringle 2011

I joined a swap a little while ago, over here at this girls' blog. I liked the idea of the whole 'secret' bit- we didn't know who we were making for, you found out once you were finished making! Well, I didn't cheat, that's for sure!

So here's what I made. I got the pattern from here after I saw them at the NCB Xmas Party (thanks Mel!). after I made them the girl and I said to each other that we'd like to keep one they were so cute!

And her's what I got in return! How lucky was that! In a Liberty print, I think. 

Clare (blogless I think) also sent this gorgeous bunting. Her card said that she'd bought this fabric in Amsterdam on a recent work trip, so I feel extra special she used on me! Well, someone she didn't know, really.

Hopefully Clare is reading this so she can see I LOVED THE GIFT! Thanks!