Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I used it!

I got this tool the other day on my trip to Amitie, hoping it would kick start me into
making Dresden Plates.

It sure did! Well, that and the gorgeous Liberty sample pack I bought. It's good value, I used a small bit for this cushion, and have heaps left for other projects. Like more cushions, I guess.

The middle piece is a scrap I received, Cindy blogged about it, it fit perfectly with
the rest of the Liberty's.

I need a new cushion insert to puff it up, but I love it, and as it's for me, that's
all that matters!

I've signed up here for a swap; have you?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My haul

I got some lovely sewing things yesterday, spoiling myself and my girl.

I finally added this book to my collection (quite new, but I wanted it since I first read about it!)

I also picked up my Sherbert Pips fat quarter bundle from my buddy, ahh, it's gorgeous!

I stopped in at Amitie, where it was busy busy busy, but lots of people to chat to while we waited.
I picked up the last few months for the BOM i'm supposed to be doing.

This gorgeous Liberty pack, and bonus fat 1/8th wasn't being left behind!

The sales rack was good to me....

and a little tool to push me into some new patchwork. I hope!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Hat

So I finally made this pattern up.....

 and Curlypops added some brooches

it was worn all day

so I guessed she liked it!

And an early Easter present (as in waking her before I went to bed on Good Friday to
show her my skills haha)

the cat literally ripped it out of my hands!

Happy Easter everyone!

The Good (op shopping Part One)

I love to op shop, it started off as necessity as a single mum on Centrelink benefits, trying to dress me and my daughter while barely covering rent and food; now it is a hobby that usually gives me great results. Brianna (silly nickname B-Fab) and Cam (aka Superpops) are also big fans, so when B-Fab had a moan about the oppy's on her side of town, we set up a shopping date.

Superpops joined us midway through the day, after getting off work early. She found us in the car in the car park of a Shell service station (no, no fancy cafe for us) after I had discovered Twisties Cheeseburger snack. Mmmm, cheeseburger!

Anyhoo, we headed off to a few more oppys, and here are the good scores of the day (I did go back the next day to get some of these, I slept on it and decided I needed them!)
Leona Edmiston dress $8
K Mart $7.99

Metro brand $19.99 

Yes, this dress cost more than the Leona, but look at the ric-rac.

Loving the ric-rac.

Stay tuned for The Bad. and The Ugly.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Great Story Part One

For a while now the Little Miss has been asking about having a blog. Geez, it's hard enough to keep up with one sometimes, let alone two. And really it should be all about me, shouldn't it?

But here's her blog worthy new story, titled
"It's Too Sunny"

Crafty catch up Pt 2

On Wednesday night I headed out to NCB too see some crafty peeps, and give over my end of the bargain....

and phew, she liked it!

It was filled up and used straight away, a lovely compliment!

Karen was making some cool little chicks, that Brianna was sneakily trying to coax into her hexie tin...

they were pecking away, not noticing the yummy cakes being devoured around them!

and to all those peeps who think I buy a lot of fabric- this was given to me from the naughty Cindy; I gave her some pink chenille (which I also have coming out of my ears) and was given some 'scraps', all of which are usable!

oh, I did manage a bit of crafting in too....

I got busy with those scraps over the weekend.....


and one for my little sis

PS The pink one for the kid may be up for grabs....she doesn't like some of the fabrics! Doh!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crafty catch up

I have a few things I've made that I haven't blogged about yet; there are a few orders I've had that will
be posted after the recipients receive them!

But I can always post the kid's stuff!

I jumped on the bandwagon and made her some belts; I have serious belt envy now, and will be
doing some for myself!


when we arrived back Sunday night from camping, this was on the doorstep! Thanks Cathy! I went against all my beliefs and sewed before washing *gasp*

 She was thrilled to wear these brand new pj's to pajama day at her school holiday program! She was in them for 24hrs, actually, as she had to then wear them to bed....

I had to put the reds tripe on the back of hers, as I nabbed all the fabric for me!

I'm throwing this pic on, one of my happy nappy bag recipients! With baby Ivy in the green pouch at the front, awww, cute! (can't find a previous post when I need it!)

I also made some jewellery rolls for a friend, pattern from here- so easy!

And what has the kid been making? She loves Build a Bears; despite the home made softies, these have won her over. What a great photo, though!


We had a break from Twitter, housework and online friends and went away with people in the flesh on the weekend!

What a gorgeous day Friday was, it was a relief to arrive at our destination and realise everyone was really NICE! (a big group of single parents and their kids, my first activity with the group)

But she took along a friend just in case.

After a yummy 'someone else cooked it ' dinner and marshmallows around the fire caused my lovely kid to tell me in the middle of the night how much she loved me for bringing her there (awwww). Saturday was action packed!
We walked down a massive hill (didn't think about that at the time)
and she paddled a canoe!

learnt the hard way about the arm flick with the bow and arrow;

and we learnt she takes after her mum in the daredevil activities;

I was the ONLY crafter, which got a bit of a laugh, and by the end of the weekend I was the Pied Piper of knitting and hexies; start pushing craft at the kids, peeps! They gave these 2 lots enjoyment with 'sorting'.

The rain came and gave us lots of chances to make friends, rediscover a skill at table tennis and generally laze around and be fed.

Did we want to go home? Not likely! The views on the way back were just as breathtaking.

As was this happy girls smile. Awwwww!

Thanks to the great company, awesome chicks I met and the camp in general. And the huntsmen spiders who stayed hidden and didn't hijack their way out in our luggage.

And thanks to my Twitter pals for missing me, double awww!