Sunday, November 10, 2013

A few new bags....

 A few bags I've made lately!
Always madly snapped over at Instagram, where I'm 'becsibbi'. Come and say hi!

First up was this Noodlehead bag, here's the 1st one I made. It's the 241 Tote pattern. I bought the fluoro green denim for a skirt, and ended up with way too much (the pattern told me too, I swear!). I also had a go at fabric printing, a bit of gold on denim, just a bit of fun. It all went so well together with the pink zebra print, a bag was born! (well, I think it does anyway).

 I got the coloured magnetic snap in a swap I did recently, I've never seen coloured ones, so they are getting used up pretty quick!

 It's a great size for a run to the shops (er, I'm not running, just going to) or just carrying a few things. I have a large purse, so it usually does my purse, phone and keys, maybe my diary if I want it full.I left the strap non adjustable due to the thickness of the denim, and it's perfect.

The next one is another Noodlehead pattern, the Super Tote. I had a bundle of fabric I received from a friend last year (Type by Julia Rothman) and thought it would make a perfect work bag. I had 6 fat quarters to use, and the glittery black denim from the stash. Actually, all the bags in this post have been made from the stash!

I wanted to use medium to heavy interfacing, but couldn't find the one I wanted on THE night I wanted to make it (that urge hit me, and I had to get it started!) So I went with heavy cotton duck and fusible wadding. My only regret is not adding some to the strap, it may wear out quicker than the bag!

Front pocket (and coloured magnetic snap!)

 I added the key fob, and the pattern specified pockets and gusset. I love Anna's patterns, and don't need to change anything which is great!

Inside out for a better look...

I've been using it now for about 2 weeks, and it's perfect! Sturdy and functional, but cute too. 

My last bag is part of a sew a long, hosted over here. The pattern is here, and most of the MMQG joined in. I was very late to the start, having quite a few things to finish, and started and stopped for a bit. But then I just got on with it! The pattern is quite overwhelming, and a lot of cutting out! Some people did all the cutting first, then sewed; I was picking fabrics as I went, and found it easier to break it up but cutting and sewing at the same time. It is REALLY heavy, and I haven't even filled it yet! I put purse feet on the bottom, and template plastic in the base to keep it sturdy. I wish I could photograph it better!

I loved making the Quilt As You Go panels- no, I lie, I hated it, as I kept measuring wrong, and using the wrong bits, and it took me f%$&ing forever, but I was NOT going to let it beat me! Once the panels were done, it seemed a piece of cake (the panels are completely optional, but the way!)

  All the pockets are lined, and the denim and cotton duck in the middle make it super sturdy. also cheaper than interfacing the whole thing- but as I said earlier, I've been making things from the stash, this bag included. I think I bought the purse feet only. Those 'healthy' stashes come in handy sometimes!

The tops of the pockets have gathered elastic, to hold everything in.

Zippered pockets too. An observant friend noticed my matchy matchy fabric and zips- entirely on purpose of course haha. I was a bit upset I had to use the brown and white spot, as I ran out of the other brown print, but had no idea where I got it! so a fill in was needed.

Here's my kid for size comparison. not easy when the kid is 9 turning 10, but she's of average height. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, other than give the cat somewhere to sleep in (and kick out of).

The last make it one I've wanted to do for a while, and one I nearly didn't wear again and eventually photograph! It's the 2nd dress I've made that 'jinxed' me- wearing it for the first time resulted in a near disaster! The first is a longer story, and still hasn't been worn, and this one is more recent. I popped it on 2 weeks ago for a day out- and kind of wrote my car off! As in, had an accident. We're both fine, but of course I blamed my dress. Why not? So today, after getting my new (old) car on Friday, I tried again- phew, success! and bloody nice pics from Brianna too!

 Its The Washi Dress, by Made By Rae. I have a few of her kids patterns, and borrowed this one to try it out- and I'll definitely be buying it! It's as everyone is raving- comfortable, easy and fun! She's also talking about a 'expansion' pack in different versions, which would be great. Oh, Brooch by Curlypops!

I'm a big fan of shirring anyway, but love it in the back here. It's just makes it 'fit' better, if that makes sense. DON'T be scared of shirring, there are plenty of online tutorials, so have a go!

Oh, and having an adult take your pics has seemed to do wonders for me! So is the massive-head-tilt-backwards to remove the chin pose! The was an vintage flannelette sheet I made into a wearable muslin, it's lovely and soft.

Wow, I didnt realise how long this post would be! Phew! Thanks for making it to the end, you deserve a cuppa and a lie down now!