Sunday, August 18, 2013

What i've been up too....

There's been a bit of quilting stuff happening, and other sewing of course.

I'm a bit of a fan of this girl, and her beautiful work. I spied this quilt in Feb and think I pulled all the scraps out for it straight away! It took till now with all the other projects that came up to get it started- and it only took me a week! I used a pink homespun with it, as I use so much white in quilts I wanted something different.

I haven't decided on the layout yet, there are a few versions in the original post that inspired Nova (who has now inspired me hehe) so I might put the design wall up tonight and get laying!

I also saw this on Nova's blog (OK, now I sound all stalkerish, but I saw it over here too, it was a coincidence, I swear!) Anyway, it was good timing, as I have been pretty slack for the nephew...I mean, only 1 quilt in 8mths....sheesh!)

I got out the blue cotton stuff I scored a while ago when the school was throwing it out;

and a plan formulated when I spotted this thread at Spotlight. I'm going a bit neon mad at the moment, I like 'pops' of it in things at the moment.

So I joined The QAL and got started....might be getting ahead of myself though, better slow down!

  Couldn't resist a mirror ball dot in there hehe

The girl decided she needed to make some new lavender sachets today for her drawer....and lucky Henry got one for his sock drawer too!

 I had the Maze and Vale prints already pieced for a cushion, and this scrap was in the scrap bin just waiting...

Oh, and I finally got a snap of the girl and her braces...only took 3 weeks, and I think she forgot about them for a sec! I really thought it would be a year before she let me take a pic of her again!

Speaking of cute (weren't we?) here's the little man himself- 8mths old and standing/cruising and has started those slobbery baby kisses. In. Love!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Triple Zip Pouch

  I was a bit late to the table with this one, as in I missed the original sew along when it was happening, but found out about a great swap over on Flickr for this cool pouch. I wanted to make one for ages, and this got me motivated!

Of course, I wanted perfection, so I had a wee practice. The first one was for me....and I am pretty happy with it!
It's the perfect purse for my work bag-the zips all open into separate pockets, so I can have tea bags in one, headache tabs in the other, lippy and hand cream in the big one- you get the drift, and in neat little compartments!

The 2nd one didn't get as good a review as the first one (which was always mine mwah mwah mwah) but I've kept it for the 'pressie pile'.

There's an extra tute to go with the original one for finishing it off, see here

But I still wasn't happy. So I started what I thought would 'the one'

 only to find my zip had been written on! Another present pile add on...

And finally I was happy!

This one was stuffed full of goodies and is probably over the ocean right now. I'm excitedly checking my mailbox too. It's so nice knowing someone is making something for me, hopefully as thoughtfully as I did haha. And I know what I'm making for Xmas pressies!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Going to get up to some Hijinks...

Oh, I love having something to look forward to!!

Gillian and Jodie have put their heads together for this....It's going to be ace! I haven't been to a bloggy catch up thing for ages. Meeting some new bloggers and crafters, and catching up with old bloggers that have become real-life friends. Hopefully I wont go all shy and not talk to anyone on the day, then become friends online later on (der, but it has happened).

Sign up now if you haven't and can make it, and we'll see you there!