Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm not a fan of facial hair at all, either on men or women, all the moustaches I've encountered are bristly and tickly. Plus my dad has one, can't imagine dating someone that reminds me of my dad!

But cartoon 'taches are the bomb!

So I asked my crafty friend Manda about some pins. She made me some earlier for another (still obsessed) craze.

God, they are cute!

Meeting the pin family. She added a little tiny ladybird pin as well.

A pressie for my BIL b'day (fabric here)

Some others I like;

oh, I remembered one guy in a mo I like :)

Thanks, Amanda!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't know what's wrong with me!

Years and years and years ago, before I started being obsessed with sewing, I used to bake and cook a lot. I think once I realised sewing stuck around a bit longer (and there were no dirty dishes) I preferred it, and I went for quick and easy meals.

We're off to my sister's tonight for dinner, and I offered to bring sticky date pudding. Often I offer to bring something, then run out of time as I chose another activity, buying something on the way there! (C'mon, who hasn't done that before?) Today I had the sudden urge to cook!

2 sticky date cakes (will turn into puddings when I make the butterscotch sauce from scratch!)
Choc chip cookies- I wanted to make half with walnuts, and half without so the kid could take them to school, when she suggested choc chip and Craisin! Obviously she wants to eat all of them at school haha

and some multi-tasking; while these were in the oven, I was

browning some Marylands for a slow cooker dinner- FOR TOMORROW NIGHT! Argggh, I've turned into a meal planner! Hope it's only a one off haha. People may accuse me of reading Mummy blogs haha.

mmm, chicken curry!

Never fear, there has been sewing. And before you think 'wow, how does she do it?'- reminder, I am a sole parent who's child sleeps from 8pm on wards; I got to bed at 11pm; and now on weekends she plays in her room, requesting 'space' (as long I remember to feed her at intervals). Amazing how much time you can find in the day!

The Zakka book has a sew along I thought I'd join in on, they do a project a week, so I had a bit of time to catch up (3 weeks in). I don't think I'll be making much in linen, just looking to use up the stash a bit. And make buying the book worthwhile by using it! *shamefully hangs my head when I think about all the books I have*

Couch time cross stitching;

and a new do!

Off to do the stinking dishes haha

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A while between posts.

Oops, time is getting away from me! Have finished a few projects off this week.

It this one, unfortunately our of print but still on Ebay or Etsy (Butterick 4758 if you're interested). It's like a Tardis bag, fits in heaps! And the fabric is from this range, picked up at the Lark sale the other week.

another cross stitch finished;

I stopped off here last Friday for a quick look; visiting the Ballarat Patchwork stand was way too tempting for me (a bright treat in a sea of beige is my thinking). Emma and her mum were run off their feet!

Jodie had to miss out due to her run of bad luck, but check out her little display!

I got all inspired to finish these babies off. With 3 new baby's on the way, I made 2 
of these for my sister to give out, and 1 for our cousin.

 Pattern is from here

chenille backing;

and a close up of the binding; yellow on yellow

purple sheet on purple;

and pink on pink.

Hope the little bubbas love them too!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

But wait, there's more!

I mentioned yesterday I'd come back and show you the 'special' items from our Daylesford/Bendigo day trip.

I scored this chenille bedspread at the MS shop in great condition for...$6.50! Unheard of in Melbourne oppys.
I have a few baby quilts to make, this will be good for the back (of the girl's ones)

Close up of the pattern in the middle

My sister found this panel of 'Alice in Wonderland' fabric at the Lark sale

while I was over scoring this amazing Magic Roundabout bedspread. such an amazing vintage piece! (there is a remade version of this show, but the original is always the best)!

I also found this circus themed barkcloth looking piece, a curtain. Amazing, isn't this? It will be hard to cut into this!

And a new nightie- she picked the sheep fabric a while ago for pj's, but loved the nightie idea. If only we'd bought enough for long sleeves!

don't know what happened with the colour!

 It really is the best pj pattern!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cool weekend trip

So we jumped in the car last Saturday, and headed off for 2 nights down here.
A bit of R&R (no sewing machine, but definitely cross stitch taken. But no time to do it!)

The first afternoon meant a huge walk around the lake and ocean.

and LOTS of swims in the pool.

jumping pillow (I tried it. It doesn't like back injuries like mine, unfortunately!)

but I ignored the back to go on this beauty! Flicker was pretty gentle on me.


I cut a striking figure as usual (not!) Some people look good on a horse; I'm not one of them! But the view....

ooh, yeah!

paddle boats the next day meant my legs didn't work for a while. I channeled The Biggest Loser doing this one....

and the car trip home was hard. 

but a brilliant time! Unfortunately it was at the beginnings of the holidays, so it has been forgotten for a while....

Another day trip

So our third day trip/car drive this week was courtesy of my sister, who has a new car and wanted to hit Bendigo for this. Thank God I got to be a passenger for once! Bendigo sure put the weather on today, too, thanks!

I gifted my sister her 'horsey Tova top' after she saw this in my stash. It was immediately worn, and declared fantastic (yay!)

We went up via Lark in Daylesford first, to take advantage of The Sale. The MS shop next door was open too, apparently not usually open on a Saturday, hence me not checking it out before!

The tags read$1.50 per sheet, and $2 for the fabric on top. A chenille bedspread I'll photograph tomorrow was $6.50! anyone who purchased got a bunny or 2 fro free (over breeding of stuffed bunnies in that shop teehee)

The Lark sale increased the fabric stash, vintage and modern (yep Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt made an appearance at $5 a piece!

a few more larger pieces to photograph tomorrow in the daylight, too.

After the exhibition we hit the town for a late lunch (it takes about an hour to get through the exhibition. You must book, it's very popular!)

Both ridiculously photogenic!

The book was a huge hit, I hop it becomes dog eared and well read! The whole exhibition was perfect for Little Miss, she had a million questions I luckily had help answering, and it's given her things to Google when she's bored!

Ridiculously huge meals, too!

Ahhh, tourist stuff!

Get you're butt up there to check it out!