Monday, May 30, 2011

The rest of the pics

Ok, a little warning- not much craft and lots of wedding action happening!
The Little Miss and I got all glammed up on Saturday

She likes pampering as much as me!
Unfortunately, her hair is a bit like mine, and doesn't like to curl.....but it was still fun.

My frock- I finished the hem that day! (New Look 6910) My whole outfit (jacket, dress and bag) took 1 week;

 The girl's was made the week before, with help from Trimmings and Remnants
I made the headband too.

and my first outfit form my pal's book, the Wristlet bag.

My little sister, Jess.

The happy couple, Jess and Jamie.

with the pretend 'flower girl' (the best bit for her was holding the bouquet while
 the ceremony was on)

 Yummmmmmy raspberry vanilla cupcakes

It was a beautiful night; scrumptious dinner and a bloody fun night!
I wish them lifelong fun times! (once they get back from their 6mth around the world
 holiday. *sigh*)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A big night...

was had by the Little Miss and I last night.
(click on the photo for the dancing queen!)

My little sister got married!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


God, the waiting nearly killed me! The swap only finished on Monday, but when you know people have been posting earlier, you kinda start waiting earlier!
So I've been looking at the linky list Vic created, and checking out the goodies, trying to work out which one was mine.....and missed this one not on the list!

And the kid was soooo happy to be included!

Awww, double love! and we both felt the love, thanks Beck! It's perfect on the couch (leaning on it now while I'm posting), great design, so simple and sweet.

a beautiful little card (with such beautiful words, I love it!) and some little treats for the girl and me

Beck, you made our day, and Vic, for this great cushion swap! I had just as much fun making as I did receiving (now the anxious wait to find out if my recipient likes her!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Cushion Swap

Another thing I've been occupying my time with is procrastinating and finally making my cushion for Vic's cushion swap. It's an anonymous swap, so we don't know who is making for who, which always adds to the tension excitement.

I so hope she likes it!!

pattern from here; my original attempt here


Gosh, I thought blogging would be slow, I didn't know how slow! The PC decided it was time for retirement, and just stopped working one day about 2 weeks ago. So my new laptop is fitting in nicely, enjoying being moved around the house, and being super fast I'm surprised! Plus, there's something about 'new', isn't there?

So, 2 weeks must have full of stuff other than on the computer, right? I kept up with a few friends through Twitter; apologies if I'm repeating myself to them!

I finished the custom orders for Carly, the skirts are seen over at her blog. Keep an eye on her blog for better pics of her in the dress (hemming has made a difference!).

( lining )

 The pattern, for interest, is New Look 6910, of which I'm about to make a semi-formal version for my sister's wedding next Saturday. Nothing like a deadline haha.

I also finished my version of a 'stacked coin' quilt. Basically tried to use up some scraps! With a scrappy binding, of course! I've been lucky enough to receive a lot of these 'gourmet' scraps as pressies!

I don't think I'll ever get a corner so perfect again!!

I found the brown fabric at - surprise surprise - the op shop! A few metres, it is a slightly open weave, but the colour was great. Pink gingham sheeting for the background. Cheap and cheerful!

 ( binding)

Just perfect!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm still here

Wow, my blogging has been a bit sparse lately, I have a few reason. Number 1 is my slow computer! Not the Internet speed, my old dear can't put up- with all I ask of it! So a new laptop is in the planning phase.

Also is just being busy! I'm now a working full time single parent (for the same employer), no more half days, I'm pretty pooped when I get home, so have only really been crafting, but then not blogging about much.

I scored a table tennis table over the school holidays (2-3 weeks ago) and then plan was is to have it in the garage, folded down for when I needed to baste. I was impatient.

this shot makes it look OK

but in this shot, you can see how I didn't have much room in the house! I invited some friends over Saturday afternoon, and Friday night was the only time I could clean, so I decided to put it down on my own....

It's not dead dead, just a little bit broken. To be continued.....

And remember this project? The lovely lady at Clark Rubber cut me a medium density foam square, and gave me the tip of using calico to pull the sides down, and therefore round the edges off.

Unfortunately today I found out that Masonite and staple guns don't mix. I need to use
upholstery tacks.

I'm nothing if not persistent!