Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I had a few beauties this week, all very handy really.

The kid and I dropped in to Savers, and she scored some new shoes. The pink ones still had the Target tags, not worn at all, and a perfect fit. The Converse on the left are actually brown, but I pulled them out of the washing machine just before I took this. They won't fir for long, but I'm a bit Converse mad!

My friend scored a bag of smelly great zips for me, they've been chucked in the wash as well!

And some cute jewellery- the heart pendant is too sweet, and the beads remind me of my Grandma. You can dress up any outfit with a great set of beads! The cuff/watch isn't working, but I love the look of it- and may become a pattern for a real leather one.

Head over here to see more great finds!

A Rather Productive weekend!

I had an emergency dash to Spotlight yesterday for Pellon (fusible interfacing) and lookee what I found on the clearance table!
No, not a child, this gorgeous fabric! I snapped up a metre, and did a simple shirred top. She requested strapless (?) but I convinced her to have a halter neck!

And it's been worn all day, despite the chillier weather.

We dropped the fluffy dog off for his summer trim (a few mths too late), having a coffee in the cafe next door. My fellow heart spotter noticed this. And that was THE strongest coffee I've ever had, stronger than a double shot!

So when we got home with a baldy dog, I whipped up this quick coat,
from this book.

 It goes well with the 'M' bling given to him by the doggy groomer! Because he was so good!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just too cute....

Playing around

With pocketbooth, especially! So much fun.

 Visiting mates at a market;


Sewing for the first time;

 and bundles of goodies in the mail from lovely bloggers! Thanks!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've left this title blank, as I don't know how to label it.

I'm sending out an appeal for offal- that's right, those yucky bits of your body we think are 'awful'! Well, guess what, to some, those body parts are life saving! Hearts, lungs, kidney, eyes etc. Why take them with you, now they are no longer working for you?

Even without knowing amazing people that will possibly need organs, I would be right behind this drive- as a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care, I was privileged enough to be with families making these decisions, and see the 'calm' that overcame them as they knew their loved one hadn't died in vain. That their loved one could help so many others.

I was pretty pumped 11 weeks ago when I gave blood- wow, I helped 3-4 people in 15mins? And I got food? The best thing I could do is give my organs that I don't need, that would, in some animals, get thrown in the bin, and give them to someone that needs them. And my child's. Why shouldn't she be able to help someone if, God forbid, I lost her.

But do you know the BEST thing about organ donation? It doesn't matter if you're black, white, green, purple, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Purple-People-eater- you would be very welcome, no matter where you end up!~

Head over here for more info!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flea Market Finds

OK, a bit photo heavy, but I've had a few good finds this week. All coinciding with 'nicer work clothes' motto; some will be home made, others bargains.

I did need a sheet re stash though; making the doona covers takes it toll on my stash!

I dropped into Savers and found a few beauties- Crocs for $1.99 (will fit the kid next summer);

A bigger better fitting pair of jeans, $9.99. Love my loyal friend in this pic!

A lovely 'frock', Kmart brand, but came with the slip, $7.99

This brand is from Myer, I think, 'Piper'. It is linen look fabric, I couldn't get a photo that doesn't make it look shiny!

A Minkpink skirt, $9.99

And the next day- a new grater! Hard to believe, but I think the plastic is sharper than my metal one! And less chance for grated fingers for the kid!
(Also hard to believe I didn't already have that in my collection)

Few, long but worth it! Head over here for more finds, glad I can finally play along again, it's been a while between bargains!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunshine...moonlight...good times...boogie!

It's been busy, I've gone back a bit as I found some pics I forgot to post!
I have made a new lunch bag pattern, to fit the Nudie food movers, and the Tupperware long lunch box. I have heard the Nudie one's break quickly, but the kid still wanted to be the same as the other kids, so I'll wait and see...

I made a lemon meringue pie last week for a catch up, and this week as well, when I headed over to Tinniegirl's today. Twice I forgot to take a pic before I cut into it! Here's an action shot....

I have semi- caught up on the BOM from Amitie. I have a few blocks to do at S.I.T....

I gave away another pressie today, making me all happy and smiley. Can't wait to see it on it's bed! My 2 favorite bloggy friends have a little bit of me to say thanks for being there for me!

I made myself a slouch bag yesterday, I had to try it, and I do declare it fabulous!

I co ordinated it all around the zip, seriously.

And found the perfect pocket fabric. I forgot about another slouch bag I got to fondle today...

The Little Miss and I picked this up at the oppy yesterday, and she sure does wear it well. I'm wanting to make her a couple, anyone know of a pattern for this style? Thanks in advance!

And a reminder to love yourself a bit tomorrow! I used to get very depressed I never got spoilt on Valentine's Day (none good enough to remember, that is) but now I see it as a chance to spoil myself, and not have to buy a gift and exchange it for a potentially crap one! Silver linings, peeps...

Few, that'll do me, I think! Have a happy crafting week everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A busy week or two

Well, I finished the bag off on the Thursday night, and took it straight out Friday with me to a work conference! It is so light, as I didn't use vinyl on this one. I didn't have any hardware for the strap to make it adjustable, and this might help with the weight, too. It's just lovely!

I fell a bit in love with the fabric, and even checked the selvedge for the name!
So Saturday I made these 2 bags, Large Slouch pattern, to be given to friends as nappy bags! I can't wait to make one of these in denim for me....

The annual first-day-of-school shot had to be indoors this year, as it was raining that morning. Still working out the self timer teehee (the kid doesn't like this one, I do!)

And lastly, a little catch up with some crafty friends on Sunday. They were supposed to take some free fabric, hmm, I've still got a big pile left for the oppy! Cam gave Little Miss and I belated Xmas pressies (naughty girl!). I love my phone cover...

The work phone (Nokia) fits perfectly in the back pocket, waiting to be grown
 up teehee.....


And the kid scored this fantastic Nintendo DSi cover, fits like a glove and padded to perfection (as we found out when she immediately dropped it! Klutz!)


Let's see if it can get any busier next week!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space

I think this is my first one for 2011, so hello again!
I always try and play along, but sometimes....forget!

Yesterday I got stuck into a new bag (for moi) that I've had cut out for ages.

The fabric was on the $8 a metre table at GJ's, not sure what it's called; pattern by Nikki.

Head over here to see more spaces!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holiday fun!

Did you read the irony in the title? No? Well, I hate to say it, I am not one of those people who love the school holidays.I'm on my own with my child all day and night, and when holidays come around, IE no school and no work, we drive each other a bit batty!
It seems to be worse when she goes and has a heap of fun at someone else's house and comes home Bit of a let down, I'm guessing, if the bad behaviour is anything to go by.

So, after a write off of a morning, I suggested she play with these Hama beads. Now, I'm particularly proud of this find. 2 weeks of stalking Salvos and it was still there- all the beads, all the templates, instructions etc.

Hard to read, but the original price tag said $46.99. Not well spent for the kid who chucked them out, but well worth the $4.99 I picked them up for!

So far, solo, she has made the ostrich (called an emu, but I keep correcting her);

and made me a 'Cheeky Monkey';

and I've just come from helping her with the lion's mane and face. We've had a few cries when it gets bumped, but boy, these things are great for teaching resilience! So today, when I couldn't find the purse feet or right size template plastic for the bag I'm making, I could proudly say 'see? No point crying, doesn't find them /fix it any quicker.

And we've had some nice Mummy/kid time too.

And this pic is to show the wee girl where I put her present, the little sweetie gave it to me, too cute! With my other special things :)


Unfortunately, I haven't heard from my winner "Mac" in a week, so I've decided to redraw the raffle.

Thanks to Mac for their donation, though, I just have no way of contacting you.

SOothis time, I used the random number generator, using the 11 entries I had, and

hmm, not sure how to get the box to show, but it was number 1!

That would be my first entry with a ticket, who is Kirsten!

Kirsten left me her email address, so I'm off to email her now.

Thanks to everyone that helped us raise $99, 089! Amazing!