Friday, August 31, 2012

Ooops, better draw the giveaway!

So it's been three weeks since I announced my giveaway- and I have plenty opf good reasons for it taking so long!

but, you don't need to here all the ins and outs of my life...and finally succumbing to the dreaded headcold/ manflu thing

So, thanks to the Random Number Generator

means that number 17 is the winner!!

I then counted down the list (which was alphabetical) and the winner is

I'll get Juddie's details and send her pressie off- which is the prefect colors for her gorgeous little man...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finished cushions

I've been teasing during 'My Creative Space' and on Instagram with pics of these cushions, and can finally reveal the finished items!

I bought this pattern over here and found it fantastic, so many pics and clear instructions. Only mistake I made was I didn't read them close enough, der!

Fabric is by Aneela Hoey, called Walk In The Woods.
Little Miss and I love her designs, and most of the cushions on her bed are made from her fabrics!
(actually searching for them on my blog made me realise I should label them all under "Aneela Hoey" rather than the fabric lines, and I'm sure I'll be getting her newer ranges too at some point!)

So here is Little Miss's cushion- complete with the Big Big BIG Book of Tashi ( "so they can see how big the pocket is, Mum")

 and I somehow managed to line the fabric up at the front of the pocket- a complete fluke!

I also made one for my friends little girl, who's birthday I just missed! Hopefully this will make up for me missing it!
I machine stitched the quilting around this one.

the blue/purple back is Little Miss's; scallopy quilting seen on a few other blogs lately, so thought I'd give it a whirl!

 And some spesh Far Far Away on the birthday gift.

  and the mistake? I used the Walk In The Woods fabric for the back and front of the petals, not realising they were being sewn down! I didn't want to hide the gorgeous fabric (or unpick them all, eek!) so I left them loose, just stitching up the seams of the Dresdens.

Oh, it also fits Teddy! ( A very tired, post birthday party face on the kid!)

So thanks for the pattern and fabric, from 2 very clever ladies! I learnt a lot making it!

PS a tip- don't try and making the binding smaller, go with the pattern directions! I tried to use my 2inch premade stuff, and as it's going around about 9 layers at some pints, the extra 1/2 inch is essential!

Oh, and I'm heading over to the flickr group to add my pics- there are amazing finished ones there, and boys versions too!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Creative Space

I haven't played along for ages. Keep forgetting. But am in the middle of something, that won't drag on for weeks (I hope).

see here for more spaces

And I'll reveal the pattern when I'm done!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Bit Belated.....(and probably a bit long)

 So I picked myself up last weekend from the sadness of giving that lovely quilt away- and moved onto the next one! I first saw this quilt at the first kid's class we did at Millrose Cottage, and wanted to make it pretty badly! So on Saturday just gone I went to my 4th (4th!) class at Ballan, and got started on it!

I'd asked for a fabric pack made up- the 'choosing of the fabrics' isn't my favourite bit! I like a pack, bundle, layer cake, anything that saves me too much 'thinking about it'. Unlucky for poor Liz working that day the fabric packs weren't there, but lucky for me she quickly helped me put my own together- and I helped too! So breaking me out of my comfort zone a bit....

 the original


We all got a Dresden finished nearly finished  for the day- 2 girls were hand piecing (eek!) and us others were probably just chatting too much! A great bunch to sew with. Judy was a fantastic teacher, pulling us into line, great explanations, and I'm soooo not worried I can't finish this now. In fact, I got home and continued on, completing 180 Dresden 'petals' but bedtime. 

So why do I travel an hr from home to do a class when a) I can teach myself most things via the net or books and b) I always buy extra fabric and really shouldn't be let loose in that shop at all?

The class includes a great lunch, at the cafe next door, and you pretty much don't think about a thing for the whole time you are there. 'Would you like a coffee?' on arrival, to afternoon tea, at the perfect time you're getting snoozy from a big drive and longish day.


As an added bonus the farmer's market was on that day, so a 'breakfast' on a chicken sausage in bread was a great start to the day too! I think I'd have to do the Farmer's Market on a 'non-class' day, as I don't want to waste sewing time haha

I realised on the day I hadn't blogged about the 2nd 'kid's class' Little Miss and I did over the last school holidays! Nearly the same group...

 they all got on like a house on fire, as did us mums! 

 the 'workroom';

  half a rhino;

 and Humphrey aka Dozer

a 'loon' of rhino's??

bottoms (heeheehee)

and 'stacks on!'

A seriously awesome place!

Friday, August 10, 2012


I apologise profusely for more pics of this quilt. I have bombarded Instagram (where I'm becsibbi) and twitter with them lately. Sorry. Can't help it.

 I fell in love with a line of fabric last year, and as a Xmas pressie to me, bought myself a layer cake of it. I searched the Moda Bakeshop for a 'layer cake friendly' pattern, where I found this. Consider me a very happy chappy.

Fast forward a few lots of months. The quilt top was done, but too many other things got in the way, and after all, it was only for me! It could wait. But a chance chat with an work colleague, and before I knew it, pics were shown and it was sold!

Thanks to good counseling from friends, and Twitter support, I have just delivered it to it's new owner! A girl about to turn 14. (Her mum bought it, paid, drove it home. It's a b'day surprise for a few weeks time).

So excuse me while I bombard my blog with pics of one of my fave quilts ever.....

 pieced backing;

 basting (and batting adjustments)


 the rain stopped for pics (happy animals as they aren't wet);



 awesome binding;

*sigh*. At least I have photos. Which, by coincidence, I had on my phone and when I showed a snap to my accountant (don't ask me how that happened, I have no idea) he pulled cash out on the spot and order a king size version!

Unfortunately I don't want yardage of Terrain, which is all I can find; so I'm going to use Cuzco
Not that I'd get bored anything, but any excuse as much beautiful fabric as possible!

For no real reason....

 Actually, I lie. 

There's a few reasons for this give-a-way- yep (you read it right, a give-a-way!)
 So I've missed a few milestones lately, my 4 year blogaversary on the 10th of July, and my 700th post (this is 704, so I didn't miss it by too much). In celebration, and in getting back into selling my hand made items (cos lets face it, my house is full!) I have opened a Facebook page!

Heard over to my Facebook page and click 'Like"; alternatively, come back over to my blog and become a 'Follower".  Leave a comment letting me know you've done one or the other, and you're in the draw!

The prize? A lunch bag, made a while ago, but still pretty cool in my opinion! Insulated with thermal stuff (keeps food cold if you use an ice brick), and cool colours for adults or kids. It's lined with clear vinyl too, so any leaks get wiped out.

I look forward to drawing this one! When? Maybe 2 weeks time? I'll give you a few days warning teehee.

BTW, if you already 'like' me and are a follower, still leave a comment, as you'll also go in the draw! Just to say thanks.....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bag a long a long a long.....

So my friend, the Queen of the Sew Along's, is having a new one for August. And no sticking to the same pattern, it's your pick!

Need some inspiration? Here's one I did last Saturday, for my friend's b'day present. It's a City bag, and is what I'd call 'one of the simple ones'. Some zipper practice, interfacing and easy strap, and super glam looking! Stoopid me forgot to photograph the lining in inside zip! Der!

Cam has a great shop, where she stock nearly all of Nikki's patterns, and will order any that aren't there if you ask her nicely! Other stockists are here.

I have another couple of bags planned, lets see how many I actually get done!

(Looking at these, I realised I got three bags out of this fabric! Not bad! And I still love it!)