Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ups and downs

It's been a roller coaster over here lately. I really don't cope well with lots of indecision- being a 'control freak' by nature, I love a bit of order and consistency in my life!

I started a new job about 18mths ago, and it involves never being in the same place twice, and having no control over most things in my day. Needless to say I haven't coped well; cue a job interview and a weekend of angst, then finding out I got the position! 3 days a week in the same place, ahhh, bliss! I'm UP UP UP!

basting at MMQG

I picked up the sticks again after swearing off them this winter; my first time on the circular needles, and I have this lovely cowl! It's a teal colour, excuse the pic! UP UP UP!

 I'm cruising along relatively ok on the money front, after joining a 'debt free' agency and sticking to a very strict budget. (and coping with the shame of having to do that) It all came undone when I got a massive direct debit out of my account, and had to do a lot of juggling (and swearing and crying) and trying to remain positive that it's only a hiccup. DOWN DOWN DOWN!

And I'll gladly welcome Optus back as my ISP (hope that not famous last words teehee)

At least this little one gives me a reason to hang in there! Makes me feel all the struggle is worth it, when she tells me I'm the best thing in her life.

Teddy, my hero, keeping my little girl safe in the night.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Creative Space

A continuation of last weeks space....

I spent a good 8 hours on it yesterday (oy, my aching back!)

Now to get it basted and quilted.

Joining in over here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

So I saw over on Facebook a link to this blog, and got a bit excited about a challenge like this! A $200 voucher is COMPLETELY unnecessary for me, but i thought is was a good way to try out different fabrics that aren't usually in my stash. A bit like if someone offered me a gardening challenge. Er. No, I wouldn't be up for that one actually!

So I jumped onto the shop and saw the scrap packs. (Bugger, I just looked again and there are heaps of PINK!) Dammit....)

I am in love with the shrooms though. I cant remember all the sizes, but folded it looked like this;

 and unfolded like this. Almost a fat quarter of the green.

I'd seen this a few days ago, and like the style, and the fact it was a free tutorial! I'm in!

The inside is a Spotlight fat quarter;

here's the old knitting bag (one of my first bags I ever made!)

and TA-DA! My new knitting bag!

I added medium weight interfacing, and some iron on pellon (tips learnt from my bag guru, of course. ooh, look, what a coincidence, a workshop just on that haha)

I wanted structure;

but also can squash it in another bag to take to work etc. The fabric was perfect for this project.

And it fits all this!

I had so much fun making this!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Creative Space

Haven't joined in for a while, but have a new WIP to add.

Custom order for a new client, turning a pile of baby blankets into a quilt for her cute little boy.

Chop Chop!

Joining in over here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Snippets

check us all out over here; and find me in Instagram under 'becsibbi'

A lovely day

Mother's day. I've been lucky enough to have 8 of them, each year getting better and better. As a single mum I sent the kid off to the local shops with my sister and told her to splurge. Regretting that now, of course, but hey, I'm worth it!

Beautiful cards- 2 handmade ones on Friday after school, the cat one today....

and beautiful things written.

Hand written (and made up) poems; apparently i'm a 'fizzbangeriffic' mum!!

And the lovely things- choccy (to share of course), beautiful tea cup  and candles. I obviously dropped enough hints teehee!

the tea cup is enormous- at least a double! here it is compared with my old (chipped) mug.

As I sit on the couch blogging while she sorts the underwear from a weeks worth of clean washing (at her insistence, I swear!) I think of my troubled relationship with both my parents; I really believe you earn the title of 'mother' and hence don't believe you need to give birth to be a mum. Happy Mother's day to all the step mums, adopted mum's, surrogate mums and of course, the single mums! (And all the 'normal' ones, of course!)

Friday, May 11, 2012


Remember this one?

I was so proud and happy.

I thought i'd share this story, as it cracked my brother in law up, thought it must be share worthy!

I threw it on the next morning for work; black boots and all (no red ones yet). I realised straight away it was a bit snug across the shoulders; to bend down I had to, like, shrug my shoulders and 'hoik' it up over my boosies, exposing my knickers I'm sure. I persisted and made it to the car.

As I sat in the car, I realised I couldn't move my arms to reach the steering wheel very well. I had to push the skirt up around my waist to drive. I actually made it 2 houses away to the stop sign and realised how difficult my work day (which includes getting on the floor with kids) would be in this outfit. I reversed back to my house and changed outfits!

The bit that cracked my BIL up was the fact at how long it took me to realise it wasn't going to work!

This Tova is currently looking for a home....

Simplicity 2226

I finally picked up my pattern for this skirt, first seen over at Noodlehead (when I can stop gawking at her gorgeous girls!). I tried to get the pattern when the sew a long was on, but- sold out! So Cam's sew a long was the perfect time.

Oh, plus Lisa made one and I was jealous!

I was given this gorgeous vintage curtain from a mate, and thought 'skirt' as soon as I saw it! And the bonus of this is, when I get sick of the skirt, I know where to send it teehee

Cutting out;

sewing pieces together to get enough;

Hmm, try on time at home and i'm happy. And happy to cut a size 16 when I'm usually an 18 in paper patterns. Or a 14 in ready made!

and naughty Fem-Bot has lost weight, bad girl, can't use her for fitting anymore!
 Need to buy her big(ger) sister! 

Belt loops and pockets included in the pattern, Cam!

and my official 'night out' pics. Dinner in the city (hence the 'city wall').

A great pattern!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Tova

A week or so ago I pinned and cut another Tova- this time the dress. I have this fabric in the stash, from the oppy I'm sure (well, it has the smell of an op shop, but that could just be from hanging out with my other op shop fabric haha). It's seems like a suiting fabric.

What a pain to sew! It only took me 2 days though.

I ended up overlocking around each piece- it's a really loose weave so frays like crazy. 
Once it was serged I could get a grip on it! Very slippery too.

Great fabric for hiding seams etc though.

Despite the carpet needing a major vaccum, I'm really happy with it. I think it's def a 
suiting fabric, it has a great drape.

I'm giving it a fresh smelling wash, then i'll take up the hem- I'm hoping it sits just above the knee, so I can wear it with boots and tights.

Red boots, mind you, with this fabric it can be accessorized like crazy!

Some other gorgeous patterns of hers- downloadable!

Pattern review

I've taken a while to write this pattern review, as I didn't want to come across as too angry and I wanted to process it all. This happened back in Feb 2012.

I found these patterns online and I have another blogger friend who makes lots of these patterns, and find them great. I wasn't sure, but I finally decided to give them a try, especially as you get a free 'pattern of the month' when you purchase. 2 for 1, right?

And we've all had those sewing disasters, right? where for whatever reason- the fabric, the style, the time of the night (or the month) when it just doesn't work? I have put this disaster all down to those things, but the hardest bit was I asked for their help; I contacted the company, based here in Melbourne, for further help. 

Firstly, here are the instructions:

That's it. Also, they are one size only- very hard if you want to make a multi-size pattern ie  size18 waistband with a 14-16 skirt.

They stated that they are "a very new boutique pattern company - we are industry based and are learning from our wonderful sewists all the time."

In my first email to them, I couldn't find the seam allowances in the instructions; I didn't realise when transferring markings to the pattern I had to mark the seam allowances on each piece of (stretch) fabric, as some were 1/4 inch and some were 3/8inch seams. Either transfer or have the paper pattern open at all times to go back to. (I tend to transfer everything then fold the paper pattern up out of the way).

The 2nd time I emailed back I'd pretty much given up- I wasn't referred to the help section online, I requested a refund and I'd return the products, as I'd had enough of trying to guess from the fabric what to do- this is an area I definitely fail at. As my friends will attest- I like a pattern, instructions and both written and illustrated instructions. I follow a recipe for cooking, I hate winging it and making something yuck. I guess I'm a bit of a control freak like this.

The response from the company to my request was to re-email the instructions, and send photos of the completed garment. And to let them know how I got on.

The finished garment.

Garment and pattern in the bin. Looked so good on a drawing!

Oh, the 2nd pattern I got was this, but I'd already been burnt once, I went with this pattern instead, after a review from a similar sewist to me. 

So this, StyleArc, is how I got on. I've gone back to getting well written, easy to follow commercial patterns, and online patterns that I can easily follow. I've put it down to sticking to what you know! And getting if off your chest, finally!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pinwheels and PJ's

The kid and I had a long weekend last weekend, with Friday being a curriculum day at her school. So her BFF slept over the Thursday night and played beautifully together all day, while I got this done.

I whizzed up to Spotlight to get some light grey homespun, as I woke up thinking 'grey quilt. pinwheels'. Anyone done that before?

I found this great tutorial which meant they were perfectly joined;

and by Sunday I had a quilt top!

(it's meant to be random, don't know how successful that is)

I then found a twin needle in the packet that comes with the sewing machine (never even looked at those packets before!) I've been dying to try one out, and leggings were the best to try them out.

and the verdict- fantastic! I forgot to change the bobbin the first time, luckily a scrap try first.

they were deemed perfect, just right!

I did a nice think waistband, which she says is more comfortable.

I also made her some pj pants, out of op shopped Little Miss op shopped fabric. She really didn't need them, but hey, they look great!


nice and baggy, last 2 seasons maybe?

My crazy kid.

 (tshirt from Target. $8 and beautiful quality.)