Saturday, January 31, 2009

A bit cooler!

Yay, only 37 degrees today, and a big difference. Especially in my mental status! Thought I'd go crazy after last night's blackout (even though it was light, I'll still call it that). We spent a lovely cool crafty/sewing day, with even a bit of washing hung out (ok, not too cool, but bearable).
I even decided to brave the beach! I'm not a huge fan of it, and we were only there till the wind came up- sand everywhere, yuk! But a cool swim and fun for Little Miss. Body a bit sore now, the waves were a bit rough!
Here's my spunky surfer girl (Cancer Council suit I picked up about 2 yrs ago in Savers- well worth holding onto!)
She wanted fairy fabric for her library bag, but...

I liked the farm Sesame St pillowcase, so she know has a reversible one! Too easy.

Ducked into Savers yesterday afternoon (air conditioned!!) and had a haby field day again. It was an absolute mess in that section, as usually, but managed to hunt down a few goodies. I always feel I am on my knees with my bum poking out of the shelf in that shop!
Self cover buttons for $2 a packet, $2 for the 5 packs of buttons, $1.99 for the pattern (it's been there for months, I put it out of it's misery) and pillowcases and a sheet. There was a second sheet the same, a bit pricey at $12.99 each, but I'm happy with on, given that it's a double flannelette- lots of pj's, bags, skirts etc out of one.

One of the pillowcase was a find, not sure I can cut it up now, might be given to Little Miss.

Quote of the day: (Not quite a quote, but not sure what to call it!)
"Mum, why are you going down this aisle?" (as I encourage her to follow me down the pillowcase aisle)
"Oh, to find things to cut up" (before I can answer!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 1st giveaway

Well, I certainly didn't set out today to do three posts, it just worked out that way!

I have been umming and ahhing what to do with this bag of fabric, most of it was from when I was making all the quilts I am now binding.
I had most of it in bags, in my stash box, and keep taking them in and out, but don't want to use them, as newer and different fabrics are making their way into the box.

All up there is 2kg of fabric, some squares, some pieced squares, some strips, basically you could almost make a quilt with it! Or use some of your own stash to play with it all.
Oh, the little bits with rubber bands around it are little triangles, may need a press!
I'm happy to post Australia wide.
Please leave a comment, and I will get Little Miss to draw a name out of the hat next Thursday (after school, of course).
Good luck!

All grown up!

Well, nearly. Still arguing that point. But I know, on this day of child care, that we are about to step off into possibly years and years of formal education. 15yrs and 2 post grad courses later, I never believe it stops after high school. I hope Little Miss does the same!
Self portrait
A treat before school starts

And why Mummy can't help herself!
As hard as starting school is, I have always looked forward to this part. And as nice as it is that everything is supplied in prep, it is also a bit of an anti climax. I know, I know, I may be mad, but hey, we $300 from the government to buy school supplies when they don't actually need much! Little Miss got packets of texta's and pencils for birthday and Xmas too, so I REALLY can't justify buying more. (Loving the bonus though, thanks!)
My favourite catalogues are
these, and when in the supermarket I am lingering over the back to school aisle in case there is anything she needs.
There is a treat for Little Miss when she gets home today, a brand new exercise book to do with as she wished, with funky covering. Now I feel better!

Maybe I need to go back to uni?

My creative space....

I'm playing along again this week, thanks to Kristy.
I felt like labelling this post "I've turned the corner", as that's how it feels with these quilts, that have probably been laying around now a year!
All the binding is handmade, and in various stages of completion. I have 2 left to attach by machine, then the rest will all be turned and hand sewn. With gorgeous corners!

Due to the weather, there won't but hand quilting going on this week, anything touching me at the moment is making me hot!
Keep cool, everyone!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not again

Ok, it's getting a bit ridiculous! I want people to buy my quilts, and this excludes lots of cat dislikers! It was really hot and yucky in this room at the time, too, not fan on or anything...
and she loved having her photos taken, she kept rolling and lapping up the attention. Weird.

And my quick dinner tonight- salad, which I haven't had in yonks (unless you count chicken caesar, am always up for that). This was rocket, fennel, radish, tomato and mushroom. Drizzled with loive oil. Perfect for a hot evenings dinner. Ice cream for dessert.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Like a bat out of hell

I don't know what came over me, but with not much thought, I found all my pins....

in here! My quilts have taken off, I have machine quilted four last night, what a sense of achievement! Not to mention pin overload!

This is the best shot I could get (at 1am!) of my beautiful stitch-in-the-ditch foot. Made things very fast!

And, thanks to Jeanette White from Expert Village, here is one binding half done. Great corners so far!
And a cute little pic- a neighbour across the road is having a cleanup- we're talking 22 yrs in this house, where they can't use any of the rooms they are so full! So we got 3 of these little swings. Cute, hey? Little Miss is all super keen, but considering she doesn't play with dolls, they may be given away at some point. Let me know if you like them, or have an alternative use- planters, maybe?
See ya!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yes, despite this help, I did do some sewing last night....

This morning saw her in my sock drawer.

But here is the finished Amy Butler Anna tunic. Minus the flower, haven't finished it yet. The tie is finished too, which goes loosely around the waist. I love it. Have worn it already!

The back detail is so cute, despite the messy bit under the bottom button (I know it's there!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Market Day

A great Saturday, my treats keep on coming! It feels like Christmas all over again, without the stress ( and all the pressies are mine!)
I have been waiting for about 2 yrs for a good special on saucepans, and the wait has paid off- Stanley Rogers set from Harris Scarfe. Lovely lovely lovely. 2 of my saucepans were sharing a lid, and the handles were loose etc....maybe my cooking will improve? Hope so.
I dropped into Salvos at Abbotsford today, and they have a few of these- never been used, but oh so smelly, mothballs and storage I guess. This pair is on the line as I speak! Maybe a dress, added to the stash for sure. The were a few more, but be quick!

And spent time at the convent market at Abbotsford as well. As you can see, fun....


and more food.
Raspberries and strawberries at the back, but the mint at the front is from my own garden. It grows wild like crazy, even in the grass, and every now and then I rip it all out, dry/use it, and more grows. Without me doing a thing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Creative Thursday...on Friday

Reading this last night is what inspired me to hunt down my digital camera today (as in hunt down a bargain).
I tried to describe it, and it just wasn't happening. Even though I will point out a few things, a picture says 1000 words (apparently).
So there is a pair of scissors (one of three scattered around); a pink and brown voile fabric cut out into a dress, which will be very see through, but I will do a lining or something; a Favourite Things skirt in a blue sheer fabric (again, a lining problem); and my new Anna tunic.
Iron is optional on my ironing board, today it is on it.
I am showing off as I am sewing 'from the stash'. The pink and brown is an Ebay purchase, and the blue skirt an oppy find; the blue Anna fabric an expensive treat.
Thanks Kirsty for letting us all play!

A wonderful day

Yes, the day I bought my new camera.
It has made me very happy, I couldn't handle another day without. Especially with all the excitment in my life right now!
Like.... pruning done!
The side cleaned up- ok, not officially everything, but 99% of it. One more lot to go.
Also on the shopping list today was the first pair of school shoes. The school says sneakers are the school shoes, but as a MCHN paranoid about foot problems, I was Clarks fitted all the way. Then I found them.

Clarks Varsity, found at the Footwear Express outlet for $30! A definate compromise for me, but one I can live with. And worn home form the shop, so I know they are ok!

This is the fabric I mentioned in my last blog with which I will make the Anna tunic.

And what post would be complete without a pic of Murray, back from the groomers. The week at the beach cost him lots of fur, but they kept his 'face', and definately his personality unlike last time!
Little Miss has named him 'The Dude"!

So off to take more pics and download. 270 holiday pics to look at. Finally!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I can't believe how much I spent on a pattern, considering the state of my phone bill, but am sooooo excited- I just bought this, and some beautiful fabric. No pic to show, of course, but definately ones when it's finished.
I went to GJ's Fabrics in Brunswick, Lygon St, where I was hoping to get one of Nikki's patterns, particularly the Mod bag, but they had sold out (not suprised). So that is my next online purchase, I think. It's good to see the samples, though, as I didn't realise how roomy the slouch bag is. And of course the hats.....mmmmm!
I tried to put links in to this post and keeps jumping in front of my link when I save it, so they are not redirecting. Anyone else had this problem? Many attempts have failed, sorry!
So now I have fabric to wash, patterns to cut, along with all the other household duties I try to squeeze in on my day off from daughter. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok, don't ask me how I got here, but I have been pleasantly suprised

This cd was chosen with an 'eyes shut, pick one' approach, due to me cleaning out the cd bozes and being surious. Usually I pick the odd one and go no, pick again, but today- I googled, and who know? He's still playing in the US, and a bit spunky to boot!

I finished school in 1992, so I have to try not to feel too old realizing I have had this cd for about 13yrs! I was robbed a few years ago in Sydney, so I don't have my very first cd - a classic.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

I can do corners

Help has arrived!
In the form of You Tube. Check out this:
And I found out there aren't many patchwork shops open on Sunday, actually none that I can find in Melbourne. I was going to take a quilt in and get them to show me, but thanks to the Net, I am sorted.
I have had a few blissful hours this afternoon while me little one is out with her aunt and uncle (my sis and her partner). This called for a nap, and then some binding, yay!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today I worked out my New Year's Resolution.
Well, one of them anyway. To finish my unfinished projects!
That, though, means learning to mitre corners for my quilts.
Hence, the ARGHH!
Please Help.
PS No photos is getting easier to bear, I think, may not be long now and there may be finished quilts (with crappy corners!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Third time lucky

Still camera-less, probably good because I have been bra-less and makeup-less for most of the week too! Have had a lovely break, daughter has been happy to get back to day care, where she feels like she is 'king (or queen) of the kids' being one of three there starting school in a few weeks. I got a fair bit of housework done, some op shopping and yesterday, with the help of my wonderful neighbour and another friend, got the backyard and side cleaned up. Can't wait to show THAT! My list of jobs is getting less!

After a few attempts at uploading some scanned pics, I have stopped at one, one of the great deals I got yesterday doing my locals. Newport Vinnies to be exact. This one caught my eye due to our recent zoo trip, there is even a Tassie Devil and a bird mobile on the back page. Of course i have been asked to make them all, but have distracted her with that one. I am a VERY basic knitter, limited to hats and scarves and jumpers all in one stitch. A colony of penguins would be nice, though.....

AM heading out tonight for a few with friends, little miss happily at her friends house, I am all alone at home, what am I doing? Sewing the hopscotch for my little one, of course! No rest for the wicked haha.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rave On, Rave On

Ok, good news and bad news....

Bec said recently "And I hope that somehow your washing machine manages to miraculously repair itself while you're away "

And it did!

I think it needed the threat of being put on the side of the road, I got back and gave it one more chance, and have since done 5 loads! Amazing. Thank you thank you washing machine fairies.

If there is a digital camera fairy, I'd love to meet you too, as I want to look at my holiday pics!

Meanwhile, I have a serious addiction I am in no way wanting to break, just need some fellow fans- Mamma Mia! I watched it for the first time last week, haven't seen the stage show either, I am so in love with it. Watched it again today, and am listening to the movie soundtrack as we speak. I have always loved ABBA, even Little Miss likes them, but Meryl Streep is great, Pierce Brosnan terrible but great too, they are all great.....ok, get the picture? Will stop now. But will add a new video if anyone wants to watch along.

(No video, just music) Surprise!


Monday, January 12, 2009

We're back!

Gosh, only a week, it felt much longer. Maybe because we were at a different house every night, lots of public transport and 2 suitcases! The washing machine has decided to work again, thank goodness, but my camera has died....RIP. Hopefully the memory card is ok (or then I WILL cry!) and I can get the pics printed out as per Little Miss's request.

So, in a pictureless post here is what happened:

Sunday: packed, caught plane. Slept in Newcastle, Cardiff to be exact. Lamb roast dinner

Monday: Train from Newcastle to Central, stayed with Best Boy Friends in Alexandria.

Tuesday: Shopped in Newtown, red Prada handbag for $4, train and bus to my dad's in Narellan.

Wednesday: Saw my Grandma, Dad drove us to Campsie to stay with my best girlfriend, her 2 kids and hubby (in a 2 bedroom apratment-eek!). Saw a massive Sydney cockroach.

Thursday: Shopping in Sampsie, introduced friend to op shopping, train back into city. Stayed in hotel, dinner with old friend.

Friday: Taronga Zoo, sunburn (me) and Madagascar 2.

Saturday: Back to Alexandria, La Perouse beach, many many drinks.

Sunday: 14 hrs on a train and bus back to Melbourne.

Monday: reuntited with pets, very happy day. very grumpy and tired 5 yr old, who has stated we need a holiday to get over our holiday! I do too, hence day care tomorrow.

Cat is being painful trying to sit on keyboard, so off to watch dvd and had cuddly cat time. And sleep!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh, to have an overlocker!

If today has proven anything, it is how much I need to get that overlocker off lay by! The silly season took all my money, but this year, watch out! haha. We are leaving Sunday night for our week adventure in Syd-en-ey (I lived up there during the Olympics, so am allowed to say it like that). We will be staying with friends, so wanted to make some thank you's and pressies for friends kiddies. Of course, the more I make, the more I want to make, damn! I did get some projects down, though.

This dress I cut out AGES ago, from a vintage Holly Hobbie doona cover was going to go in my shop, but I will give it instead to my friends daughter. I skipped the zip and put buttons down the back. Very cute, I think. It unfortunately has musty op shop smell, from living with the other op shop fabrics post washing, and i can't re-wash as my washing machine has broken AGAIN! I am ignoring it (the machine) before I go away. I'll deal with it later!

I finished a knitting needle holder for my step mum, not as perfect as I'd like, but I was watching LOST Season 4 at the time, I was easily distracted. It fits HEAPS of needles, though, which is important. (My shop bought one from years ago holds about 8 pairs- eek! I need a new one now).
Little Miss was happily crafting and sting away too, painting this canvas (a fill in the outline style one). She is very happy with it, and pretty chuffed it's on the wall. I am a bit freaked out by her eyes, though, I must admit.

And here is where the overlocker would have reigned supreme, at least I had a rotary cutter. Some shopping bags for my friends, I decided to use up my spotty sheet, as my girl and I both have clothes in it, and we can't match our shopping bags- these will be in Qld and NSW. They go together pretty quick, thank goodness, but no fancy over locking stitch, if they fray they fray. Only I would think about washing them, anyway!

And a dodgy self portrait of my new haircut. It has made me immensely happy, it sits good, it feels soft, and oh, it isn't grey! And long and yucky, as my last outgrown style was. I need to get it done more than every three months, and now I have a friend working from home, I can afford it. Yippee!

I'll fit in one more post before I go, Murray leaves tomorrow for his beach holiday, and the cat on Sunday for hers. I miss them already!