Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm in love

No, I haven't been swept off my feet by a tall, handsome man promising me I never have to work again and can spend my life sewing, I was lucky enough to get a new washing machine! My old one was still working, but I new the next time it broke down it was going to washing machine heaven (according to Little Miss, everything has it's own heaven). This nearly new beauty was for sale for a measly few hundred dollars, and seems very happy in her new home.
I never knew something so small could be so heavy.
So I am learning the new language of front loaders, and different powders, and the instructions are staying close by till I'm confident the things will come out clean!
Another bargain was this office desk my work was selling ($30!). It had a hutch on the top, but I didn't I needed anything extra to dust, so it has gone. The Beados fit beautifully in the drawer, and the keyboard pull out tray is for...the pencil roll! Gosh, it looks so grown up, it was hard to move the baby one out of the way....another sign she's growing up!

Today was a first for me- my first garage sale! I never really could be bothered before, loving the 'drop in anytime' op shop, but the ad for this one read 'sewing machine, over locker, vintage fabrics' blah blah blah, so I was there.

$5 got me the booty in the next 2 pics

There are pieced squares to be sewn into a quilt and quilted fabric with the dungarees pattern still pinned on it. Lots of ribbon too, which I never have enough of. It should all be nearly dry, and ready to roll into the stash.
And a shot of this great tea towel. I picked up at Savers. Pure linen, no stains, I'm tempted to frame it, it's so cheery.

Hope next week's as lucky!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ipods- a crafters dilemma

I have finally made a pressie for my dad (belated b'day) but I am denying it is the right size! Is an Ipod Nano really this small? I got the measurements off the site (after ringing and checking, but being disbelieving), so it is made up (an Ipod cosy, that is) and will fit this correction tape! it had better fit, it is my Kokka print fabric, very precious, lined in blue too. The ric-rac is a bit of a joke- when we were kids it apparently went on everything, so whenever I mention my sewing, he asks "is there ric-rac?" (Yes, it's wearing thin, but Dad jokes always do, don't they?)I attached it to elastic so it fits snugly.
I'm making one for his partner, too, so she doesn't feel left out! I may send his first and check it fits, though.
My second find tonight is in Sew Hip, cute templates, especially the owl! I'm a terrible drawer, so the freehand templates for tees don't really work with me, I'm a pattern and template kind of gal. These are specifically for embroidery, but I can use them elsewhere, can't I? scanning them in now....

My creative space...kind of

I really want to play along this week with Kirsty, but I have nothing new on the table since last night, and not even something to pretend!

So I decide to post my protege's (probably not the right spelling) creative space. She is happily set up here and idles away the day, drawing, pasting, cutting- on the table at the moment are little books, she is sticking in stickers of my name and I was under STRICT instructions not to look after she went to bed- OOPS! Also her pencil roll is in constant use, and the white Huggies container is for other pencils, crayons etc. I didn't shoe the carpet where all the scraps get pushed, but I think you'd assume that anyway.

I particularly like her table and chairs, which were made by my grandfather for me as a wee one. I have just bought her a desk, a bit bigger and then this table and chairs can be put away for the next grandchild (ie stored at my sisters!).
PS The only thing that cleans texta off the table is Gumption! Better than Jif, much better than spray n wipe etc, it truly does the job. My secret weapon!
Thanks for hosting Kirsty, head over to check out some more.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A bunting we will go.....

I decided last night that I didn't want to move off the floor in front of the TV, so I dragged out 'the stash'. It used to live under my bed in various different suitcases, but is now in these tubs. I get very very green with envy when I see beautiful folded stashes- mine are all rolled, especially the little bits! I only occasionally can get the lid on them, too. They have taken up residence in the hallway, luckily most people that come over are aware of my problem! The last few weeks has seen me throw new fabrics on top, and not sort properly, so this became my fun last night.

No, actually, I had a plan in mind- bunting for Little Miss's room. I've wanted to for ages, and is the reason I bought pinking shears. I managed to half sort the boxes, while picking bunting fabrics. She loves all the fabrics, and that's all that matters, even the vintage ones. The striped (sheet) fabric is the back of the triangles, so they can all be striped, or a mix of pink and purple chenille, purple fairy print (that is already in her patchwork quilt and a cushion) and the vintage pillowcase. And for me to start something last night, and have it finished by tonight....let's just say, it doesn't happen often!

That's not to say I'm not still making my Mod Bag. I just didn't feel like running out to the machine during the ads last night. But tonight I did. I finished off the O rings the other day.....

And tonight finished the zip gusset (SUCH an attractive word, gusset, don't you think? I always think of huge underpants, not sure why). The photo isn't great, but you get the idea. Bit by bit, it is happening!

And I got a big happy smile today- went into a big newsagent in WIlliamstown, and there it was- Issue 2! I got so excited I started talking to a lady that works there in the aisle, and she took me to the counter and will now hold one for me every month. And yes, I think it was worth it, lots of good stuff in there. She will try and get Issue 1 for me as well, but didn't seem very confident.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A whole lot of topstitching going on....

Mmm, it's getting there. The simple things are always the hardest, these blet loops had to be moved, der, not good when you are using curtain fabric! The whole stay in the fabric, hopefully no one will look that closely! I'm just happy I have some time to work on it!
After being inspired by Mr and Mrs T, I decided to do some tees to EVENTUALLY go into my shop. *sigh* I am always 3 steps ahead.

And the next school installment....... The knee on your right copped 2 scrapes in 2 days, it went from a graze to bleeding after the 2nd one. Band aid worthy, for sure! Her grandpa would be proud!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oppy finds

Well, it doesn't actually feel like true oppy-ing, but they were definite bargains!
The BSL in Brunswick has had brand new shoes for a while, very cheap, and I returned on a 46 degree day to buy some, to find it had shut up shop early due to the heat. Pooh Pooh, I said, I didn't want your shoes anyway!
Fast forward 2 weeks and here they are, reduced further to $2 a pair! I bite my tongue, some one's looking out for me! So $6 has been a worthwhile investment.....

I discovered a new op shop today, only open a year or so (der! where have I been?). Eekos in Brunswick is really groovy, a funky little op shop but also selling fair trade stuff and environmentally cleaning products (They have my favourite floor cleaner, a rose geranium flavour, yum- to smell, not eat, though)
I picked this up for Little Miss, then saw it was a size 8, I'll put it away for a bit. Needs new buttons is all.

And on the $2 rack a skirt for me, probably for work, depends if I can get the stain out! (Please say 'what stain?" and I'll be more reassured).

I found this one back at the BSL (don't you love getting pics out of order? Takes too long to fix em up, sorry!). Handmade, brand new, $3. Sold! Have a few friends popping out bubs soon, this will be for one of them.

And I finally bought myself a treat (as if 3 pairs of shoes isn't enough!). The Mod bag and accessories too make, I write this as I wait for the fabric to dry, and will be cutting out the pattern very soon. What an incentive to clean up the 'studio'.

I dropped into to Nikki's warehouse today, where the reminders of the fabulous sewing bee lingered in the 'cutting room'. I met Curlypops, too. I was starstruck, becoming normal now when I meet other bloggers haha. I'm so looking forward to the Stitches and Craft Show where I will absorb the craftiness from the atmosphere.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My creative space

I am playing along this week again with Kristy

As the sewing table has almost become the dining table, I thought, hmm, let's show what was for dinner tonight! The paper covering the tablecloth is all bits of school notes, about 100 million came home today, and in an effort to be organised and not miss the info evening again, I am writing on the calender as I read them.

Hope I remember to read the calender.

The 12 golden words are very important, according to many 5 yr olds, and signing off the reader. Made sure I started tonight, only a few days late.

And craft wise? Well, despite not having time to sew at the moment, I had an emergency trip to Spotlight Sth Melb yesterday after a terrible day (notice I am blogging and not at Amitie? Say no more...). I got about 6 meters of blue cotton fabric, some denim, some white lining for a dress, and the beautiful floral print, all for about $30. Also bought a super small yo-yo maker, doh!

head over to Kootoyoo to see else is playing along.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good stuff to do

Ok, no new pics to show of the tidying yet, and ate dinner at a friend's, she probably saw the pics of my table and felt sorry for me haha.
Little Miss came home today all excited as she can read! And proved it by reading Green Eggs and Ham. Hmm, don't you have a DVD of this? And yes, she had memorised it and was repeating it. Oh, well, good try.
I'm super excited this week at I am going along to Amitie. It is my first trip, after reading about it on blogs, I've been in nice patchwork/fabric shops before, but I've heard this is something else. It's just after pay day too, so I could be in trouble. Stayed tuned for the fabric shots (or not, I may behave myself). I can justify it by emptying out my stash a bit on Saturday, I deserve it, don't I?
Another thing coming up I may be in on is this Quilting Bee. Even though I have painfully finished a lot off, I now have a skill in mitring corners that may be useful, plus a day of sewing would NEVER be knocked back. I found this here at Curlypops.
Another exciting event for me today (besides a marathon Nana nap of 3 hrs this morning) was joining The Toy Society. I wasn't sure what it was, but by following the links (handy things they are) I read this story, and had to do it. Plus I get to make a softie to give away, no I know (eg Little Miss) likes them much.
Now if I could just work out my sidebar, I'd be advertising all these special things....grrr.

An ambitious project

I should have just moved house, I think. This plan I have to be more organised is ruining my need to sew and relax. I decided when Little Miss started school that I would get the kitchen organised, thereby making me "super-school-lunch-mum". Hmm, yeah right.
So I started with a few containers, emptied out the pantry, and stacked it on the table for a night (or 4).
Last Monday I began reorganising my sewing corner of the dining room, which I would normally call my studio, but now it is just crap! Look what I did to it!

At least the pantry looks good. There were 2 doors on this when I moved in, which were taken off (not by me!). And of course, now I want to put them back on, I can't. When I borrow a boy I'll get them to try.
But the plan here is evident- I want all the lunch containers and drink bottles on one shelf, in one spot, and everything else will fit amongst this.
In case you are wondering if there is food in my kitchen, yes, it is all under here. This wonderful piece of furniture was found by the side of the road, and is on a lots of bricks to make it the perfect waist height. This little kitchen had one bench- the little bit pictured above that the dish drainer is one. Practical, huh?

The last part of my plan is to sort through my 'cupboard of addiction' ie Tupperware cupboard. I particularly love the retro stuff, but really any cheap and freebie Tupperware I will take, and hoard for later purposes.

So I now have 5 hours (of school time) to get some sorting done, maybe we'll eat at the table tonight? I'll keep you posted....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

An amazing day

Gosh it was just so good! being able to put our crafting and sewing skills together and produce these amazing bags, I sure feel like I've helped. Taccolina and Nikki have amazing pics, I don't feel like mine do it justice, so head over there for more shots. Meeting lots of other bloggers and sewers/crafters/cake makers becoming crafters and a friend I haven't seen for a while made it a fun day to be at, otherwise I'm sure I couldn't have stayed 9 hrs!

Little Miss I'm-so-well-behaved made a couple of friends, enjoyed Nikki's 'kids space' and made a little friend in Benjamin, who let his mummy do lots of sewing!

The bags were the sort I would very happily pay money for, great construction, amazing fabrics and just downright spunky.

can someone help me?

My brain must still be a bit fried from yesterday, I can seem to remember things today. How do I put a link in my sidebar again? Or a picture in my post, such as the Pay It Forward square.
You think I would remember how I did my Etsy ones, but alas, no.
Thanks in advance if there is anyone who can stop laughing enough to help me (haha).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

what a day!

I left home in a fog of smoke, and as I write this can still smell some....
I feel bad for having such a fantastic day, when still so many fires are burning, and the day was spent thinking about those with nothing. Gee, it was great!! I REALLY need to start a sewing group, so I can communicate better and enjoy talking sewing; as Nikki said, 'we speak the same language'.
Taking the lead from Little Miss, I thought I'd stay till she was ready to go....after a cry when her new friends left, she bucked up and we left about 6.30pm, spending the whole day! When asked the best thing about the day, she replied "everything".
Nuff said.
A yo-yo's support group may be started if I have gotten anyone addicted.
And I am serious about a sewing bee at my house in Yarraville, email me if you are interested.
Much fun to be had.
So tired. Must sleep.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The week that was

Well, it certainly has been interesting, and there have been a few highlights, which I can finally share. Last weekend I visited the Sister's Market, and then popped up to Savers and Ascot Vale Vinnies on the way home. I picked up this amazing oilcloth tablecloth for $3. It called for a complete transformation of the dining room/studio, which I found helped distract me from the horrible news around the place, and gave me the chance to put some things things together to donate to Red Cross.
I also covered this canvas I had, and put this in my bedroom. The fabric was a set of old sheets I had, and have enough left over to do some cushions to throw on the bed. Very calming and relaxing.

Also on my Savers jaunt last weekend I replaced all my broken plates (1 dinner plate left out of a set!) with these beautiful bone china plates for 99c each, and a few retro ones. Some soup/pasta bowls have joined them too. I like the fact they are all a bit mismatched, makes things a bit more interesting. I like some things to be all the same, others I don't mind, weird.

Ace the cat had a bath this week, she has rediscovered her love of water and has been trying to get in any chance she gets. This time I lifted her in and gave her a good soaking, she stayed for a little while, then jumped out and dried off. Cool.

And finally, have my basket packed, a quiche cooked and everything ready to go to head to the sewing bee tomorrow. I am almost regretting taking Little Miss along, she has been Little Miss PsychoGrumpyBum this week, giving me grief and I am dreading a performance tomorrow, but I think she should be distracted enough and maybe a bit shy and behave herself. I'll try and cope and give her some jobs to do, I suppose! School has been such a big event for both of us this week, maybe some girly sewing time is the answer.

If not, I apologise in advance!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I haven't been able to post much this week, words have failed me in how sad I feel for all the bushfire victims. I haven't felt like posting photos etc, it seems a bit frivolous, but I am starting to feel better. Nikki has put together this project and I finally feel able to lend a hand, Little Miss and I are ready and able to help out. It's something I can do that doesn't involve a lot of money, and continues on with what Little Miss wanted to do, which is donate some of her toys to the kids, she feels she has enough! I have made hairties to include, and will donate some rolls of kids prints I have had for a while, waiting for a good use. I can't think of a better one!!
Hopefully i'll have some pics of the day to show. I may even squeeze in a bit of time here afterwards, it is literally down the road and is always a good day. I'm sure there'll be lots of buckets out too. Community spirit in action, yay!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not a very pleasant day yesterday, I'm not going to whinge about it, though, I was lucky enough not to be near a bushfire, or lose family or friends or homes, so we did okay. I got a bit done.....
they're finished! Sitting in front of a fan is the only way to be in 46 degrees temps, with frozen tea towels on your shoulders (Little Miss and I quickly became a fan of those, they were on quick rotation all night!).
I haven't counted this pile, half are in my shoppe (a typo, but a cute one), the rest need to be added.
I'll also add these, min-quilts, no binding, just floor/play mat style I made ages ago, I've had them stored in a suitcase, and think I'll get them out. I'll list them too, and then when I get a chance to get to a market, probably winter at this rate, any unsold ones will go there.

Hot cat!

And nit girl!! I feel like all I'll do all year is comb out nits!! Arghhhh! Is there an end in sight? She is such a trouper, though, letting me poison her head and endless combing, thank you my little one. And last night she told me "you look like a bunch of roses" and meant it! Couldn't ask for more than that!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the winner is....

It does seem a bit weird only putting 2 names in the glass, which I shook and rolled out, craps style, and the picked the one that rolled the furthest. Not as flash as a random number generator, but dead easy. The winner being Leni and Rose, whose giveaway I won last week- definately not rigged, and I almost wanted to half the bag, but it got too confusing with what fabric to send to who.

SO send on the details and I'll post it off!


My Creative Space...

I am playing along again with Kirsty this week.
I think I posted too early yesterday- my obvious one is my overlocker! But here is my project for this week- and Art Smock from this great person, who sent me the pattern pieces so promptly! I got them printed at the copy centre ie Officeworks like she suggested, a brilliant full size pattern!
So, as I found out tonight art is tomorrow, and with no real direction whether she needs one or not, I will whip it up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, I forgot....

Some lovely things came in the mail today, opened during the massive hair washing debacle.
A supercool Smurf Tote bag from this great gal, Trish. Thanks you sooo much, I think this will become my new lunch bag for work, as I am now making a school lunch, I can do a work lunch at the same time!
And these great fat quarters, my first real new fabric buy in yonks. They came from this shop, actually they came from the Ebay store of this shop, but you get what I mean. And the best bit? I bought them YESTERDAY! Paid with Paypal. Life is good. I hadn't even had time to go "I wonder if my fabric will arrive today?". Brilliant, hey?

One of those days

Some really good stuff happened this morning. It was Little Miss's Wednesday off school (for the 1st month they have Wednesdays off so the teacher can catch up with them one on one to assess them) and we had a great time. Hit the sewing shop, and came home with these (actually Big W, but the same price as in Spotlight).
and picked up this one. Yay, pretty special. Of course, the pinking shears aren't for edging, they are for crafting, and will hopefully be put to use making some bunting for little Miss's room.
It looks beautiful on its little desk.

Of course, the other stuff had to make room for it, as it is Ovey's rightful desk (well, what else am I going to call it?)

Now where do I eat dinner?
(The folded pile of quilts are the ones I have FINISHED! I have about three left to bind.)
(The ironing board also has piles on it, but i'd rather not show that.)
The thrill of this day was quickly brought to an abrupt halt when someone (helpfully) cried out "NITS!"
Therefore, Ovey has only just been unpacked due to a whole afternoon of nit treatment. *sigh*
And it's not even her 2nd day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She's off....

Hopefully on a huge big adventure lasting many years!
We were both pretty excited this morning, and it all went pretty smooth. How did my little girl get so big? In such a short time? And be so ready and confident?
I'm pretty darn proud!
(Thanks to the self timer and rubbish bin!)

It's a half day for their first day today, so after being used to long day care, this is strange! I have to pick her up soon, eek!
But first, a shot of the possum on the neighbours roof the other night. Murray was going crazy, and this little guy was hanging on, too frightened to move. I got murray inside, and he ran oof. We have a lot of fruit tress around, so I suppose they are inevitable. I thought he was kinda cute!

My newest discovery is....Google Reader. How cool is it, I love it and never miss a thing now. Has it always been there, or I am just a bit slow? Probably both haha!