Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School Holiday Fun

Little Miss and her 'bestest-friend-forever' had Masterchef day today at the YMCA
vacation care. So I whipped them up some cute aprons to wear

(unfortunately got the jarmies on too early, oops!)

and then got comfy watching Masterchef! A sleepover is obviously happening, in fact, after 45mins of chatting, the door is shut and they are hopefully asleep......

Monday, June 28, 2010

The bug continues

After scrolling through Ravelry today, and not finding 'the right' thing, I remembered this pattern Little Miss and I saw in a shop, and she assured me she'd wear- in grey! Surely bluey grey is OK? It's from this book, which I got here.

They also have a bargain bin, where these were $5 each (bought on 2 separate occasions,
mind you).

Because I don't have enough in my stash (half of which is out of this pic). Like fabric like
wool (just tried to make up my own saying har har)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A really busy weekend

So, the first day of school holidays started cold and rainy, but that wasn't going to stop us! I taught Little Miss this little ditty, anyone remember it?
No more teachers
No more books
No more parents dirty looks
When the teacher rings the bell
Pack your bags and run like hell
(of course, then came a big d & m about hell, God etc and ruined my little joke.)

So Mr Jaigee and Little Miss started with bagels for breakfast, then we headed off the the market, picking up yummy treats and generally being out and about! Apparently I missed Gary Mehigan at Little Miss's uncle's stall, who liked their produce enough to get business details....

We also checked out the Spotlight sale-on-a-sale, and picked up this nifty pom pom maker, a new craze has been set in the house...

Sunday came up cold but sunny, and 2 years after making it, I finally tried on this number...wow, fits perfect, so comfy, and don't know why I never wore it before!

We checked out the
Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers Market, small but up and coming, and then over to check out Thread Den's Nth Melbourne market. I picked up some great vintage fabrics,

bumped into other friends and bought this great scrap pack of this girl. As they say, one man's trash, another man's treasure (obviously changed to girl for this scenario).

Phew, we needed a quiet afternoon at Cam's to recover, some helping her out and borrowing books, a night to rest and the week starts again! See you on the other side (earlier, I hope!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space

Ooh, I made it this, week, phew! I actually took these last night, and meant to take better ones today- but work means I won't get daylight at home till the weekend, so here it is!
I actually had this flap cut out for ages, and decided to finish it off! It's a Large Tote, available when you click on the link!
I added some vinyl...

a sexy strap...

green lining, and a zippered pocket...

all to make a funky tote bag great for taking out for the day! It also has a firm base, using template plastic.

I used a floral vintage bedspread, denim and green drill, and an op-shop, recycled tapestry!
In the shop now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Somethings wrong with me.

I can't stand the taste of coffee anymore. I had just had 2 days coffee free- no shakes, no cravings, just really tired! I'm OK in the morning, but by Nanna o'clock (1pm) I'm out for about 2 hrs. Crazy. Especially when I'm at work, someone will wonder why I'm on the floor.
So what to do, I'm experimenting at the moment. I need an adult drink to like. In my memory is a date I had with a non-successful applicant- non successful as he ordered a milk shake with his food! In a cafe! Oh, the embarrassment. I don't want to be that embarrassing one.
I was gifted some delicious Chai- but I can't drink it too often, makes me feel a bit yucky. peppermint tea is delicious, I have a few cups a day but- no caffeine! And I need a little to keep me functioning, I have found out.
Tea? White with one? I can drink this, and like it, but I get a bit sick of milky drinks, not a big fan of the cow juice.
Similarly, black with sugar or honey leaves a yucky aftertaste.
Gosh, I'm fussy. Wonder if it's a short term coffee thing? Hormonal? Something to do with the weather? I'm definitely not pregnant, that's the only other time in my life I have drunk down a STRONG latte one or two times a day.
Oh, well, back to the drawing board. Suggestions welcome!

Monday, June 21, 2010


About to run off to bed, but wanted to show this off before I do! I'm so happy with it.
I was planning on using a red for the binding, glad I went with this one! (it was down to amount of fabric left, that's all).

It looks and feels nice and cosy, and are my favourite colours! Thanks,
Spotlight Jelly Roll!

I did some simple hand quilting, in red Perle 8 cotton, and a new trick I learnt from the guru using invisible thread in the bobbin, cotton in the top (see the invisible thread? No? Good).

I must also post about my fantastic day yesterday, my friend here has some great shots, I, typically, forgot about the camera for a change! So today I snapped this one- a huge tin of my new favourite drink from this girl (think I only like this one, though, will have to make some myself!)

She was also responsible for pancakes, cupcakes, and honey jumbles, and is sure invited back ANYTIME! Another clever chickie made us pumpkin pie (thankfully it didn't need a muffin pan haha) and having all the food meant the unopened Tim Tams were mine for later (thanks Cam!)

Another delight were the Snickerdoodles (arriving in vintage Tupperware, such a joy to see). I thought they were safe until Little Miss pointed out they had 'doodle' in their name- can't wait till this age is grown out of! Hang on, do we ever grow out of it? Snickerdoodles, HAR HAR HAR!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I did it!

I finished the beanie! 4ply and all, and a good case of 'knitter's hand' (or whatever you call it after 6 hrs straight of knitting at the conferency yesterday). Once I got past the ribbing,
it was a breeze!
AND she likes it! (de ja vu to this girls blog)

apparently needs some pom poms (I want tassles, but hey, what do I know)

goes great with the hand made poncho

and my quilt- wow, such an enthusiastic look, looks like she's had a hard night out the night before (getting ready for the teen years)

I aslo bought these charm packs this week, from
Retromummy. $40 for 84 squares. Of Brand. New. FArbic. I'm lovin' it. (free postage, too, guys!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Other stuff

I have other crafty news to show off, I received this lovely little pack in the mail from my mate Karen, aren't they cute? I want to make a robot, and this space fabric will go perfect! Thanks, honey!

And I should post this tomorrow for My Creative Space, but I want to show it before the 20% Spotlight sale tomorrow! I wanted to try a jelly roll, you know, if you like quilting but hate cutting fabric (and sewing it, right Cathy?) Cute colours, and I teamed with a vintage sheet backing. I bought the jelly roll from Spotlight, so if you likee, go buyee cheapee!
Some red Perle 8 hand quilting as well.

Little Miss thought it very funny when I took it to dance class to quilt while I waited, I was warm though! Oh, and a warning- try not to lean your inner wrist on a couple of big fat quilting pins- blood, bruise and incredible pain follows, let alone a hell of a lot of swear words!

New toy

Here's the winter project- my cabinet! Isn't it purty? For $48 from the oppy next door to work (it's a trap, I tell you), and a little bit for delivery, I'm pretty happy. I forgot to take a pic before I pulled all the doors off, I was so excited to clean it up!

Don't let the old exterior fool you- it's either an old cupboard that's been repaired, or a newly built one made to look old! New timber frame inside, and Masonite shelves in the bottom cabinet.

It's definitely been used in the kitchen- grease and dirt all over the outside, but ah-ha! I have a secret weapon! Here is the before....

And the after.
(If you're not sure what you're looking it, a white wall as opposed to grimy).

This is the culprit- Doktor Power! I don't know why, but it makes it fun! No stinky smells, either, especially around kidlets. Actually, get the kidlets to clean for you! Mine's nagging already for a turn (and I haven't let her yet, nasty!)

I hate to pump the advertising, but it is a little bit like magic! It just makes everything else look dirty after you've used it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A busy week

Well, I can hardly blame having nothing to do, can I? it's been pretty busy, and lots of crafting so here goes the latest.....
oh, warning, lots of pics! But not necessarily in the right order, which should prove a bit fun!
Here is the new doggy coat, for my cold little friend. Cute, huh?

Yep, made out of 2 acrylic, old jumpers, and I just traced it off an old one that he tore off! (A bit girly, maybe?)

have bought some great chenille pieces, this person is still having a sale, a great seller too.

I swapped some chenille with Selina, too, isn't it all gorgeous (I assume you are all nodding, yes, Bec, it's great).

Saturday of this long weekend saw me at the Sister's Market, little Miss in tow and getting a bit excited when we saw these- my pencil rolls on the Lark stand! Cool!

We also popped into The Olive Grove, and picked up a little cat for her, and a brooch for me. What an amazing store, all handmade and original, check it out!

we also got Little Miss a pair of arm warmers at the Sisters Market (see, told you I'd keep you on your toes!). Little Miss picked them out herself, and wore them until they got too hot, so cute. So now we both have a pair!

Oh, here's me on a Saturday night- DVD on and sewing away on Little Miss's new quilt. You like the honesty, right?

Saturday I headed along to the MMQG, where my machine had a spack attack and decided to not work. So I dropped it off to sewing machine hospital on the way home, and yep, the timing is out and it needs a service. Which has gone up in price from 6 mths ago. Brother! (No, still loyal Janome fan, do like a certain Bernina though). I did meet this machine, though, which is a lot cheaper and so cute to boot!
So I'm using my back up machine, the one I learnt on, my mum's old one. Freaky, can't even find a good description online!

The holiday Monday was spent with 2 little 6.5yr olds at the movies- very funny, and great closure! Can't get bored after 4 of these movies, something new each time, so definitely do it. #D was great, but if you have a child (like mine) who takes the glasses off, then complains about a headache, save the $3!
Food- have been watching Masterchef, and cooked soup this week. But i wanted to leave you with my child's dinner choice tonight- chosen at the supermarket, she requested chips too, but we already had them at lunch, so fish and salad it was! I'm pretty lucky....

Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The other week I received a call out from a friend giving me this title, which I have saved until I felt a bit more like chatting. The theme has been picked up by a few others, but I'm sticking to the original '7 things' idea, just to be different (er, original?)
I do like the lots of pics ideas, so I threw some in.
  • I don't have a 'best friend'. My best friend from pre-school (kinder) was with me until we were 29, when she succumbed to a rare form of liver cancer and passed away. I was lucky enough to be there when she died, but she never met my Little Miss, who was also there when she died. So I have Gerry (below), a mad gay Scotsman I met my first day as a Registered Nurse (when he was my student who saved my ass many a time, and must of cursed the day he got that placement) and 1 friend from high school, who I spent year 7 and 8 fighting with, and still have her in my life today. The best thing about a gay best friend? I don't need to have the 'gay' talk with my child. Her reaction to being asked what gay is? "Like Uncle Gerry and Uncle Mark who are married, Mum".

  • I LURVE being messy. In my bedroom, mainly. It drives me nuts to have mess around, but I like that I can lose control a bit and walk over things on the floor, live out of the washing basket, and generally not give a damn. It's taken years to achieve this, and I think it does your mental health a hell of a lot of good if you can do it occasionally. I also love the sense of satisfaction when you finally tidy it all up!

  • I take antidepressants. A massive dose of postnatal depression made me realise that I have probably had it for years, but covered it up with partying when the moods were low. I decided to go into Maternal and Child Health, as I know what it's like to have it, so hopefully I can help people through it. Removing the stigma is also a belief of mine.
me 2002
  • I used to be so skinny! Look at that pic! Even though I still look slim and 'normal', it's hard not to remember me like that and think I'm now 'chubby'. I have a health BMI of 23, and need to tone up a bit, but God, I'd love to look like I used to!

  • I have spent a few years being angry I am a single parent. It wasn't by choice. I don't think it's fair on children sometimes, and never wanted that life for my child. I became the child of a single parent at 18; and am still traumatised. But know that staying in a bad relationship for the child is worse (my parents did that for 10yrs, that is probably what I am traumatised about!) My daily wish is to make sure she goes without nothing, and she is happy and content.

  • I hate cooking. Someone said it perfectly recently- "at least it with sewing it doesn't disappear in 5 mins". How true! All the effort of cooking to have it devoured and 10 mins later- "what's for the next meal?" I eat to live, not to eat, and my daughter is the opposite- the sooner she learns to cook, the better for both of us!

  • I would very happily pack up my stuff and move anywhere, I feel if I have my happy girl, I am set, and can start over anywhere. However, I also wish for a nice 'normal' life- hubby, more kids and the craziness that comes with that. Single parenthood is the loneliest thing I've ever done, and I wouldn't want to go through it again, I want someone helping me through it!

  • I hate myself in photos. That's not a ploy to get comments on this last shot, I just hate seeing myself in a picture, the same as I hate hearing my (I think deep) voice on a recording. I do however love seeing shots of my little girl, she can never look bad!

So that is my 7 things, except I made it 8, haha. Yep, I do like to share. I hope it didn't sound too negative, it wasn't meant to, it was meant to be honest. I have been trying for a while to add something on here that was true and honest, not a 'polished' piece, inspired by a friend I recently met up with.

If you feel like doing it, go on, do it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The one where I talk on and on about Tupperware....

OK, I'm throwing in my 2c worth (remember those coins? I'm old enough...). Some friends have had trouble recently with containers, and I had a walk through a local chain store today and couldn't believe how much they charge for containers that break! And don't get replaced!
So this is a small portion of what I have in my 'Tupperware cupboard'. (Many of these don't even hold Tupperware, and people really do think Decor is the same...*shudder*)

And this is the lunch bag- still going strong after nearly 2 terms. I have perfected the pattern for this size, and am working on one that will fit the long Tupperware lunchbox. It has insulated batting, vinyl inside to wipe it out when the fruit gets squashed, you know, that kind of stuff mum's are familiar with.

Having a few different containers is handy, so depending what you want to send on that day you have one on hand. The round orange one was from Savers, great for bread rolls. The small squares hold rice cakes, sandwiches, cold toasted sandwiches (glad that phase is over); small round hold yogurt, sultana's, nuts (if you want to be kicked out of school).

As it's insulated, the ice pack keeps things cold, and doubles up for playground injuries haha.

Oh, and I am showing you the Prep year's drink bottle top. Do your kid's get like these? Replaceable lid for $7! And threatening that won't have a Madagascar drink bottle again (or lunchn in general) means this years is perfect!

OK, so BPA free? Not sure. The website will tell you more. But not having to buy new containers for years is just as much an issue for me. No Glad Wrap goes to school; the containers all come home (touch wood); and if they break, I ring a local Tupperware lady to replace it for me.
Mmm, haven't tried these before, but if I host a party, I may get them free!
Now for the good bit. Followers of this will be able to buy my insulated lunch bag for a special price of $35. That's a saving of 25%!! You can send me your fabric, dimensions of containers or let me come up with the plan- great for kids and adults too! The only limit is your imagination!
Email me if interested.