Monday, May 31, 2010

A productive day

OK, it's been a busy one, I didn't even notice I didn't get a nap in!
First up is my last project of the day (I still have night time to come heehee). It's the Catch Kidston bag that comes with the MAKE book. It was sitting on my shelf staring at me, and I needed a bag to carry my knitting in....

Perfect, don't you think? I added a magnetic snap, too hard to turn the tube to make a button loop!

I have a heap of finished pencil rolls, had to wash a few, they are looking lovely hanging up to dry. I had a little dilemma- it seems Smiggle have stopped making the barrel pencil sharpeners I attached to my last lot! SO if you have one of these, they were limited edition. I have a new way to attach wooden ones, but they may be limited edition too, apparently Smiggle like to 'keep things fresh' :P

Savers had a 50% off EVERYTHING sale today (as opposed to the 50% of some items, and you end up spending more on full priced items on a sale day!). I grabbed 2 pairs of winter jammies for the child- size 10 and 12, but easily run in to fit her this winter. $2.50 a pair. Bugs Bunny ones are a hit!

I also snatched this one up ($2.50) I don't mean that to sound violent, but has anyone been to Savers at 9am on a sale day? Madness. I have 2 thicker ones in this colour, same style, I am really attracted to them, don't know why. Thought this will be goof when you are in heating, not too bulky.

And I found this little number for Little Miss ($3). Actually it was for shrinking, its acrylic/nylon/angora, so soft, but non-shrinkable! And Little Miss decided she liked it, if I dyed it another colour. Any tips??

I also managed to get to the Post Office, which is a rarity nowadays, so if you are expecting something from me, expect it soon!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching the knitting bug

Here is the finished cowl- I'm pretty happy, because I shirked a pattern (couldn't find one basic enough!) and knitted a tube of plain knitting. Sure, it messes the hair up when I put it on and off, but my neck will be super toasty. And I'm sure it will stretch.
I used Zara Plus. And got it at the shop in the link.
bn(but i'm sure she told me it was 10ply, hmm)
So this is my next project- the beanie on the left, of course.
And there'll be a beret too- knitted flat and sewn up, just like i like it!

Oh, I've ditched the footy beanie, that'll be bought, boring!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Always take your knitting....

You have to read all the way through to get the title of this post, but it should be worth it!

So I got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Maybe bringing Little Miss into bed at midnight to sleep with me for cuddles was a wrong idea, I don't know, but I haven't been able to shake the bad mood and headache. So I wrote this post in my head in the few snippets of light in the day, and here it is!

I realised I had forgotten to show the goodies I got at the MMQG day last Saturday. We all got a prize from a fabulous sponsor, mine was Moda fabric from PK fabrics, that will get added to the stash! And I was sitting next to a REAL quilter, one who has her own long arm machine- just for fun! And only uses 100% cotton thread, so I came home with her prize, thanks Clair!

This was from S.I.T, but when I opened it today, I thought "coat hanger cover? My arse!" What a gorgeous piece of fabric, from Thea and Sami. I'll keep that in the stash to use for good (and make some coat hanger covers from sheets heehee)

The pencil rolls are coming along, they were nearly done when I noticed a couple that I'll class as 'seconds', so had to make a few more. The colours cheer me up, and it's my own pattern this time, so pretty chuffed! I'm also finishing an apron for a swap this weekend, so having a bad day has left me a bit behind, but I'll make it- just!

Little Miss has kept herself busy, with he new book ($2 from Savers, $28 at Angus and Robertson!!). She decided she had to draw, Mum, will you draw him? I free-drew the face, then taught her to trace with greaseproof paper- pretty good result, I think! She did the tree herself (in case anyone thought I did it!)

And, for the title of the post- here is my finished cowl. Not sewn up yet, there's only so much you can do STUCK IN YOUR DARK CAR when it RUNS OUT OF PETROL! It then decided to have a flat battery- and the trip home was all about the kindness of the RACV man (and me explaining how I paid him in advance to help me) and the man who helped push me off the side of the road. The child wanted to get out of the car, but I don't think we needed anyone to recognise us....

Not only is the moral of the story 'take your knitting', but make sure you are able to be pushed under a street light, so when the battery dies you don't turn on your car-mate with the knitting needles...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space

Thank goodness for TV this week- 3 days of True Blood Season 2 to revel in, and then others to get the pencil rolls finished!

Some are destined for Lark, a few others already snapped up by friends, the rest going in the online shop! And yes, there will be a Ken Done print one :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I, like many crafty vintage collector bloggers out there, love canisters- great for sewing odds and ends, or chocolate Easter eggs (good at hiding them, I should say). SO when I stumbled across these on my lunch break yesterday I 1) thanked the Lord I was at work near an op shop and 2) bought them.
So cute! I had a very envious customer behind me in the line most upset she didn't see them first. Sucker!

There was also a big basket of fabric- yes, I looked like a twit when I tipped it upside down, old lady, but I got fabric and you didn't! $3 for the massive bit of floral and polka dots, $1.50 for the others. The blue with white daisy's is an apron.

And I thought I'd freak people out like I get freaked out when I scroll onto a shot like this! Missing teeth! But here is the problem- see those 2 tiny gaps left and right of the bottom 2? Teeth have to fit there. I can't get a 5c piece on the side in those gaps, and big fat adult teeth are meant to go there. Crap. Anyone know an orthodontist I could date?

My favourite part of the pic is the teeny tiny hairs on her nose! And the gap between her top teeth- apparently it means you'll be rich if you have one of those, and if you look at Madonna....

Monday, May 24, 2010

It was another busy sewing filled Saturday- the first meeting of MMQG! There are more pics over at the site, typical I forgot to take snaps! The show and tell was great, a walk to Vic markets for yummy lunch, some sewing, and a well-behaved child all made for a fun day. And Little Miss's interest in babies makes me hope there is a midwife in the making....

My busy Saturday night was filled with sorting out my scraps- how can I make a scrappy quilt if I dread looking through them? This has made it easier, and looking quite pretty! And cost $24! Cheap and tidy.

Now I have a lovely old suitcase to fill with other goodies!

And some gratuitous shots of the fur babies- my chenille cat.....(such good taste)

and happy dog. After a bath, a play and a treat, a cuddle on the lounge watching a DVD- a movie about dogs!

Hope you had a crafty, fun weekend too!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space

Is all about chenille fluff. The bunny quilt (in the right in the pic) needs some square, bigger than ones I have. Hmphff.
Back to the ole drawing board.

Head over to the queen of creative to see more.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some opping

I've had a few free days this week, which has led to abit of op shopping, which I couldn't save for Flea Market Finds.

Savers gave me some great stuff, including an Enid Blyton for our collection (I won't blame the child, she's not that interested really, so i'll admit they are for me). Pencils for filling pencil rolls, a 100% lambswool green sweater, in the boys section ??? It was originally a size 18, but is now about a 14. I tried to shrink/felt it some more, in a hot wash with detergent, it didn't budge! Any tips?

There were 2 of these curtains, I wasn't selfish, I took one! Imagine the cute pinnies....

I nearly shouted "KEN DONE" when I saw this one, then saw the Australis symbol, then decide, what the hey, it's mine!

And some UFO's (too make way for all the new ones heehee). Finished this pram, with a cute blankie to go with it. Just needs assembling and marketing, urgh, the hard job. Ebay or Etsy? My usual dilemma.

And a little baby gown, my fave tee. Into the pressie box for the new babies everyone else gets to have.

More oppy bargains later!
Oops, nearly forgot- where am I off to on Saturday? Heehee, more fun!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sew it Togetheragain!

Well, as we are nearly all linking to each other (not checking 59 blogs, but I'm sure we are), I thought I'd better fill the non-attendees that haven't seen it before- or at least keep myself a record!
Ernst joined my table for a sew along with Gypsy (he really did the quilt, not her!)

My project started off well (and finished a lot of hrs later not very advanced)

despite a lot of material and hogging the table heehee

This was just the line for lunch!

There were amazing goodies- sponsors gave out gifts (Moda bakeshop jellyrolls, yum) and there was a show bag and pressies. And
someone teasingly brought along ace fat quarters to buy- she sure bought them to the right place!

Oh, the bunny squares down the bottom are the start of a quilt, I got them cut out and fused onto Vliesofix (not the square! Good progress despite sitting next to Andi superstar!) I learnt some amazing tricks off her, though, like invisible thread in your bobbin for machine sewing you binding- might make no sense to some of you, but others will thank me right now for that tip. I sure loved it!
Some other highlights
  • Trash and Fi asking for MY scraps
  • A table of hexagonners (my new made up word)
  • Prizes- a surprise as I forgot this was going to happen.
  • Lunch- didn't have to think about it, loving that!
  • A walk up to Clegs with lots of other bloggers
  • Getting a spot at dinner, as having to go home alone after such a fun day would have been too much, I wanted more!

There are heaps of pics here and a who's who list here

Oh, Sheridan, how to thank you! You are the organising queen, and make me a very happy chappy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Still recovering

I think I am still recovering form the awesome weekend, and haven't got the energy to blog about it yet! I'm enjoying all my friends posts, though :))
I wanted to show this gorgeous pic of my girl....I'm so lucky.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My week

Ok, it's been good! Stick through the post, you'll go "WOW'. (I hope, anyway). My only problem is I have pics out of day order, but heh, I've decided I'm a half-perfectionist, like it for some stuff, don't care for others. I guess the most recent got first dibs!
So my Liverpool dress is done, this was actually a toile, thought I'd wear it around the house- heehee, it may be seen this weekend!

I also did this one- it's a bit big! The measurments are from size 2-size 20, and I measured between 12-14. I thought i'd cut it on a 14- then you find the sizes are double, ie 2/4, 6/8, 10/12, 14/18, 18/20! It's nice and roomy for layering, though. And I lurve this sheet.

Tonight I'm throwing together a lunchbag to show 'n tell at S.I.T, can't get tired of sewing great fabrics, can you? This one may be up for a swap or something, not sure yet.

Tuesday (and this is where i'm out of order) I caught up with Tracey and we hit the Nanna craft mett up, I had a ball! Cups of tea were 20c, and this wool was for taking. I scored the granny squares too, which might become pin cushions or pockets or something. There were a few dirty jokes in there too, so you have to have your wits about you at those shindigs.

Lastly, in all the drama of the week with my father, and his being ordered to leave my house, I forgot to show you the gold I scored off my Grandma- cool, huh? I have found the manual, too, it's under Rival in Google, if anyone is looking for it! And 'slow cooker' reveals more than 'crock pot', I found! (Despite the front of the machine's hint)

So that's it for now, back to the machine and more sewing, I'm loving finally getting back into it and ignoring the chores!
And if anyone is ever whinging their swap item is late, I haven't recieved mine for S.I.T yet,
and I need it for tomorrow night!

My Creative Space

This week I am showing off the photo I forgot to post last week, only last week all this was in a pile on the table. Geddit? This has been floating around in my head for a while, then Jodie's stand at Stitches gave the boost/kick up the butt.

Now to collect the things to put in the frames!
Head over here to see more spaces!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


The coolest weekend was had- the S & C came to town! Or rather, I got to go and check it out! Saturday was busy- meeting and greeting, shopping, and generally hanging around like a bad smell! I couldn't get out of there- hanging out with this cool mum and daughter was great!
So we headed back today- after a treasure hunt (for me) finding my Mother's day gifts, lots of cuddles, refusing to cook breakfast (sorry, kiddo), and a wonky softie class!
This little guy came home with us; a 50/50 effort from me and the 6 yr old!

She quickly hi-jacked the other person's softie for a photo shoot (mmm, honeycomb legs)

and then, the loot! Some freebies....

and a bit if shopping. My 'no-pattern' ban lasted, oh, 5 secs when I found this one
thanks, Kelani! There was also fabric from Amitie, and today some last minute buys (ie reduced) far Far Away from these guys. SO cool!

Oh, and my absolute faves? These 2. Divine.

PS Met soooo many bloggers. And will see you all next weekend!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Striking gold

I've had an awesome few days- something has happened that has unloaded a heap of crap, crap I've been carrying around for way too long. I'll talk about it another post.
But the after effects are some very pleasant days.
Sunday saw a cubby house built- the first one that's still up and is slept in (paranoia about air flow makes me pull the front corner back). Who would have known when I got the bed it would have these benefits?

I dropped in on a friend on Monday, who apologetically had to run out for an appt halfway through- I got lucky and babysit the 2 kiddies, little rascals! This boy is 14mths! (and yes, hating/loving being squeezed to death!)

Today was a heap of fun and ...errr...stairs! On the way to Nikki's, I stopped at Savers and scored- hence the title. I had my 25% discount card, the crochet blanket was $12.99 (before discount), and the Gocco printer $19.99. The paint-a-bowl has been well received by Little Miss, very keen to start it for Murray, and the Garfield sheet is a classic, half fitted/half flat.

And I finally found the tea towel for Cam to turn into an apron for me- very sentimental reasons! When your best friend grows up on the Gold Coast, then gets her school job at Sea world, it's free tickets every year to the theme parks. As she's now passed away, this will be great to remember our crazy times- plus a gorgeous colour!

So I got to Nikki's studio, and 'bumped out' the stuff for the show. FOUR flights of stairs numerous times. Lots of sweat and dizzy spell. Then lunch, and Caulfield. Bumped in, and finally met Kate, who I've been twitterring with for a while. And remember last year's guest post? Make sure you say hi if you see him this year! Everyone else was setting up, said hi to Jodie, so I don't get in trouble teehee.
Got home tired and happy after a full day- sometimes feeling useful is the best medicine, how lucky I am to know such great people!
Edit: We were approached at the show by a couple of gals wanting help- 3 days (Wed, Thurs, Fri) of work at the show, with surely a lunch break for shopping time! Contact Cherie on 0419 239 580, the stand is for